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  1. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you were here i'd be requesting your expertise and guidance to work with me and tell me what to do and force me to do it..... not sure if this was for me or joelk but like joelk I would be willing to help you any way I could. If you looking for a conditioning circuit to add to your weight training Here is a potential "Finisher" for you. When your done training for that day top off your workout but getting yourself under a pullup bar and doing A "burpee" which I think is technically called a squat thrust, do a plyometric pushup with it, or if that isn't good for your shoulder condition a regular pushup would be fine, on the vertical jump up off the ground on the end of the burpee jump up to grab the pullup bar and complete a full pullup. You can do this as a burnout, or do it for time. If you've got someone to count how many rounds you can do that might be interesting to track too. It is hard to count them yourself as you get a bit disoriented. let me know if you ever try it.
  2. wow! I am excited to hear you might want to do some of my workouts. Some of them are my design, some are crossfit workouts of the day and some are my modifications to crossfit workouts of the day(mostly if I can't use the recommended weight or don't have access to the equipment such as ring dips). www.crossfit.com if you want to check it out and are not already familiar with it. I just use it as a supplement to my routine not as my only real workout of the day. On the conditioning circuits the key is to do them as fast as you can, not to pace yourself in order to get the most out of it.
  3. This is really great exciting news! Will do what I can to help you all out.
  4. 3.11.9 6 am Shoulder Stability Circuit: V raises, rear delt raises, scapular pushups, isometric rotational holds. 3 x 15 Decline Bench Situps with 10 DB behind head 3 x 10 Conditioning: 3 - 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest alternating exercises every 30 seconds Round 1 - Burpees, Jumping Jacks Round 2 - Jump Squats, High Knees( running in place with high knee lift) Round 3 - Jump Squats, Jumping Jacks, High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Jumping Jacks 5pm - 3 mile run = 24m7 sec 6pm - 1 hour of American kickboxing - Bagwork, jab and left hook - Live Partner Drills with Kicking Combos. 50 GHD Situps off the end of boxing ring ( most of body except feet, lower legs is off the ring) . Partner sits on feet.
  5. 3.12.9 6am - Shoulder Stability Circuit -5 lb V raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups and Isometric Rotations. 3X15 15 minutes of running steps on stepmill. Decline Bench Situps with 10lb DB behind head. 3x10 5:30 Front Squats Warmup: 5 X 45 5 X 65 5 x 75 5 x 95 5 x 105 4 x 105 - Right (injured) shoulder was starting to give out so I called it quits here just to be safe. Shoulder Press with Bar 5 x 35 5 x 45 5 x 55 5 x 55 Push Press - Because of the shoulder injury I kept the weight low on the explosive work again to be safe. Concentrate more on the form than the weight. 6 x 55 3 x 55 3 x 60 4 x 65 Push Jerks - Just tried a couple to see how the shoulder would do 2 X 65 1 x 65 1 x 65 7pm = Muay Thai Kickboxing Jump Rope 10 minutes Line Drills, Thai Kicks, knee and jabs. Partner Drills, Jab & knees Bag work - thai kicks, jabs and knees Conditioning: 3 minute round: 2 power shots hook to the head & burpees 30 sec bounce recovery 3 minute round: 2 power shots hook to the body and hook to the head & burpees 30 sec bounce recovery 5 minutes round: Double Jab - Hard Thai Kick to the leg & BURPEES! Partner Leg Lifts 2 X 50
  6. 2.15.9 Shoulder Stability Circuit - 3 X 15 V raises, rear delt raises, scapular pushups 5 lb DB Lunge Lung Squat Lunge Lunge Vertical Jump, land in squat Military Press Squats with 9 lb Body Bar Hamstring Body Lifts 3 X 10 Power Circuit 3 x 10 Box Jumps Reverse walking lunges Broad Jumps Superset of 3 x 25 Back Extensions Glute Ham Destroyers Hanging Leg lifts 5 x 20 Pullups with spot - too busy talking to spotter forgot to count reps. OOPS! Haning Leg lifts 5 X 10
  7. 2.16.9 6 am V raises and rear delt raises 3 X 15 Squats: Warmup 12lb and 18 lb bodybar 3X 95 3 X 105 3 X 115 6 X 125 Burnout - Complete as many rounds of 20 scapular pushups, 30 BW squats, 40 situps on ball in 10 minutes. 6pm 4 rounds of padwork Boxing Drills 1 hour Wall angels 4x15
