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  1. Just have to share, I've been riding my bike 5 days a week (just started for about the last week) and doing weights 3 days a week and plyos two days in addition to riding and I am REALLY starting to love it. I'm getting lean faster riding this bike than I did with anything else. There are a lot of hills around where I live which really ups the challenge. I'm doing now about 27 miles on the bike weekly, with plyos and wts. I can see now that challenging ourselves with exercise is where the results REALLY start to get magical...I'm going to really miss this when the cold weather comes....
  2. Maybe I'm just too toxic, but when I started doing this the detox laid me flat, as in no freaking way I could workout. Then I remembered hearing Tim Orden, of runningraw.com say it took him a year and a half raw before he was detoxed enough to start training. You know.....I just don't want to wait that long to be able to get really fit. I'd rather do a long weekend every month of 80/10/10 to cleanse. Plus, as a single mom, I just don't have the luxury of chillin' while I'm detoxing. So....I've thrown in the towel on this one. I WILL say, though, even though this is an 80/10/10 thread, that eating protein/carbs every 2.5 hours and eating about 60% raw makes me feel really strong. I can feel it balancing my insulin, my energy soars and I am getting better results from tranining. I guess for me it goes back to the idea that if I were in paradise (or could afford to REALLY rest to get through the detox) I would embrace 100% raw immediately. But hey, eating a whole food, plant based diet, 50-75% raw, exercising regularly, etc, is a pretty darn healthy way to live!
  3. yes, 80/10/10 I've heard much about it. Don't have the book but have watched him lecture on it online. I have to say, thats a LOT of produce-the word I'm first hearing is "expensive," especially if it's mostly organic. I know, the money you save not eating crap, or eating in restaurants, can offset that cost. I know where there is a will theres a way...for sure. I've heard that people get truly amazing results eating this way. I'm going to consider doing this...really look at my life (single mom, two teenagers who won't be vegan much less raw, and much much less 80/10/10 lol) and find a way to fit this in...I realize its a major commitment. But I would REALLY love the results! Thanks for sharing!
  4. I have found this to be so true-this kind of working out is phenomenal for fat loss and over all cardio/endurance conditioning. Also its been shown to increase growth hormone and literally reverse cellular aging. I never heard of tabata before, I checked it out and can't wait to try it! thanks for posting that! Also, its so amazing you can get a really good workout in under 15 min...I mean-come on! I might add it to the dvds I already use just cause I like 'em.
  5. wow, having a paradox experience here! rode my bike-hard-for 25 min, then did lower body stuff on the floor, upper body weights but did not have time to ice it after, so I was worried I was REALLY going to pay for it. Then it got more swollen than before, and even blood coming to the skin underneath (bruising) so I iced it this afternoon for about 20 min, and now its actually doing BETTER! Is it possible that even in this acute stage I actually worked something out with exercising it? I don't know, its so counterintuitive...but I'm glad its better anyway!
  6. "some rough sex will put ya right to sleep." gotta second that one, but I would say, "delicious, over-the-top, FUN sex," heehee....
  7. "At the same time, we need to also remember that most of us have not been vegans our whole lives or even close to it, so we were a lot like them once upon a time." true, true, but then we saw the light!! So, gosh darn it, they should listen to us!
  8. few things! Yes, a fellow michigander!! Cleaning out the juicer is a pain in the arse...but I love how that green juice makes me feel! yeah...sprouting is ridiculously easy...you have a point! and raw hummus-I've used Alissa Cohens recipe where you use raw zuchinni instead of garbanzos and raw tahini....but there's just something about the cooked beans, though that raw zuchinni just can't duplicate. But the raw version is good too
  9. I just love classic mediterranean inspired lentil soup, with spinach, carrot, celery, onion, garlic and lemon...OMG good. for soy beans? Sea salt-japenese style....YUM!! eat'm like chips....
  10. well, I got on my bike and pedaled hard for 25 min. Thats an intense cardio workout, harder than I usually do! my ankle only hurt a little. Then I came home and did the routines on Tracy Effinger's workout "Squeeze Stronger" that didn't require me to use my ankle and I have to say I worked out pretty darn hard! This will be fine. Hope I don't pay for it tomorrow (if I overdid it on the bike with my ankle...)
  11. hyran77~ur in Dearborn? I'm in Bloomfield Hills-great to meet ya! I hear you about high raw and losing muscle....still haven't made this jump yet. Have all the tools-the vitamix, the know-how...will just have to cough up the willingness and go for it. I think you might be right, the person who wrote above, that we need enough calories (whole food carbs) to build muscle. Thats why I want to keep my beans in one meal every day. Maybe occasionally ezekiel bread. Hmm...its all about finding balance.....
  12. seriously check out "The Squeeze Workouts" by Tracy Effinger. You can you find those at collagevideo.com. You only need a chair, light weights (1-3 lbs) and a broom stick and it will totally change your body. I have gotten absolutely incredible results with virtually no weights and they are very intense and challenging-not for beginners. Do check them out!
  13. rawvgn very inspiring! will you share what you eat on a daily basis? I'm wanting to go all/high raw all the time....would love to see how it looks in action-thanks!
  14. I was cruising right along, have been working out consistently for 8 months and went from a size 10 to a 4, and feeling REALLY good. then two days ago sprained my ankle really bad while running in the woods. Actually heard the ligament on the outside of my right ankle snap (sorry for the graphics....) anyway, I"m going to try to ride my bike for cardio today, see how it goes and use weights for upper body and do ab exercises on the floor. I can't walk except to hobble around. Last summer I sprained my other ankle. It took 3 long months before I could hike or run again, but I could ride my bike and got in surprisingly good shape from that. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what creative ways you came up with to continue working out while healing~ Thanks so much!
