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  1. LnG & Tasha - thanks so much for your positivity! Today was a tough day for me. I was tired and sore this morning so my workout suffered 3.5.9 6am - shoulder stability circuit - 3 X 15 v raises, rear delt raises, scapular pushups, isometric holds run 3 miles - 24:40. Felt my sore legs every step of the way. I couldn't make it to kickboxing or to the gym tonight. I needed to take my dad to the hospital, he needs a pacemaker which he should get tomorrow. So I am getting some unplanned rest in which probably isn't a bad thing since i can't remember the last time I took a rest day. It's been a stressful day and i think tomorrow will be too. On a happier note I can finally use my laptop again after a month or so of not having it. I will probably start posting back some of the workouts I did that I never logged.
  2. 3.4.9 6am Deadlifts warmup: 65 lbs X 10 reps, 135 X 3 reps 1 rep of 185, 195, 200. 205 6pm jump rope, mostly kicking work, kicks with resistance bands, on pads, in air, on heavy bag. Also worked Jab and left hook. Didn't use right hand, upset about that shape it is in.
  3. Just paypaled you. Hope the amount is correct. let me know if it isn't. Whenever you have time to send them out is fine.
  4. This is the chart I was presented with (female): 12-15% Essential fat 16-20% Athlete 21-24% Fit 25-31% Acceptable 32+% High I think my exact % was 27. That's great. If your working out and feeling good I wouldn't get worried about it because your in a good range.
  5. 6am - Shoulder stability Circuit - V raises, rear delt raises, isometric rotational holds. 5 lb dumbbells. Had a hard time holding weight in injured shoulder. Crossfit WOD "Barbara" 5 rounds for time with 3 minute rest between rounds. 20 pullups (jumped, no spotter), 20 Pushups (Did Scapular due to shoulder injury) 40 situps, 50 Squats Round 1 time = 3'11" Round 2 = 3'23" Round 3 = 2'57" Round 4 = 2'46" Round 5 = 2'49". Stayed away from hand work tonight as shoulder was in bad shape this morning. 7pm - Jump Robe & warmup kicks 5 minutes 1 hour - Kicking drills - Partner and Line, roundhouse kicks with resistance bands, on pads and walking. 9pm Jeet Kune Do - Lower limb destructions as well as Lower Limb entry techniques & interceptions.
  6. awesome news! on the body fat thing most healthy women have body fat between 20 and 30 percent. athletes come in at 15-20 percent. I believe it is hard for a women to get under 10 percent. So your probably in the 20ish area even though your lean so I wouldn't worry about it. sounds like your doing great.
  7. have you tired the raw crackers or "bread" made in a dehydrator? They are really good IMO.
  8. Don't get down on yourself. sometimes I think those kind of feelings surface just from training so hard. The exhaustion of your body also tires your mind a bit. at least I know for me I feel like my kicks never come out right etc. I am much harder on myself than my trainers sometime. Have a good two workouts today!
  9. Just a crazy busy day today. Not much time to workout but I did get some work in. 6am -- TIRED! Shoulder Stability Circuit - 3X 15 reps - 5 lb. dumbbells V raises Rear Delt Raises Scapular Pushups Rotator Cuff Isometric Holds Recovery Run 1.25 miles - 10:30 6pm - Jump Rope - 10 minutes Stretch 10 minutes padwork 1 hour kicking drills
  10. very impressive. good luck for the rest of your training.
  11. The first raw book I read was Living on Live Food by Alissa Cohen. The good thing it is a large paperback book that contains several chapters on the reasoning, several chapters on personal stories and then recipes all in one book. The "theory" chapters are short and make an easy read. I mostly skipped the personal stories as a lot of them were related to weight loss as much as improving health. There is a wide variety of easy to make recipes. Not things that are going to require gadgets like dehydrators etc. Although there are so in there for that too. This book is about being 100 percent raw which I think can put off a lot of people new to it. I REALLY like the thrive diet by brendan brazier. I think it has been reissued as thrive fitness. Great book for athletes and while it advocated a raw diet, a lot of the recipes in it have raw options so you can make it raw or not. It contains his reasoning for eating this way as well as sample plans and recipes.