  8. 2.17.9 Run 2.55 miles - 20 minutes Tabata (squats) 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times Trying to get as many squats in 20 seconds as possible Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Count 22 22 21 22 21 20 18 20 I was upset with the amount of work I had in, took a few minutes break and did another 5 rounds Round 1 2 3 4 5 Count 23 26 25 24 24 Situps on Ab Ball 2 rounds of 50 fast 1 round 10 slow Jump Robe 5 minutes Line and Partner Drills Jeet Kune Do - Rapid Assault Tactics 3 x 15 - v raises and rear delt raises
  9. 2.18.9 Shoulder Stability Circuit- 3x15 V raises, Rear Delt Raises,Scapular Pushups, Isometic Holds ( 5 lb DB) Run 2.55 Miles in 19:50 Jump Rope 5 minutes Shadow Box 5 minutes 1.5 Padwork and Kicking Drills
  10. 2.19.9 50 Prone Rows - 15 lb DB 60 Box Jumps 50 Scapular Pushups 50 Box Jumps - was supposed to be 60 but I was exhausted and mentally confused so I did 50 and realize later it was to be 60 50 Shoulder Press - 10 lb DB - Started with 15 and was so wasted I had to drop down. 60 Box Jumps 10 minutes - Jump Robe 1.5 hours Drills - Situational Sparring Leg Lifts and Scapular Pushups - 3 minutes
  11. 3.10.9 6am - Run 3 miles 7pm - Working Counters against a lead roundhouse kick. 9pm - Jeet Kune Do - Muay Thai Kicks My shoulder is in bad shape lately. I've basically been working kicks for days now and not using my hands at all. I've also been running more and cut back on my lifting to try to rest my shoulder a bit. I am having it looked at tomorrow as it does not seem to be getting any better which is really REALLY upsetting me.
  12. Love checking out your diet as well as workouts.
  13. If you scored yourself a tire, for a mix up in your cardio, you can bounce on the tire barefoot. It really develops your leg muscles.
  14. 3.9.9 Run 1.5 Miles 12:30 Kicking Drills 1 hour 4 X 10 Decline Bench Situps with 10 DB behind neck 3 X 15 Wall Angels Workouts have been light the last few days just a lot going on but planning to get back on schedule tomorrow. On a positive note i did get more icing of my shoulder done than normal which I hope is helping.
  15. Got the package friday and enjoyed eating them all weekend, mostly right out of the bag., But also made some scrumptious Walnut Hemp Burgers and Sunflower Seed Pate. Anyone thinking about getting these they are worth it, much tastier than you can get in a store!
  16. 2.20.9 6am Situps on Ball 30 slow Deadlifts 3 x 115 3 x 135 3 x 175 1 x 185 1 x 195 1 x 200 5pm shoulder stability circuit 3 x 15 - V raises, rear delt raises, scapular pushups Superset 3 x10 Banded Broad Jumos 70lb Lat Pull Downs Superset 3 x 10 Box Jumps Bent Over Rows - 15lb dumbbells Superset 3 X 10 Lateral Jumps Bicep Curl + Shoulder Press - 15 lb dumbbells Situps, Supermans, leg raises
  17. 2.21.9 - 7am -Crossfit WOD - "Joshie" -Rows completed with 20lb Dumbbells -Hanging Leg Raises done on Pullup Bar 3 rounds for time: 21 Bent Over Rows Right Hand 21 Hanging Leg Raises 21 Bent Over Rows Left Hand 21 Hanging Leg Raises Time: 15 minutes 11am Shoulder Stability Circuit - V Raises and Rear Delt Raises with 5 lb dumbbells Jeet Kune Do - 1 hour - Weapons angles, entries on angles, sensitivity drills 12 - 1:30 Kickboxing Situational Sparring & Drills
  18. 3.8.9 Shoulder Stability Circuit - 3X15 - 5 lb dumbbells - V raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups Superset 3x12 1 Leg Hip Lift Side Step Up- Step Down into a Squat w/ 15lb Bodybar Superset 4x12 Deadlifts - 95, 135,135,135 Flat Bench Chest Press - 12 lb dumbbells for Shoulder Stability not strength Superset 3x12 Close Grip Pull Down 60, 70, 70 Upright Rows 12 lb DB Ab Circuit: 3X20 Overhead 15 lb Medicine Ball Throws onto Trampoline 20 lb medicine ball Twists Banded Knee Raises
  19. If your not opposed to adding some calories. I like to mix with a blend of Hemp Milk and Rice Milk instead of just water. Also I add in a tiny bit of Agave nectar to take away the bitterness if I am not adding fruit, or even sometimes if I added fruit and it just doesn't taste good. Another thing that I rarely do but def. takes away the bitterness is using pure apple juice ( i have a juicer) which is very sweet. Good luck!
