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  1. Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback! I would love to keep hearing from others on this topic. The whole raw food thing just makes so much sense to me and it is so inspiring. If you do some research there are so many raw fooders that look amazing! Many are even in their 60's and beyond, but they hardly look like it. I am just trying to figure out a way that I can adopt to this lifestyle and maybe acheive such a radiance. For a little background . . . I have always exercised regularly. I don't have access to a gym, but I do have some free weights, a treadmill, and the great outdoors. So that is what I use. No, I don't have weights that will get a bodybuilder physique because they simply don't go that high in poundage. But my goal is to become lean and toned and lower my bodyfat. I would like to think I could do that. I never have supper close to bedtime. I don't eat any junk foods. Most people consider my diet very healthy (and yes I am strictly vegan!) and yet I have a high bodyfat percentage (probably nearly 30%?). I used to struggle with an ED. I did, however, get professional help from a dietician for a while and mentally I am recovered. However, now I have gained more weight and fat than is healthy for my small frame (my fingers overlap when circling my wrist and I have a tiny frame) and I feel terrible and uncomftorable. I know that it is safe for me to lose some weight, so please do not nag me about my past history with an ED. I have asked several friends, family members, and a friend who is doctor if they thought it would be safe if I lost a little, and they said it would be okay (some even said they thought it was a good idea ). I think the raw diet has potential to really help me lose the weight I gained after my ED, in a safe manner. I had finally gotten to a place where I did not care about my weight and I was tired of living my life like that. So I followed the vegan food pyramid and started to eat more like the dietician told me too. O certainly felt better and my long list of health problems mostly disappeared. But now that I am "better" mentally, I feel it is safe to lose some fat, if I can only figure out how. I no longer can train for two hours a day (pre-med student with several part-time jobs and a family) and I also do not want to starve myself (I have to concentrate on physics, chemistry, calculus, etc. and I need to be able to think!). Like I said there are some really inspiring stories out there. Of course, there are inspiring cooked vegan stories too. But obviously it hasn't been working the best for me. I am just really confused right now. There is a lot of information and I have tried so many things. I do not snack unconsciously, I have religiously recorded everything I have eaten for years, I have exercised for years, and yet I still am struggling with my weight. I would like the struggle to be over. So this is my quest to learn more about raw foods and try to give it my best try. I would like to be 100%, but at this point I am still eating a limited quantity of cooked beans (the whole sprout thing doesn't really work very well for me as I am rarely home to rinse and what not). Sorry for the length but I thought I would just put it all out there (very hard for me, now I feel very vulnerable, but I would really like some help). Maybe someone has some insight they can share. I also would love to hear from more raw fooders and their insights and comments.
  2. My favorite is Memoirs of a Geisha. An amazing and beautiful movie.
  3. I have been vegan for many years. But I currently have some weight I would like to lose. More specifically, i would like to lower my bodyfat percentage. I think it is around 28-30% right now. I would like to get it at least down to the 15-20% range. I have been training with weights and I also do cardio. All the weight loss programs I have read about (and I have read a lot) have basically no information on vegans, let alone raw vegans (I am working on transitioning to a predominantly raw diet)! My goal is simply to lower my bodyfat and look good in a bikini. I don't want to enter a contest of any sort. I am not a bodybuilder. I would just like to lose weight/ lower my bodyfat. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do? I am particularly fascinated with the 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Graham. It makes so much sense to me. But I get very hungry, and the diet can be expensive. Also, much of the weight loss wisdom suggests eating smaller, more frequent meals (Graham does not mention this at all, and his meal plans are based on 3 squares a day). Also, I have read countless times that every meal should have protein, but Graham does not do that. I feel like I need some protein to be satiated. I end up eating less if I eat a little protien such as a glass of soymilk or some beans. I am so confused right now. I jsut want to lower my bodyfat, and I didn't realize you need a PhD to do that! P.S. I know, I know. A lot of you are going to say "jsut listen to yur body and track your results." Well, I have done that and so far I can't say that anythign has worked very well so far. So pelase, I am looking for some constructive advice and even comments on what worked for you. Thank You!
