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  1. Hi all, just wanted to share I saw this movie this afternoon. Its very well done. The filmmaker really has crossed his i's and dotted his t's on this one. I don't know how any naysayer can have a leg to stand on regarding Dr. Campbell or Esselstyn's work. Kudos are well deserved here! Go see it, especially if you love "the data" as I do. Really great for all you sciency geek types...super well done.
  2. I have been hearing more and more about the importance of Vit. D. Considering we manufacture it from sun exposure, it seems to be an important contributor to health. I just started taking D3, bought at Costco. Can't hurt....Dr. Fuhrman highly recommends it for endocrine and metabolic balance...as well as its other benefits to immune function.
  3. Marcina, have you thought of having a consult with Dr. Fuhrman? I'm not sure how expensive it is, and I am sure he would order blood tests, but it could be really helpful. Also, consider addressing the emotional causes as well. I am a medical intuitive, holistic healer and spiritual channel, and I can tell you after working with hundreds of clients in the last 16 years, ALL health conditions start with an underlying psychological element. Reproductive issues with women are especially true in this regard. Incidently, and as you probably already know, a vegan diet is recommended in hormonal-based imbalances, HOWEVER, some people DO need animal protein, at least a little bit, to be balanced, especially if they are physically active, ie, with regular exercise. I also fall into this category. Dr. Fuhrman treats people with nutrition and knows the particular nutritional imbalances to look for. As well, he understands the metabolic need some people have for animal protein and can guide in that direction effectively too. Peace!
  4. Seems like your calories are too low to me too. Also, check out kettlebells-massive fat loss in a fraction of the time with free wts and cardio, also amazing core strengthening-no ab moves required to get that six pack with clean eating. You could cross train with kettlebells a couple of times a week if you are bodybuilding:)
  5. I have the same experience with quinoa. I add a tablespoon or two of tahini and it does the trick-tastes amazing and is more filling. also, you could use hummus...
  6. Yes, this is the danger of making diet a religion. I am a member on Dr. Fuhrman's site because in my studies, he is the smartest guy on nutrition that I've ever read. I have been raw vegan, cooked vegan and cooked non-vegan, on and off for 20 years. I can say without question, in MY experience, that MIRRORS Dr. Fuhrman's experience, and have received direct counseling from him via his site regarding this, people absolutely have different nutrition needs and there is not a "one size fits all" program for anyone. I met Doug Grahamin February 2010 (long time raw vegan athelete trainer, speaker) and I literally gasped when he first walked in the room. He did not look like the vital, youthful, healthy, vibrant promise that vegan raw foodism is supposed to deliver. In fact, he looked the exact opposite-drawn, wrinkled, balding, gaunt, and his attitude was judgmental, albeit, almost spiritually committed to his message. I am not saying this to judge; not at all. I WANT a hero who demonstrates super human youthful vitality from an all raw, vegan diet. I DO because I want an answer thats simple and doable and "one size fits all" like everyone else does. But in my 20+ years with this grand nutrition experiment, I have to admit, there is none. Honestly, and I'll stand and take your hits for this, I have found for myself, ESPECIALLY when I am working out consistently, I NEED 2-3 hard boiled eggs/week, plus a multivitamin, in addition to my 50% raw vegan diet to feel good, and to stay hormonally balanced, and to see continued muscle development from my workouts. If I do not eat those eggs (free range, organic, OF COURSE-if I had my own chickens, I'd eat those and know for SURE they are humanely cared for), after about 4 weeks I start getting MADDENING cravings for sugar (which indicates insulin/hormone imbalance relative to protein deficiency) and my energy plummets and I can't workout. Dr. Fuhrman explained to me this is why he advocates adding animal protein, <10% of diet, for people, if necessary. The eggs do it for me, and are the most humane that I can think of. I WISH I did not need those eggs. And I can go for a few weeks without them also. I wish our vitality as a species had not been compromised through generations of processed foods and unhealthy lifestyles, but we have. To be in denial of this is irresponsible at best and zealotry at worst. I'm just saying, as a species, getting back into alignment with the rhythms of nature is the best thing we can do, and in the short term, address nutritional necessities without villifying them. Thanks for listening...blessings! Theresa
  7. That is so cool! So people just put in their veggies, I assume in a very large pot?, and wait for them to cook then dress them with the condiments how they want? Is that how it works? I LOVE this idea
  8. "eat to live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Best fat loss program out there. That and training with kettlebells and getting enough sleep. You'll lose tons of fat in a matter of a few weeks.