  20. 2.22.9 Ab Circuit: 3 X 5 reps Warmup: 10 slow Situps on Exercise Ball Weighted Side Cable Crunches: 60lbs Cable Cross Body Pulls:25 lbs Rope Pull Behind Head Crunches 3X 10 reps - 30 lbs Front Squats 5 rounds of 3 reps Round 1 weight = 95 Round 2 weight = 105 Round 3 weight = 115 - must have bent forward a bit on my way up on the last rep and I nearly dumped myself and the bar. It happened so fast I never let go of the bar. luckily my lifting partner was in a great position to catch both me and the bar. A more tradional grip with the weight on my back would have prevented this Round 4 & 5 weight = 95 - Decided to drop back a bit after i scared myself. Just didn't have the confidence for heavier weight. Bent Over Rows = 4 rounds of 5 reps - First three rounds used 30 lbs dumbbells, Round 4 - 35 lb dumbbells Circuit of Dips and Wide Grip Pullups 3 rounds of 5 each. Used a spot for the pullups.
  21. Decided to post back some my workouts when I wasn't keeping my log updated now that I have my laptop back! 2.23.9 Shoulder Stability Circuit V raises, Rear Delt Raises, Isometric Holds - 3X15 Jump Rope - 5 minutes Wall Angels - I've been trying to put this in my rehab exercise but everytime I do them my shoulder "pops" as it doesn't have enough stablity yet. I've been icing it as much as I can. 45 minutes - Boxing Drills Decline Bench Situps 15 with 5 lb dumbbell behind head 3 X10 with 10lb dumbbell behind head Conditioning circuit: 6 Continuous Rounds of 10 Scapular Pushups, 10 Jump Squats, 10 burpees with vertical jump For time: Modified CF WOD: Because of shoulder injury turned the push presses into regular shoulder presses Row 500 meters Shoulder Press 21 reps Row 500 meters Shoulder Press 18 reps Row 500 meters Shoulder Press 15 reps Row 500 meters Shoulder Press 12 reps Time 15:00
  22. 3.7.9 - No AM workout. Dad was still in the hospital but is home tonight! It was another long day but things should get easier now and hopefully I can get back to my regular workout routine. Didn't have time to get to the gym before they closed so I did another outdoor run to enjoy the warm weather the NE has been having this weekend. I don't really care for winter so this was treat. 4 miles - Hilly Course - 33.25
  23. 3.6.9 No AM workout. Spent almost the entire day in the hospital with my father. He had pacemaker surgery. It was a stressful day and I was drained so my only workout was a road run near my place that my father and I used to run when I first started running with him a long time ago. This was a great moving meditation that I needed to do after spending a day in the hospital. It is a very depressing place. I hate seeing the horrible "food" they serve the patients there as well as all of the drugs etc. My dad is one of my heroes. He starting me running at a young age. I used to wait for him to come home from work so we could go out on our runs together. Dad ran a lot of road races from 5 miles to half marathons and marathons. Never saw him quit and that rubbed off on me. I learned how to push myself hard and thank him so much for that. Its served me well in life. He also used to box although that was before I was born. Since this course was one I used to run with him I decided to dedicate this run to him in my own mind and it felt good. Maybe not a great workout for the body today but an excellent one for the mind and soul. 4 miles - Hilly Course Time 34.31
  24. There are vegan weighted jump ropes. although I don't really care for the one I have. I agree with tasha the cheap speed ropes are the best. although I've given myself a few good welts with those too.
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