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  1. muchidna: im 180 cm and 82kg i want to loose some fat so around 75kg is my ideal weight wich would be in 5% bodyfat i guess. Richard: I know but my energy isnt tho yeah i agree but i want to build some strength and litle size so i guess one needs some protein for that? how much do you think one needs? is the 0.8gram/lbs legit?
  2. Hello Ive been eating 3-4000 calories a day Mostly grapes, mangoes, etc and some greens and hemp seeds. So yeah 5-7% of calories from protein wich will be only 40-60grams tops. Im thinking maybe this is to litle and consider switching to a vegan cooked diet where i can bump it up to 10-20% from protein. then i will be getting 0.8gram protein pr lbs of bodyweight
  3. Hello Ive done the vegan diet for 2+ years now. Mostly 100% fruits and greens. Im also doing strength training alot and play sports. I have noticed that my strength and energy isnt what i should be. Like i workout my legs and everyhing in the gym but when i eat and all that it doesnt feel like i get the fuel to my legs. Its like they are still weak and dont want to run etc. I have done 5-7% of protein during this time, so im considering maybe its time to increase it. Can to litle protein do this and maybe this is my problem? My explosivness and everything is not where i want it to be and where it was before when i was eating crap
  4. Ey Thanx a ton for reply and i totally understand what you are saying. Its really important to make the progress slow so performance etc dont suffer. I write down my lifts and everything in the gym so i notice if my performance/strength decreases then i know something is wrong
  5. Hello There is so much information and stuff out there in terms of intermittent fasting, meal frequency and all that so i wanted to hear what people here are saying and experiencing with. Say yo eat 2000 calories and burn 2500 calories so you are in a defficit wich will mean we will loose weight. So then come to question. Wich approach in terms of meal frequency is the best one to take when maximum fat loss, athletic performance and body composition is your goal. Intermittent fasting, 1 meal a day or 6+ meals a day? My sport is soccer and weight lifting. Remember calories are the same.
  6. do both together how do you do that ? What is IIFM ?
  7. Hello I was wondering if anybody have tried different approaches in terms of meal frequency and what results gave you better results. I know intermittent fasting is very popular these days and they say the 6 meals a day is not beneficial in terms of metabolissm etc. But then you have alot of people eating 6 times a day and even more like Robert here and say it works wonders so would be great yo hear some pros and cons of both and the results they have given you guys
  8. How should one train to get more acceleration and speed in soccer? I want to be lightning fast. Powerlifting exersices like squat and deadlifts i know, what more?
  9. Hello I have been struggling for 4 months now in reaching the 5-7% bodyfat and loosing the last pounds of fat/weight. Ive tried everything and esp calorie restriction. It goes well when i do CR but then after 5-6 days i suddenly gain 4 pounds without doing anything. I just cant get my head around it. Would be great to hear peoples experience that has been able to get down to that fat% and stay there. Do you have to cycle calories, cheat days etc? or can you just calorie restrict everyday and you will get there? something that doesnt seem to work for me tho. I do 1800 calories a day and i workout 1-2 times a day. Im 25, 180cm and 78kg male
  10. Thank you so much. Makes alot of sense and you seem to have the same experiences as me, since i have also tried alot of the approaches. And for sure i eat like a race horse if i havent eaten for long i almost drink the food Also did you notice any difference in terms of fat loss or body composition ? Thanx again for great reply
  11. Great, thanx. But isnt it harder in terms of calories to just start eating and have to stop when the food is getting good ? Have you tried the fewer meals approach?
  12. Hello I was wondering what experience people has done with different meal routines in terms of fat loss, energy, performance etc. I know intermittent fasting is very popular where you eat 2-4 meals in a 8 hour window and i know also some people only eat 2 big meals a day etc. Then there is alot of people eating 5+ meals a day. I havent read any books on this subject and since im really into training and performance regarding weights but also esp sports and also loosing the last bit of fatt wich i know comes from calories but maybe there is something to be gained from eating patern aswell? Would be great to hear some experiences by people. Fire away
  13. Hello In terms of beeing really fast runner like a sprinter for 100 meter or less. How should you nutrition be like? Sure you need carbs but i was wondering about sodium inntake ? should that be high aswell? I have a very low sodium diet now and i feel like im lacking the last 20-30% explosivness in my muscles. Can it be any other then sodium or ? im so frustrated
  14. Hello I was wondering if anybody had tried the popular 16 fast with 8 hour feeding window known as IF while following a high carb low fat and low protein program. Like the raw food 80 10 10 by Doug Graham or The China Study or Dr. Mcdougall`s plan wich is similar in terms of 80+ carbs max 10% protein and fat just here its cooked food and starch etc. Would be great to hear the experience. Im on the McDougall so would love to hear about experiences since i love the IF approach.
  15. Hello I know there is alot of stuff out there regarding fat loss etc etc. But i was wondering if you dont want to gain muscles or get bigger, should you do high reps with low weights to just train the muscles to burn calories? Will this help you to achieve your goal faster? or what is the best way to achieve it in regard to weight training. I know ofc you have to dial in your calories of food etc but here im just talking about the training part.
  16. That is true. I do 15% incline and 6.2 mph in 30 minutes. It looks like i have been out swimming. But what about really light weights and high reps for my legs aswell, will that help burn some fat and tone my legs more? As i stated, i dont want to get bigger. Or any other stuff i can do regarding weight training or circle training etc
  17. Thank you. I also have a very clean diet. I will do both slow steady cardio and also HIIT running. Also is the slow steady cardio after waking up a good method? i see alot of debate around this but many BB are using it successfully
  18. Hello There are so many programs out there that its just impossible to choose. Ive been trough many of your buys blogs and training logs but i guess i have to post my questions since i didnt fint answear to all my questions. So here it goes. 1. I want to gain muscle size on different parts of my upperbody, chest, arms, shoulders(wider) What program have worked for you guys in doing this? I want to workout everyday if possible because i just love it So maybe a 5 day split program where i train one muscle group each day etc? Also what in terms of sets and reps have worked. I tried to browse around at bodybuilding.com and also here to find the people with the physic i wanted but i didnt manage to find their training program. So would be great to know what frequency, sets, reps worked out best for you in terms of adding size/muscle. 2. I want to loose fat, and i have stubborn fat around my legs/waist/hips/ass so i dont want to train my legs since i dont want to get any bigger there. So im doing cardio everyday usually incline working for 45min to 1 hour. I know people say they do this postworkout but isnt this bad in terms of your PWO window where you can eat and fuel your muscles. So wouldnt it be better to do the cardio in the morning. Go home and eat and do the weight training later that day? Any other info or blogs site you know off where people have the model body with great muscles in terms of wide shoulders, and well trained chest arms etc plz post that aswell If you guys have any other questions please ask, since i have all the details regarind my goals
  19. Ok, thank you. I will dont do any leg workout and just to cardio everyday incline walking, and maybe some running later on some days. Thanks for the advice. And also my eating will be clean aswell
  20. Hello I really struggle with the last bit of fat/water/weight around my legs/ass/waist and hips. Im working out with weights for my upperbody but im really wondering whats the best thing to do for my lowerbody since i dont want to gain any muscle there. I just want to maintain the muscles and just loose all the fat and get really lean around my legs/ass/waist/hips. I know like squat and all those exersices tend to put on inches around your waist etc and i dont want that. I just want to maintain my muscles there but not get bigger or add mucles in terms of size What is the best approach for this? im starting with incline walking wich i think is good. Is it just running or should i do weights also for my legs etc to make it lean? In that case how should my approach be? more reps and less weight etc? Thanx
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