  9. Its simple! no or little alcohol don't smoke eatts of raw low or no processed carbs low or no animal protein GET ENOUGH SLEEP! regular weight bearing exercise LAUGH OFTEN! FORGIVE QUICKLY! meditate breathe more avoid processed sugar have sex with someone you love I'm not perfect with all these things, but even with what I can do, at 45 people think I'm in my late 20's. When I tell them I have a 17 year old and a 14 year old, their jaws drop. I think a couple of things have to do with this. Working out with Kettlebells 2-3 times/week and the fact that I'm a spiritual healer and psychic, so I'm channeling SOURCE energy all the time. Plus I meditate and pray through Christ Jesus daily. I think the energy has the most to do with it, because GOD knows I'm not perfect with diet and I have been drinking a fair amount of beer. Yeah, I know, spiritual healer drinking beer...I'm getting over it. I to have about 50% grey hair. Thank goodness for natural hair color....
  10. This is absolutely true. Has to do with cortisol, growth hormone, etc. Science proves it and I have seen this from personal experience.
  11. three things: 1. yes, as mentioned above, get really straight with yourself about what you are really eating 2. KETTLEBELLS!!! This workout will blast fat off of your body in only (3) 30 min workouts a week-way more effective than just free weights and cardio routines. Super amazing. Check out mikemahler.com (vegan kb instructor), dragondoor.com and ontheedgefitness.com. PLus you get great abs and glutes without ever doing a single crunch or lunge. 3. do not eat after 6:30 pm, and get to sleep by 10pm as often as possible. Tons of research shows that not eating at night (at all) and getting to sleep by 10 really revs up metabolism by increasing growth hormone, and allowing the body to detox properly. The body naturally does its detoxing between 10pm and 2 am, and if we have eaten within 3 or 4 hours, or do not get to sleep early enough, we squander that very important function, lowering metabolism, increasing cortisol (which puts on abdominal fat), and leads towards insulin resistance. I'm 45 and perimenopausal, whole food vegan, and am effortlessly a size 6 (doing kettlebells sometimes only twice a week for 20 min). WHen I really stick to this, I easily get to a really lean size 4. But my metabolism was shot at age 43, when I started working out again, but with a vegan diet and regular exercise I went from a 12 to a 6. Now, with kettlebells, its like I'm 28 again, in terms of my metabolism being a lot higher. Hormones don't have to defeat us-not if we do what fixes the problem....peace!
  12. Looks like you need more calories. Also, try kettlebells-(3) 30 min workouts a week will blast fat off you...they are absolutely a miracle workout. You will not believe it. Check out mikemahler.com-he's a vegan kettlebell instructor also check out dragondoor.com and ontheedgefitness.com-two other great resources. seriously incredible workout. I will never go back to hour long free weight and cardio workouts 5 days a week again-this is a miracle fat loss exercise protocol.
  13. Yes, this is a tough one. My fiance will eat whatever I make, thank GOD, but eats whatever he wants when not home. I do make him lunch though. I have to admit, I do occasionally pick up non-vegan food for him and my kids (16 and 13) carry out from restaurants sometimes. I figure as long as they don't interfere with my choices, its ok...at least for me. I'm not making this a religious thing, in terms of drawing lines in the sand, etc. I just really hope that my choices will inform them. I do make all vegan food myself though. They drink soy milk here, and eat vegan lasagna and enchiladas, etc. I just will not cook anything non-vegan. But I do make stuff like Melissa suggested above. Thank goodness no one here has soy or wheat allergies, so I can use meat substitutes. They still won't drink green smoothies though. Geez!
  14. ONE WORD: KETTLEBELLS! Seriously core toning and major fat burning in just (3) 20 min workouts a week....not kidding. Check out these resources: dragondoor.com ontheedgefitness.com artofstrength.com Working out with kettlebells also give you a great ass
  15. Rob, thanks for confirming what I suspected! I was hesitant only because in hard cover its a little pricey, and I've been "on the wagon" to force myself to curtail buying any more vegan recipe books for awhile...lol. But I'm gonna break down and get it
  16. I have to say, green protein smoothie: big handful spinach 1/2 bunch parsley frozen berries 1/2 frozen banana hemp and pea protein flax seed only takes a few min. to make, fills me up for hours. Great after a hard workout in the early a.m.