  12. Slept in today just feeling tired. Ab Ball Rolls 10 slow 40 fast Weighted cable Side Crunches: 75 lbs X 25 reps each side 90 lbs x 25 reps each side 105 lbs x 10 reps each side 125 lbs x 10 reps each side Weighted Knee Raises: 15 lbs X 10 20 lbs X 10 Hanging weighted knee raises: 20lbs X 10 20lbs X 10 Ab Circuit - 3 rounds Jackknives - BW X 10 Weighted Towers (not sure if that is what these are called. that is what I know them as. Hold dumbbell between feet on a flat bench, leg lift the weight over your face and do a complete press up of the hips to full extension and control on the way down) 5lbs X 10 10 lbs X 10 10 lbs X 10 Crossfit WOD "Helen" For time - 3 rounds of Sprint 400 meters 21 kettlebell swings (hip extension) - 30 lbs 12 pullups ( had to do jump pullups I had no spot) Time 9:20 I was really tired as CF WOD so I think I am going to rest for the rest of the day and start back tomorrow with both am and pm sessions. Back to icing my shoulder.
  13. Forgot my cell phone at my apt. this morning so I didn't take any pix but I will in the future. Someone actually came up to me and said vegan bodybuilding isn't that an oxymoron. typical meathead.
  14. Tough time getting out of bed this morning I was so tired. My legs are still sore! 7:30am - 9:30am Front Squats - Decided to lower the weight because of the leg soreness and just work on form. Warmup: 2 x 20 with 18lb bar, 1 x6 with 35 bar, Also upright rows - 2 X 13 with 18lb bar Front Squats 45 X 6 65 x 6 85 x 5 Bent Over Rows - warmup with 20lbX 5 30 lb dumbbells X 5 35 lb dumbbells x 5 40 lb dumbbells 2 sets x 5 Reverse Fly 3 sets of 25 X5 1 set of 40 X 5 Dips - Hands on bench,feet on chair, these are tough for me because of the shoulder injury. 3 set of BW x 5 1 set of BW + 25 lb plate X 5 Pullups - these were terrible today. I could barely move without a spot. so I decided to work on these another day pretty. 3 wide grip with spot 10am warmup jumping jacks 1 round padwork 5 rounds on heavy bags - mostly power shots 1 round double end bag working lead roundhouse kick 1 round lead and rear roundhouse kicks with band resistance 2 three minute rounds of abs, changing every 30 seconds: Crunches with legs up touching toes each time, v raises, alternating bicycles 11am - jeet kune do Weapons training - kali escrima sticks 1 round angles strikes on heavy Practice angles strikes and blocks/zoning with partner w/ live drills Kali Sumbrada flow No PM workout today. Going for a massage and going to let the legs heal up. Icing the shoulder as much as possible.
  15. Got my Sun Warrior tonight and HAD to try it. I am really happy with it. Good texture and taste. Also easy on the stomach. I've been a VEGAizer for some time now but I will def. add the sun warrior in on a regular basis. Thanks for turning me onto this. Gonna rock my new VBBF tank in the gym tomorrow morning.
  16. 2.27.9 6am - Modified Crossfit WOD - Replaced 400 m run with 30 jumps. Due to gym didn't have the ability to run and switch to extensions. Normally would have done more jumps to replace the 400 meter run but my legs were very tired after yesterday's workout. Done for time with no rest 21 Hip Back extensions, 30 Box Jumps 18 Hip Back extensions, 30 Box Jumps 15 Hip Back extensions, 30 Box Jumps 12 Hip Back extensions, 30 Box Jumps 9 Hip Back extensions, 30 Box Jumps 6 Hip Back extensions, 30 Box Jumps Time: 15 minutes Lower back was tired after that. Legs were sore most of the day. 5pm Warmup: knee huggers, high knees, Buttkickers Lunge Lunge Squat Lunge Lunge Vertical Jump land in a squat Broad Jumps Box Jumps 5x5 Banded Broad Jumps 5x5 Ab Circuit:3X20 Overhead throw of a 12lb. medicine ball onto an overturned trampoline. Catch and Repeat. Medicine Ball Twists with 18lb medicine ball Knee up in a tied theraband to provide resistance Pretty tired & hoping my legs feel better tomorrow!
