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  1. well, it may not be an ideal food, but sure tastes good...I rarely use it as a food (haven't bought any in over a year). Good info to know. Always wondered if the "coconut oil is GOD" religion was for real.
  2. If I remember correctly, Dr. McDougall makes an interesting point that its calories that determine the survival of a species and certainly the dense starch of grains would make them a calorically advantageous food. On the other hand, clearly we are not evolutionarily designed to eat grain-it appears that only birds are naturally. So its the evolution of our cerebral cortex and frontal lobe that gives us the abstract intellect to devise ways to consume things that are not an evolutionarily, physiologically perfect food for humans, but which increases caloric availability and allows us to live in regions where our physiologically ideal foods might not be available. Pretty interesting stuff. Clearly, there is a purpose to our evolution to eat things other than a physiologically ideal diet as seen by the fact that no other species is capable of building suspension bridges or writing treatises, for example, lol. So what is the definitive answer? I think its to just see for ourselves what works the best based on climate, stress factors and demands in our lives, our health and how we feel. Interesting!
  3. I just gotta share...this workout is freaking awesome. I am getting really amazing results only doing 20-30 minutes, three times a week! This is totally sweet because that leaves me a couple of days to do yoga, which is SO important to keep the spine and joints healthy, especially as we age, without feeling guilty that I'm not "working harder" during those days between kettlebells workouts. My butt, legs and core are leaning out and toning up more than they did with hour long free weight/cardio workouts 4-5 days a week. I am 45 and feeling VERY perimenopausal, so those are TRULY profound results considering I am in a hormonally "metabolically challenged" state, as it were (oy vey). I very well think kettlebells could soon replace most of the traditional fitness activities that people currently do. Of course, if people want to bodybuild, they would still have to do specific, isolating routines but my goal is just to be all over lean and toned and functionally fit. But many who do kettlebell exclusive workouts DO look like professional bodybuilders. Probably depends on how clean ones diet is and their genetic predisposition to develop lean muscle tissue. If you haven't tried this workout, you should! But be careful, you might not care about your gym membership anymore, lol (unless they have kettlebell classes, of course...) some good resources for this workout are: artofstrength.com dragondoor.com ontheedgefitness.com
  4. according to The China Study, whether dairy is raw or not, hormone and antibiotic free or not, its the casein protein that ultimately is the problem. Lactose can also be a problem for people, but the protein component, casein, causes immune reactions because its not a natural food for humans. But The China Study showed that less than 10% of the diet being comprised of animal protein doesn't seem to trigger this immune-inflammation-in the body. I know I'm preaching to the choir here....thank GOD. An oasis of sanity in a world of ignorant delusion....
  5. about my fav nutrition guy on the planet! No doubt, rock on! http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/11/13/morissette.eating.disorder/index.html
  6. yeah, I'm pretty amazed at this form of exercise. I just ordered another dvd. I'm developing a sickness...just kidding. But heck, a total body, totally result producing workout in under 30 min, 3-4 times a week? Sign me up!
  7. I have to say regarding not being able to build muscle on this way of eating....I'm not so sure about that. Seems that there are bodybuilders/athletes who eat only RAW food, which doesn't include cooked grain or cooked starchy vegetables, that are able to build muscle. I do know that I feel SO much better really limiting grain and starchy vegetables to not more than one serving a day. Beans don't seem to have the same bloating/fat storage effect that grain and starchy vegs do. But I don't really eat more than 1-2 cups of them a day. But if I DON'T eat them everyday, my blood sugar gets whacked out and I crave more grain. They seem to have a very balancing effect on my blood sugar. And I notice if I eat at least 2 fruits, I also don't get cravings for sweets or refined grains as much. I really think Dr. Fuhrman is on to something. Maybe its my age (45-but thanks to high nutrient content, plant based eating and regular exercise I look more like 25), but I just don't do well with that much grain, whole or otherwise. Thanks cubby for forwarding the athletic plan! Peace!