  17. Just wondering if this is a good one to buy...heard there are some really good recipes in there...peace!
  18. I've heard of people who supplement with kettlebells, and still use free weight workouts for certain reasons, for sure. But after seeing the results that only 2-3 workouts a week provide, I just don't need to use free weights. I don't feel the same sense of accomplishment or deep core strength from using free weights, not to mention, I'm really enjoying the extra time I have now from not working out an hour a day, 4 days a week anymore. With KBs I am only working out 2-3 days for 30 min at a time for better results. Of course, I still have to watch what I eat-kettlebells aren't THAT magical that I can eat like a pig and still get these results. But when I do eat well, the results are really stunning. Have fun in that class. Another good thing about kettlebells is that once you learn the basics, you can just do your own moves in your own house-you don't even need a dvd. It really is like having a whole gym in your hand. The dvd that I started with was Amy Bento's Kettlebell dynamics, but honestly, I think a really good one to start with would be Lauren Brooks Ultimate Bodysculpt and Conditioning, vol. 1, available at ontheedgefitness.com. Its an easy to do, but challenging, straight forward workout that introduces the moves in a really solid, yet effective, way. Thanks for letting me share. I'm so excited about these!
  19. also check out this website-really good resource on kettelbells: nofearfitness.com This woman really knows her stuff!
  20. yes-you guys HAVE to try kettlebells....truly, you do not have to work out more than 2-3 times a week, for 20-30 min unless you want to, AND will get better results than with free weight/cardio routines. I kid you not. I work out at home with a 15 and 25 pound kettlebell, and just got a 35 pound bell yesterday. I use some really good dvds, here's where to find them: dragondoor.com-I use the "goddess" workout by Andrea Ducane ontheedgefitness.com-"The ultimate Bodysculpt and conditioning" workouts, 1 and 2 collagevideo.com-Amy Bento's "Kettlebell Dynamics" artofstrength.com-"Newport" workout dvd I use these 5 dvds, rotating through them. Lauren Brooks first one is a good one to start with, as is amy bentos. The Newport is super advanced, I've only just started a little with this one. I bought the kettlebells at a local sporting goods store here in Michigan. They are not cheap..unfortunately. I have a very limited income, but I budgeting for all of this stuff because it is absolutely THE MOST effective workout in the world-not only because it gives you great abs and a great ass in minimal time-and burns fat like nothing else-but because it strengthens the core like NOTHING else and you will never do another sit up or crunch again. This is rehabilitative because of how it develops the core strength-I've heard people say that it totally resolved chronic back and neck pain WHILE giving them great abs and a great ass....can't get better than that! Enjoy!
  21. very awesome, you guys are a perfect couple! lovely........
  22. I have recently switched to working out with kettlebells exclusively and the results are amazing. I only have to do 2-3 20-30 min workouts a WEEK and am getting better results than I did with 5 days a week advanced level free weights and cardio. I will never go back. Check out these resources for info on kettlebells: dragondoor.com ontheedgefitness.com artofstrength.com
  23. I will check out Mike's stuff...he was the first I heard of kettlebells a few years ago...didn't "get it" then. Do now! He was into it way before anyone else that I heard of. I just have to share again...this workout is by far the best I've ever, ever done. I can not believe how its shaping up my glutes, how strong my core has become, how much stronger I am functionlly, and how I its keeping me lean if I eat well, and this all happens only doing TWO OR THREE 20-30 min workouts a WEEK! I was working out an hour a day, 5 days a week with cardio and weights, and did not see the results I am in only SIXTY TO NINETY minutes a week with kettlebells. These are absolutely phenomenal. Yes, I can see how you have to really watch form or you can get hurt...but its not hard to learn correct form. They are really easy to learn and WAY more fun to me than repetitive free weights, cardio on the treadmill, etc. If I WANT to workout in the old way, I can for fun now, but not because I'm freaked out I'll gain a pound if I miss a workout. Some weeks I only manage to fit in two 20-30 min workouts and experience no loss of muscle or fat gain at all. I wish I could afford to get certified...I would LOVE to open a kettlebell/yoga studio combined with a detox/healing center...this is fast becoming my dream! Peace!
  24. Check out Dr. Furhman's stuff. Hes a promoter of a low grain vegan diet because grains aren't as nutritious as greens and fruit, which should predominate in the diet. I have the same issue as you. If I eat more than one or two servings of grain a day, I do gain weight, and quickly. Beans work better for me, but I don't usually eat more than a cup or two, max, daily. I've had the most success with the Eat to Live approach he advocates. His second book, "Eat for Health," (2 volumes) expands on this approach.
  25. I've decided to gradually transition back to raw. I've heard you can soak quinoa, millet and legumes and sprout for only 8-24 hours, instead of waiting days, which usually ends up inviting mold. I'm excited to try this. Also, I soak raw buckwheat overnight and make a porridge with it, adding flax, sunflower seeds, raisins, apples, and cinnamon, at least one morning a week.
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