  4. I have recently been trying to follow a raw vegan diet. This isn't a big step for me, I have been vegan for many years and have consumed a large percentage as raw. But recently I have been trying to do 100% raw. I usually feel quite well, with one exception . . . I AM HUNGRY!!! I have found that I will be ravenous (and it seems to be true hunger, not just cravings or appetite) on just fruit, until I have a little protein. For example, one day I had had nothing but fruit all day and I was starting to feel like I could faint and I had no energy, even though I had already consumed fruit. Then I had a small glass of soymilk and I was fine. Does anyone have any comments on why I am failing on the raw diet? I have read the 80/10/10 diet book by Dr. Graham and I loved it. But, I feel like I need more protein.
  5. Right now I am kind of new to understanding the role of macronutrient ratios in the diet. I have experimented with a variety of ratios- in the end, if I just want to lose weight I know it boils down to calories (and lower fat works well for me, but not nofat). But as far as trying to lose bodyfat and gain muscle, thaat is where I am not sure yet. I have never really tried to gain muscle, but I now realize the importance of it to lower bodyfat percentage. I agree, that it kind of depends on the person. But, I would still like to hear from others and what has worked for them. Also, I love science, so facts thrill my world too! Thanks!
  6. I have been reading a lot about fat loss nutrition lately and now I am more confused than when I started! There seems to be a lot of conlficting information out there, and everyone has their own opinoin. Neverthelss, I would like everyone's input and opinoins on what is the best macronutrient ratio for a fat loss diet. I just am really confused right now becuase some people recommend a ratio of 80/10/10, others promote 40/40/20, and still others adhere to other ratios. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated!
  7. I am not denying that it takes a lot of hard work to look great. But I was just curious about everyone's input on porgrams they just liked. For a beginner, sometimes it is nice to have a program with everything laid out - to make things simple to follow.
  8. I am curious if any vegans out there have tried the following programs (or any others) and what they thought of the program as a vegan. Here are the one's that I thought looked interesting: *Turbulence Training by Chris Balyantine *Strip that fat *Truth About Abs by Mike Geary Let me know what you think and please share your experiences! Thanks!
  9. If there are no programs that include everything you need in one convenient place . . . Does anyone have recommendations as to good exercise programs (ideally one that you can do at home without a great deal of time - I am a premed student and also have a family!)? Any good nutrition programs? You could just get one of each and incorporate them that way. I need a straight-forward program though. Something with meal plans, what, when, and where to do things, how to do them, training programs, etc. Let me know what you guys have found to be the most helpful in developing an effective program for weight loss and tone. Thanks!
  10. I am looking for the same thing! I usually have no problem finding information on things, but so far I have found very little info on vegan bodybuilding. Does anyone know of any books out there?
  11. I am looking for a training (general fitness and tone, not necessarily competition) and nutrition program for vegans. So many of the popular books, ebooks, and programs that I have viewed are not vegan-friendly. Or, they say they are and when you read their books they state things like "you cannot be a vegan and get good results." Does anyone know of any programs that are vegan friendly and also clearly outline a training and nutrition regime? Thanks so much!
  12. I beleive that with everything in life, there must be moderation. You can overtrain and undertrain, you must be moderate. You can overeat as well as undereat, you must be moderate. You can take in too much and too little of most nutrients, you must be moderate. I have seen two registered dieticians and they both stressed the importance of a good diet to me. It is important to have a great diet as a foundaton. They are "supplements" after all and are meant to "supplement" a diet. Also, many studies have suggested that the body absorbs and utilizes "real" food better than supplements. I can support this theory with my own experiences. For example, I know that my whole body feels better if I have a little soymilk in my diet. Without it, I just don't feel as great even if I take a multi, calcium, and/or protein supplement. This is true with other things in my diet that I have experimented with as well. Personally, I have found the more I rely on supplements (I agree that they are very convenient!) the more my health and vibrance degrades. The less I rely on supplements and the more I rely on a great, balanced diet-the better I look and feel. I would like to note that I have found from personal experience that if I consume too much soy (like at every meal) that I tend to feel more bloated and "puffy." Also, I haven't had much luck with using soy protein isolate and try to stay away from the stuff. I would rather get my nutrients from whole, living foods! Think about it-process protein shake or a handful of raw almonds and baby carrots? First of all the second is tastier. Second of all, it will give me more energy as a living food!
  13. I am considering getting his program as well. Finally a program tailored to vegan needs!
  14. Oh, by the way, thank you so much for the information everybody! I greatly appreciate everyone's contributions! THANK YOU!!!
  15. HOLY COW!!!!! That guy is vegan! Unbelievable! I am very surprised I have never heard of him before! He looks amazing! I will definately consider his program!
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