  15. I always thought the soy scare crap was total BS. Thats my scientific conclusion
  16. check to see if you are allergic to soy. I recommend using Vega for your protein powder-its free of common food allergens. also, are you drinking coffee? that can really screw with your blood sugar. And are you getting enough sleep? It doesn't look like you are overtraining. Did you just take on this way of eating after being SAD based? cause you could be detoxing. Just some thoughts....
  17. I agree, people SHOULD feel guilty about eating animals. TOTALLY. I am a holistic healthcare professional and daily interact with clients who ask me "how can I heal this health issue?" and the number one issue they have is being too acidic, besides the emotional issues causing their health problems (emotional stress is acidic though too). I tell them the number one thing to do to alkalinize is quit eating animal products. The second is sugar, caffeine, alcohol, etc. But FIRST is animals. FOR SURE. and of course, dealing with the emotional issues. But you'd think I just suggested they jump off the empire state building to give up animal products. We are such a very badly brainwashed and addicted culture. It blows my mind how totally unconscious people are. I really don't know what to say. Sometimes my compassion wears thin and I feel like they just get what they deserve then if they are so weak willed and self centered to not even be willing to CONSIDER, even for their OWN health's sake, to go plant based. I really don't know what to say. Its dismaying. Just venting
  18. haha Marcina! Me neither... I'm doing it cause I REALLY want to lean out but with tons of ENERGY. I've done all raw, high raw, and no raw on and off for almost 20 years and when I'm very high or all raw, man, its like magic. I feel SOOOO good, have tons of energy but sleep like a baby, mental clarity and balance, never get sick...its wonderful. I've developed a fair amount of lean muscle working out consistently over the last 8 months and I just really want to get really clean. But the calorie thing IS important...I'm still finding my way with that. A "regular" cooked portion is not enough for me when I eat raw. I'm going to allow myself to eat as much as I want, especially greens, and have some cooked beans daily too, at lunch. Its an experiment-I want to find a balance with it. But I think it will really lean me out now, as long as I dont' eat too many nuts and seeds. Its interesting. PLus summer is a great time to do raw-winter, not so much.
  19. I can't get away with eating a lot of bread or other flour products. Or too many grains. Really, I also have to eat a fair percentage of raw greens to continue to lean out. And I've found that not eating after 6:30 pm or so is like magic for dropping the fat. I'm starting to settle into a high raw diet thats greens heavy, and lighter on the nuts and fruits. Not only great for fat loss but also gives tons of energy and makes my skin look so much younger.
  20. I'm getting into this-again. I just started eating one cooked meal/day, usually lunch. Just wondering if anyone's doing this and if you would share an example of a daily meal list that you eat? So far, I'm pretty much like this: green juice right after workout, before bfast bfast (one of these): green smoothie or soaked buckwheat porridge with sesame mylk lunch: usually beans and raw greens in some form-lettuce tacos, bean soup on top of raw greens, etc. dinner: huge salad or other raw entree snacks are fruit and nuts, if I'm hungry
  21. Yeah, its pretty cool, I have to say. At this age, I can get away with working out LESS and still getting good results as long as I'm eating a clean, vegan diet. Pretty cool. I went from a tight size 10 to a 4 in the past 7.5 months. I just want to lean up now and drop some more body fat, but I know its well within range. Has anyone thought about teaching people about this lifestyle, I mean, like hosting classes? I'm seriously considering it. Its just so effective and so powerfully anti-aging....I think it would be a popular class.
  22. DCNINJA wrote: "Is anyone out there experimenting with different training formats than they were doing say 5 or ten years ago with success? I pretty much train the same as I always have." I only started working out again after a 13 year hiatus with free wts and cardio at home, tough dvd workouts. The only difference I found now since 13 years ago is that I have to be careful not to overtrain. I get better results keeping workouts to 4-5 days a week for no more than 30 min at a time than going hog wild for an hour of hard working out 5-6 days/week.
  23. Yay!! How fun! I just want to share (sorry no photos yet-will try to get some up today) how freaking fun being fit and vegan is because it REALLY turns back the clock. I'm 44 1/2 and I LOVE saying my age because people always think I'm in my twenties. How fun is that?? I tell them I have kids and they can't believe it, and then I Say that they are teenagers and then to see the jaws drop! Its just so fun, and you KNOW a great opportunity to share about the plant based lifestyle. I do have a lot of grey hair that I color, just cause I'm not ready for it yet! My dad was almost white at 40 so besides stress, I think its genetic. I feel happy that I am not taking the same path of aging that my parents took. In their late 60's now they have a lot of health problems that I feel so happy knowing I won't have. Combining a whole food, plant based diet with consistent exercise and a spiritual practice is the most effective anti-aging system there is. Its like getting to have our cake and eat it too cause now we have the wisdom while being young enough physically to have a shit load of fun with it!! Its freaking amazing. If people really knew how powerful the vegan diet with exercise is, they'd be flocking to this forum...Love to all!!
  24. I highly doubt you have gout if you are a vegetarian. But if its genetic, you might want to go vegan. You could also be having a strain pattern such as a version of plantar fasciatis. I suggest seeing a D.O. that practices TRADITIONAL osteopathy, as they can diagnose and treat STRUCTURALLY, not just pharmaceutically.
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