  17. Don't listen to her!!!!! Just wanted to make her feel tough. Washer, it's on > Hey Mary, Wonder if the partner assisted abs work you described is gonna cause a stir up in the gym. thendanisays was like oh boy just what the two of you need. Don't be jealous you! Crossfit is widely popular here; how do you like it? How effective do you find it to be in line with your goals and where does it fall in line with other types of goals, like mine per say? Hope your shoulder feels better You run FAST too btw ! Thanks! But being tough is about what you can take not about what you can put out. Understand your point about the abs. I tend not to care what people at the gym think of me. Most of them probably think I am crazy. especially when I am doing crossfit workouts and running from thing to thing as fast as possible. I am in a zone then! Fighters tend to lose those body sensitivity issues. It was just a suggestion for you guys, you don't have to do them if your uncomfortable with them. You could also wrap your legs around a pole or something if that works better for you. I've done them on a heavy bag. Although then your only getting the working side of the exercise not the resistance side. I am kinda new to crossfit. One of my friends is a personal trainer and he got crossfit certified also. He is really into it and was really encouraging me to try it so i did some workouts with him. At first I wasn't too into it mostly because I don't think I was doing things the crossfit way, going all out. I was as he said doing things the fighter was constantly keeping a reserve for the finish and once I knew the workout was almost over I would push it. I learned how to go hard the whole time and I am liking the workouts now for fighting. Mostly because they are good conditioning work for me. I used to do more running workouts for conditioning. I still do some running workouts but honestly I found this to be better for fighting because it is much more like fighting. Having to coordinate constantly changing body movements when your tired. It is much easier to just run in a straight line when your tired than try to pulloff a lead roundhouse kick with a stepdown into a cross hook on a moving target. I also like training the olympic (power) lifts for explosive strength again good for fighting. That works my speed and power. I also like the balance work because that is also good for fighting.I think crossfit is great for being in good condition. that being said I know it could never be the only thing that I do for working out. It just isn't enough for me. If i wasn't fighting I would still feel the need to run and do other lifting. The workouts are tough, your wasted afterward but for the most part they are short. They up your work capacity but not a lot of endurance work. As far as bodybuilding goes you wouldn't get big or cut from doing crossfit in my opinion. It just isn't enough work as I see it. I think you could add in some of the workouts to your current program if you want to try it out. again they are mostly short. I like it to balance out all of my other sport specific program. But I also feel you are more likely to get injured doing crossfit workouts because of the intensity of them especially if you are not familiar with the moves. www.crossfit.com posts the workout of the day as well as a lot of exercise demos etc. if your interested. I am going to try to ice my shoulder as much as possible the next couple of days. I used to run faster when I ran track, cross country, and road races but now I mostly run for the work not to compete. it is still hard for me to put up a decent time in the morning. my runs at night are always better.
  18. I don't have anything on my mind this moment but i am totally welcome to any comments you have about what you see in my training journal on here. I am sure I will come up with questions and send them your way in the future. Thanks I really appreciate that. Your my online vegan kickboxing mentor. I thought about posting more details about the kb work I do at night like i have in my hardcopy journal. But i haven't been doing that since most people on here are not kickboxers and probably wouldn't care. Glad you took it easy on LnG. Can't be bruising up the pretty bodybuilding boys before their show. LOL. thanks for the morale booster. I really need that at 5:30 when I am dragging to get to the gym. I know I need to get more rest but it is so hard for me to get to bed any earlier than 11 and it is usually 12ish most nights.
  19. 2.26.9 - Shoulder is feeling better today but not 100 percent. I am going to try to ice it a lot in the next couple of days. 6am - V Raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups, Rotator Cuff Isometric Holds 3x15 with lb dumbbells Run 1 mile - 7:30 Decline Bench Situps with 25lb plate - 15 Run 1 mile - 7:15 Decline Bench Situps with 25lb plate - 15 6pm Crossfit WOD for time Walking Lunges 50(25 per leg), 21 Pullups( used jumping method as I didn't have a spot) 21 situps on ab ball, walking lunges 50, 18 pullups, 18 situps, walking lunges 50, 15 pullups, 15 situps, walking lunges 50, 12 pullups, 12 situps, walking lunges 50, 9 pullups, 9 situps, walking lunges 50, 6 pullups, 6 situps. Time 14:57 7:30 pm Warmup 50 jumping jacks, 30 scapular pushups, 25 situps 1.5 hours shadow kicking boxing, shadow sparring, pad sparring, padwork
  20. I understand. Kickboxing is pretty much my second job I spend a lot of time training but I love it. I'll check out that link later. I'd love training tips from you if you've got any.
  21. Thanks that means a lot to me. Just curious why you don't fight now?
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