  8. Heres a video interview about Alanis Morsette following Dr. Fuhrman's guidelines and losing a lot of weight from Entertainment tonight recently.
  9. Hey there, Just wondering if anyone has ever utilized Dr. Fuhrman's High Nutrient content way of eating with their bodybuilding/fitness goals. I like this approach because essentially he says eat up to 2 pounds of greens a day (1 cooked, 1 raw), unlimited beans, 4-5 pieces of fruit, moderate nuts and seeds, depending on how much bodyfat one needs to lose, and only 1-2 servings whole grain/day. What I like about it is no "counting" etc, just eating as much high nutrient content plant foods as one wants. I'm kinda lazy and get all stressed out having to think about macronutrients and timing meals all day, etc. So this appeals to me. And I have found that if I do restrict those grains and eat a lot of beans its way easier to lose bf without feeling hungry. Anyone else ever utilize these guidelines as their "official" nutrition philosophy?
  10. I completely agree with you...I have two kids, 16 and 13 and was not married to their dads, and we made it just fine. Of course, if they have a good MOM that makes all the difference! Trust your instincts-you know what to do....I know, Been there, done that
  11. Why, sure! My recent understanding about kettlebells is that they originated in Russia where they used cannon balls and created a workout where you essentially "swing" that heavy object. Now they are manufactured like a cannon ball with a handle, and call it a "bell." Bells range in weight from 2 or 4 pounds to over 100. This swinging action with proper form creates a really effective and tough, core based, cardio and strength total body workout. When I first watched people doing it on youtube it didn't look like they were really working that hard. Then I TRIED it. Oh my gosh....if you use a heavy enough bell, its a REALLY tough and effective workout. I suggest googling it or youtubing it, do some research and see what you think. I workout at home so I bought bells and dvd workouts. There are personal trainers that are certified KB (kettlebell) instructors around the country though that you can work with also. This workout is so efficient you really don't need to work out more than three days a week for maybe 25-30 min at a time. In fact you need those days of rest between workouts. I still like to do free weights so I only am doing two days a week of the KB workouts and two of weights, then three days of rest. I never workout longer than 30 min a day, and get great results. check it out!
  12. Just wanted to share I'm loving these workouts. I have a dvd from Lauren Brooks (Ultimate Bodysculpt and Conditioning) and one from Art of Strength (the Newport advanced workout). I am using 15 and 25 pound bells, and only have to do these workouts maybe 2 times a week. I also do a full body weight training routine and a day to focus only on glutes (my achilles heel of deveopment-but not for much longer with these kettlebell workouts). These workouts are so intense, really 25 min is plenty. Good stuff!
  13. COOL! all the smartest folks on there! I sent it out far and wide to my list...Peace!
  14. Good advice about the oils....Dr. Fuhrman suggests sauteeing things in broth or pineapple juice or water, and using blended raw nuts for dressings since they are loaded with nutrients. Thanks for the reminder
  15. ok I have a bit of a PROB-lem with buying these....I LOVE LOVE LOVE vegan cookbooks... anyway, my two new favs are "Carb Conscious Vegetarian," by Robin Robertson-so perfect for a fitness lifestyle; "Clean Eating," by Terry Walters-just got this one last night-page after page of yummy, super easy to make recipes, all catagorized by season-very cool; and also a new purchase, "The Conscious Cook," by Tal Ronnen-this was vegnews top new cookbook in their recent "best of" review edition-this one has super gourmet recipes, very inventive and yummy. I also frequently use the old "Cooking the Whole Foods Way," by Christina Pirello-macrobiotic inspired recipes, "Eat for Health," by Dr. Fuhrman, also low carb and totally healthy and delicious; and "Vegan Vittles," by Jo Stepaniak-simple and super tasty recipes. I am cooking vegan food for a family weekly now and thats given me a chance to really dive into these books and learn a lot of new recipes and get into the hang of cooking daily-its awesome, and SO good for us
  16. frozen spinach is a great idea...also, I pick dandelion greens, lambquarter and other wild stuff outside-easy and FREE! and good for you....
