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  1. thanks for posting this! That is so easy-I really appreciate that! I was thinking of adding beans or tofu/tempeh, etc, to up the protein...or even seeds. Yum!
  2. thanks so much for posting that! I've been intimidated to try making a burger, but that sounds so easy, and delicious!
  3. It sounds good...the difference with vega is all the superfoods included in vega...hence the huge price tag on that stuff. But if we add our own chorella, maca, hemp protein to this produce maybe it still would be cheaper in the long run and about the same nutrition as vega. I want to look into that!
  4. Thank you, Brendan-those were excellent! This emerging field of vegan nutrition for high performance is really opening up a lot of great research conversations. I really appreciated your down to earth, casual delivery also. Thanks for doing this work-its a great service to the world!! Blessings!
  5. I've done cooked (and studied macrobiotics extensively) and raw (have teacher certification in raw food nutrition) and have found this to be true for ME (which is the only person I can speak to with any real authority): raw food is a very high vibe way to live, BUT if I have any level of stress in my life, it is not condusive to keeping me grounded and strong long term. it is GREAT for rhythmic detox, however. I feel more nourished following a high nutrient content program like "Eat to Live", by Dr. Fuhrman. Raw, as I said, is amazing, in my experience, for detox, but after a few weeks I start to become ungrounded. If I had no kids, could live in the tropics and not worry about traffic, cold weather and deadlines, I would be 100% raw in a heart beat. BTW, I've found the 80/10/10 approach to be the most sustainable raw approach. This is just all my own opinion, but I've been "experiementing" with raw on and off for 19 years, and studied with TC Fry as well, back in the beginning. I've been around the block on this one. Just sharing....
  6. thanks for responding, everyone. I agree with the high protein before bed. Lately, I've been not eating 2-3 hours before bed, maybe just having herb tea with a little soy cream and stevia. If I get REALLY hungry, I have a small bit of frozen strawberries with rice protein and water in the vitamix or 1/2 and apple with a little peanut butter. I have noticed that if I don't eat after dinner, I seem to lose fat faster.
  7. I have to second the suggestion to check out the book "Eat to Live", and Dr. Fuhrman's website, drfuhrman.com. Also, there are people on this site very experienced in vegan nutrition and fitness...hello, its a vegan fitness forum!! I found Robert Cheeke's articles really helpful. Also, these ladies really know their stuff. Dr. Fuhrman is THE SMARTEST guy in nutrition I have ever read, and listened to. I have been studying biochemistry and nutrition for over 20 years, and I learned more from him in his one book (Eat to Live) than in all that time combined. Check it out! Also, I appreciate the way you worked out your disagreement there. If everyone on this forum was as polite, it would be great. (just occasionally people-read "guys"-get a little rude). What is it about forums that gives people license to be jerks, sometimes? Thanks for taking that on, sweetsarah...blessings!
  8. I was wondering what opinions are out there about eating at night if one is eating several small meals a day. If I stay up past 10 pm, I sometimes get a little hungry. Mostly, if I absolutely HAVE to, I'll eat an apple or a grapefruit. Just wondering if people have experimented with eating something small or nothing after say, 6-7pm, and if they noticed a difference. Thanks!
  9. Thanks everyone! I am VERY glad to be here. There is a chat room? far out...have to find that.
  10. forget the whey, unless you want to include dairy. Dairy is a very unhealthful food. try replacing it with a vegan protein powder and see if you notice the difference in your sinsuses, and energy level. Just sharing....
  11. Just have to share here...vaccination will be proved in the near future to have been one of the most henious crimes committed against humanity. Do your scientific research. I have, and have had classes in virology as well....read about the chain of immunity natural to the body and research how vaccination works. Research the hidden politicial and social agendas of the pharmaceutical industry and their lackeys-teh CDC, WHO, AMA, JAMA, et el. Do some REAL research, not just sound bite from big pharma PR, and you will be utterly shocked that people still subject their children to this genocidal campaign. ALL of the epidemics-including the great influenza epidemic in the early 1900's, were CAUSED by vaccination. HIV, SARS, influenza...they are all manufactured via bioweaponry programs. Gulf war syndrome, and now the cervial vaccine...very, very bad. Federal Courts have already ruled that vaccines create autism. Research Dr. Mercola's stuff, and many other sources. Google it. This information is widely available now. I have a degree in premed and worked in the medical field for many years, am a mom with 2 kids will will NEVER be vaccinated, and have studied this subject from all angles. Information is the key to sovereignty. Do not willingly surrender yourself to having your physiology controlled or raped. If you do, only YOU are responsible for the outcome....Blessings~
  12. absolute #1: "Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path" by Rudolph Steiner. Not an easy read, but leads to self realization if really studied!
