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  1. I'd say early favorite is probably Big Country
  2. injury, and TUF10 is turning out to be the first season in awhile that I'm pretty excited for in advance. Rumored participants are Robert Drysdale and a few other big names. Regardless, I'll be tuning in to see how Kimbo does!
  3. Miguel Torres, Andrei Arlovski, and Fedor Monson is pretty tight too
  4. I'm stoked for Omigawa. He looks much better at this weight! Hope he takes it!
  5. UK should wreck shop this season. Andre Winner and Ross Pearson look beastly.
  6. aoki got wrecked. and this was one of the best cards in a long time. I think Galvalo has a promising future. and the guy coming out dressed as Akuma was awesome, along with the rest of that fight.
  7. who you guys got winning the Sengoku FW GP? I'm pulling for Omigawa.
  8. seriously that guy is retarted. Aoki is one of the best grapplers in MMA, and he thinks he can get away with pulling that shit. but yeah, after the fight, when he just sits there and fiddles with his gloves...
  9. I still think it's illegal... hahah but is your av a picture of you using the rubber guard? If so, props!
  10. you're not alone. I hate Koscheck haha and that stoppage was not at all early. I don't know if I'd call Chael top 10, but he handled him very well. That transition was beautiful.
  11. I think Diego will wreck Joe. Joe has seemed more of a gatekeeper as of late. and while I'm interested in Sonnen Maia, I think Maia will plow through him too. I also wanna see how Brian Cobb handles his first fight in a big show, and see if Dos Santos is more than hype.
  12. hahah well if he can handle Saku's groundgame, I think he can take Lawler's. And if he KO'd Mark Hunt, KOing Lawler should be child's play.
  13. OHJESUS! http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/dailynews.asp?articleid=8169&zoneid=1 MANHOEF BY SLAUGHTER!
  14. here is to hoping you are right. I'm fairly sure that it's all part of their individual contracts, although I'm quite sure the UFC will try to hold on to their precious "Ultimate Fighters"
  15. so who's everyone got as pound for pound best now? I still got Fedor. he's a beast.
  16. lemmi guess, penn fan? lol ..... gsp owned, you're just grumpy about that haha .... i thought it was great (yes gsp fan) i liked watching him slowly wear him out, then get those shots that penn just wasn't expecting, after that, it all fell apart for the guy. i actually felt a little bad for the guy. after the 3rd round i bet he was crying lol I like them both, but I just expected more outta Penn. I'm always disappointed when title fights are one sided beatdowns. But good for GSP.
  17. wow. I was VERY disappointed with the main event. My favorite fight was definitely the Jon Jones fight. He's got a bright future.
  18. I agree. Miguel Torres vs Yoshihiro Maeda was AMAZING
  19. I was surprised that one judge ruled in the Cowboy's favor...
  20. The knee was illegal... http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f2/cerrone-knee-illegal-definitively-new-gif-910045/
  21. I'm picking Penn cos I feel the only reason he lost the last fight against GSP is because he gassed. seeing as he is training correctly now, I feel he should dominate.
  22. that KO was insane... plus the Belfort KO and Babalu's D'arce choke all around solid event. hahahah Yvel vs Barnett seemed to last FOREVER though.
  23. Sylvia Vs. Lesnar? first of all I don't see Sylvia back in the UFC, and second of all, I think Lesnar would out muscle him for the takedown and ground n pound his face into mince meat...
  24. Lesnar's definitely good, but beating a 40-some year old man who is about 60 lbs lighter with the exact same skill set as you isn't exactly remarkable. I would say his biggest challenge currently is facing a big submission fighter (ala frank mir) His trainers say his BJJ is coming along very quickly, but to some extent, mat experience can't replace natural talent. that being said, I still think Lesnar will run over mir...
  25. while I do agree that it is interesting, I don't think a sambo loss will affect the odds of an MMA match at all...
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