  17. Wow! Congrats, Mommy! Holy cow, no excuses is right...and what an opportunity to showcase/create a pregnancy fitness/plant based program. What an awesome opportunity. You are going to do great, and help so many! Blessings!
  18. Merci, merci! Recently rediscovering the power of fermented foods-don't overlook the healing importance of these babies! I have lots more energy. Check out this resource: bodyecology.com
  19. hey, thanks for sharing those resources. I actually bought that same face exercise thing like 12 years ago. I think I felt overwhelmed with having to do it for 30 min every day. but that was then, this is now. I think I will get it again. Those before and after photos on her site are pretty amazing, some of them. Definitely worth doing. The kegel thing...that sounds good too, but PRICEY! geez...have to wait until funds allow...but you are finding that works too? That would make life more FUN, if you know what I mean... Blessings!!
  20. Yes, dropsoul you look gorgeous!! WAY younger than most people I know our age (I'm almost 45). I can't get this forum to accept any of my photos, too big of files, I guess. I'll get one up as soon as I can...' Whole food, plant based nutrition, not drinking alcohol and consistent weight training and cardio ARE the fountain of youth..my BF was talking with his friends about how their moms at our ages looked so much older than their wives and girlfriends now and he was like "yeah, my GF is HOT!" lol....the first time his friends met me, they asked him if he was robbing the cradle..we are the same age-we laugh a lot about this. All my clients (I'm a holistic healthcare practitioner and medical intuitive) ask how to lose weight...I'm like, this stuff works! I don't know why anyone WOULDN'T want to live this way. I guess its just cause they don't want to give up their addictions.
  21. I know how you feel...I love oxygen mag (women) a lot, but their nutrition info is so not accurate regarding plant based diets. Every issue I want to write an article on vegan bodybuilding. I wish they would cover that, but you know, their "sponsors" and what not.....too bad, because in my op they are ultimately spreading disinfo. I've sent comments asking them to include more vegan coverage, and they have added all plant based RECIPES, but thats a lot different than actual scientific articles. And their nutritionist who writes a Q and A Column, you'd think she's getting directly compensated from the dairy industry...geesh....ok, who wants to start a VEGAN fitness mag???
  22. I have a confession to make, because I have to in order to share how GREAT I feel! I had gone back to eating some fish and eggs for a couple of months (*gasp!*) and even some whey protein powder (was left over and I was broke and couldn't buy new stuff) anyway, having gone back to first eating only eggs every other day for a few weeks, awhile and then back to total whole food vegan now for about a month (Eat to Live version, more or less), I have noticed AMAZING benefits. I can workout a lot harder, for longer-more stamina. I barely get sore, its almost like I didn't workout! I can see what Brendan Brazier explains in his book, Thrive. The more alkaline we are, the faster we recover, which means the harder we can train, which means better performance. And the fat just started really melting off. I sleep deeper, which also means better recovery. Its such a joy to be able to workout more easily-having more stamina, and being stronger. This is the best way to be. I will never go back.
  23. I adapted this from Dr. Fuhrman's apple cake recipe in his book, "Eat to Live." Had it this morning after a hard workout. It was really, really good: 1/4 tsp vanilla 1/4-1/2 cup apple juice or cider 1 tsp cinnamon 1-2 Tbsp vanilla brown rice protein powder 1/4 cup soy or almond milk 3 apples, chopped 1/4 cup raisins 1/2 cup rolled oats top with soy or almond milk if desired (I used homemade sesame milk) Stir the vanilla into the juice, then add all to apples, raisins and oats. Bake uncovered at 350 for 1 hour. (I covered it half way through with foil). This was seriously good I mixed it up the night before, then popped it in the oven while working out.
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