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  1. chewy i will never think of you the same again! lol mine just my name.
  2. thanks everyone. it was weird because i don't even know anyone else that is sick and i agree it was late in the season. it's been 10 - 15 years since i had something like that. and i hope it is that long before i get it again! started training again today - 45 minute TT in the pool. Swam 92 laps was almost done with my 93rd lap is i was counting correctly. Which is always questionable when it gets to be that many laps. I felt good swimming, I didn't feel like i was going fast or even working hard. Felt like I had a good pace and wasn't struggling to maintain it. Had a few swim cap issues where it won't stay on my head. I had hair hanging out of it for most of the workout because i refused to stop and fix it. so i just kept pulling at it on my flip turns. CF workout - barbell complex. i felt like it went horrible. I made it through but I felt really bad through the whole thing like I really needed to rest between the rounds. I felt weak and wiped out. 5 rounds of 4 reps of each 1 rep the entire series below Front Squat Push Press Back Squat Reverse Lunge Right Reverse Lunge left Push press (behind the neck) round 1 - 65 round 2 - 70 round 3 - 75 - failed on the BTN PP on the 1st rep so I dropped the weight to 65 round 4 - 70 round 5 - 65 I put the bar down between reps to reset. I know in a complex your not supposed to do that but I really hurting today. I also took a little break between rounds. the squats were easy. The push press especially the BTN was rough. The lunges were a fun challenge. Maybe i went to heavy but I don't think so. Hopefully today was just an off day as my first time back and I am better tomorrow. meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water meal 2 - soy yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, vega wfo, ground flax meal 3 - tofu, brown rice, veggies
  3. made it out of the house and to work & etc. today! Had real solid food today too and that is actually making me feel better. i was feeling weak from not eating real food for so many days. I will return to training tomorrow now that im refueling!
  4. couple more unplanned rest days here. Still sick with a stomach flu which is why i am not training. I do train through colds etc but not this. Hope to be back at it soon! Or at least out of bed! and out of the house!
  5. tennis ball is a good start to. It will allow you to get to places the form roller wont
  6. it's great for coordination and agility not just getting the heart rate up. im a big fan of it.
  7. foam rolling does make such a difference. I am big fan of the lacrosse/golf ball version too.
  8. that video was insane! Kinda ironic the timing of these posts. I actually took an unplanned rest day today as I've been in bed sick since last night. There goes that whole superhero theory!
  9. swim - 500 yards of drills (100s of the usual suspects) then 1,000 paddles and pull buoy. Only stopped cuz i lost my paddle once and had to fix my pull buoy a couple of times. I swim very smoothly with paddles although i don't know how good my speed is with them. Finished with 500 of fins and kicking. side, streamlined, switch. I've been doing so much drill work lately i feel like i don't even swim! that changes for next time. looking forward to it. cf wod - 4 rounds for time of 15 Deadlifts @185 lbs 20 box jumps @ 24 inches time 16:13 I did my usual warmup plus 5 minutes of jumping rope to get ready for this. Then warmed up my deadlift from 135 to 215. Decided 185 would be a painful enough weight to use for the wod. felt pretty good the first round i was done in 3 minutes. 2nd round was 4 minutes. and it got worse from there. The deads were feeling heavy it was getting challenging to maintain good form. My foot started to hurt a bit on the 3rd round of box jumps. Gonna have to work on that tonight. meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water meal 2 - hemp bagel & peanut butter meal 3 - tofu, veggies, brown rice
  10. yes you def can do by yourself but like rob says there are benefits to doing it with others. all depends on what works best for you.
  11. ah tire flips! i haven't done those in awhile because of the weather. they should be back in my workouts soon. What is a rope getup? it is where you just climb the rope to standing uping and then back down again instead of off the ground?
  12. benching pr!! and a foam roller! sounds like a great day!
  13. Feeling the effects of "cindy" today. I didnt get much or good quality sleep last night either so that didn't help the recovery process. it really makes such a difference. Just more sore than expected to be from a bodyweight wod. Didn't do an endurance wod in the morning like I normally do. Just wasn't feeling up to it. I had to shovel my car out of 8 inches of snow instead. wasn't very much fun. Foot is a little tender today too. Tonight I need to do some mobility work I didn't have time for any last night. CF wod - 21 - 15 - 9 Overhead squats @ 35lbs bar from the ground squat onto a medicine ball GHD situps time 7:43 I am horrible at overhead squats. I took a long warmup trying to get myself more mobile today. then did some OHS lifts to get ready for the wod. OHS pvcx5 15x5 25x5 35x5 45x5 55x5 35x10 I started the bar from the ground so I had to muscle snatch it anytime I dropped it. I had to ditch it a few times. I still have trouble letting the bar roll back so sometimes when i am coming up from the squat the bar is too far forward and my balance goes to shit so i have to ditch it forward. I used the medicine ball to make sure i was going to depth but that ended up being a bad thing too because i found myself almost sitting on the ball and then pushing up instead of just touching and going nice and fast. But it is a starting point. I made it through the wod. It's more skillwork for me because of the level i am at with OHS. I almost feel like making my warmup things i am horrible at or hate everyday so i get better at them and don't detest them so much. meal 1 - granola & soymilk meal 2 - clif builder bar & 1 scoop vega wfo w/coconut water meal 3 - tofu, peppers, zucchini. onions, daiya and guacmole meal 4 - 1 scoop vega & coconut water meal 5 - beet burgers & taters
  14. welcome and hope you find the boards inspiring.
  15. hope your feeling ok from the box crash. how were the sandbag getups? I never did those.
  16. at rob i love seeing you talking about crossfit on here! Fyi - i do the wods by myself.
  17. Hope the assistance work pays off. And congrats on the exam! If it makes you feel any better I feel like I am always trying to unglue myself with mobility work.
  18. nice on the DL improvement! Also the deeper depth on the squat is good news too. 25 minutes of climbing too! nice!
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