  13. The China Study covers this really well. Its all about the animal protein-cancer link. You'd think people would start to wake up about this already! But addiction runs deep.....
  14. I have to add, this does taste, not great. I will try the TP one too! Thanks for posting this.
  15. uuggh..I'm a perfectionist (or try to be) when communicating. Forgive me. 80/10/10 is 80% carbs, 10% protein, 10% FAT...
  16. "What the hell is that supposed to mean? I had no idea until recently there was so much David Icke type psycho babble behind a lot of raw foodism." ok, putting down David Icke is where I draw the line....(so just kidding) Now, listen, you. I am a medical intuitive and spiritual teacher. I read people's energy fields for a living and am actually very accurate. (forgiveandawaken.com) The way it works is like this. Everything in the manifest universe is really just information in the form of vibration (quantum mechanics-already scientifically proven). our mind can be trained, and some are born already "turned on" (I wasn't-I trained myself) to literally "tune into" the frequency of the vibration of whatever "manifest" element we want to "read". Then literally like a radio, the mind can interpret the information in that vibrational signal-exactly like radio waves. Its pretty cool. I have done the raw thing so many times that I've had some experience with the "vibrational variations" that occur from going raw, and not being raw, and other ways of eating. Thats all I was trying to describe. the 811 is short for "80/10/10"-Doug Grahams system for being raw-80% carbs (sweet, fresh fruit), 10% protein (nuts, seeds, etc), 10% leafy greens...please forgive me if I am not describing that perfectly....tough to stick to, for me, but makes me feel SO alive, so high vibe....I will continue to do it 2 weeks in the spring and fall to detox every year. Maybe more often...just have to see how life goes.
  17. for some reason, my last post got cut in half. I had said that I have been vegan and raw on and off for over 20 years, and even have raw food teacher certification. The longest I was able to stay 100% raw was 3 months, but usually I last 6-11 weeks before caving, lol. I have studied the gamut of opinions about raw and I will say that I believe personally that 811 is the smartest and probably most sustainable way of being raw long term. THat being said, however, it is also a very high VIBRATION way of being, which I do NOT believe everyone is ready for. In addition, because raw speaks to an innate knowing we all have of our highest spiritual and physical potential, it can ooze superiority and I think that's what pushes people's buttons. There is nothing wrong with someone who isnt' able to be sustained, physically or emotionally, on all raw food! That's all I said before-merci!
  18. "I dont see anything wrong with questioning or even debating, bouncing ideas of each other etc. but please for the love of GOD, just TRY and respect each other." I think this is such a touchy subject because it speaks to our highest spiritual potential, as well as physical, and their are buttons pushed when there are suggestions of "superiority" in the air around this subject. My personal experience, for ME, and ONLY me, is that I can not maintain a 100% raw lifestyle as a self employed single mom, with no child support, trying to keep life happening. However, it is not for me to presume that others can't make it work. I fully support them that they can. I really like Dr. Fuhrman's view (drfuhrman.com/"eat to live" book). He suggests that some cooked plant food is necessary for a full spectrum of nutrients in one's diet because of the need to break down cellulose in a way that just high speed blending can't do. Does that mean that I am putting down raw people? please...come on. I'm just sharing an opinion. I have been raw, I've been cooked, I've been junk food cooked...oy vey. I'll tell you what-I am just happy as heaven that I am back to a whole food, high nutrient content PLANT BASED diet, with at least 30-50% raw daily. I feel FANTASTIC, look 15 years younger than I am (I'm 44) and am healthy. I'm really ok with that! Love and blessings to everybody!!
  19. Hi everyone... I've been vegan off and on for 20 years, but never could figure out how to get really fit/lose bodyfat/build muscle without animal protein. Now I'm finally getting it and am looking forward to proving to myself that can be done! Glad to be here.
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