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  1. Thanks MaryStella, I'm loving ab work and I look forward to doing what I can over the next 8 weeks to bring them out even more. It's a lot of fun and that makes it all more inspiring when I'm in the gym...... Well see if you love ab work if you try these. LOL. Just Kidding they are fun, but in a painful kind of way. But they do amuse everyone else in the gym. People will stop and stare at you like they have never seen someone do abs before.
  2. Hello! I am training for fights. I have to agree with you shadow boxing and burpees are thee WORST! Don't forget jump squats!
  3. Thanks Robert! I got your post at 5:30am before I went to workout and it gave me so much needed energy. That time of the day if rough for me. Ok today's stuff: 6am - Push Jerks ( and clean to get bar up) I wasn't going to do these because of my shoulder but since it has been feeling better lately I decided to try them. I kept the weight low because of the injury but it was still a bad idea. I am paying for it tonight and icing it down. it is the worst it's felt in awhile. Hopefully it will heal soon as I miss doing this kind of work. warmup with 9 lb and 18lb body bar - just to practice form etc. 35lb- 3 reps 40lb - 2 reps 45 lbs - 3 reps 50 lbs - 2 reps Hope to ad more weight but shoulder started to hurt on 2 rep of 50 so I called it a day. Full Situps on Ab Ball - 10 slow and 40 fast 6pm - the first set is all rehab exercises for my shoulder which is why the weight is so low 5lb dumbbells - 3 set of 15 V raises Rear Delt Raises Rotator Cuff Holds 12lb Medicine Ball Twist -3 x 50 reps Scapular Pushups 3x15 Plank Hold - 1 minute V ab lifts & leg lefts, 1 x25, 2x15 Leg Presses 1x25 Jump Robe 5 minute warmup Kickboxing Live Drills - hand and feet combos with blocks
  4. Hi Robert - Partner abs are great work. Here is my fav... Perhaps you and lean and green or whoever else your training with can do them together. 1 person stands. The other person wraps their legs around the standing persons waist and then starts doing situps. I cross my arms across my chest. It is hard to hold yourself up and do the situps. It is also work for the standing person as they are holding against your movement. Then switch positions so you can work both forms of the exercise. I am not going to lie they are tough but an excellent ab exercise. I would say do as many as you can. If you try them let me know what you think.
  5. Sadly I have to say zero without a spot. I can only get about 75% of the way to the bar by myself. I can get over the top if i kip it or kick my legs or get someone to spot me. If I use a theraband on my knees I can do 3 sets of 15 because it gives you a spring off the bottom a bit. I am working on it and it is a goal of mine to be able to do these by myself and I will post again when I get it. I am impressed will all of the pullups being done here. If anyone has training tips for me on how to get these myself I'd move to hear them.
  6. One of my fav fake cheeses is from a place in williamsburg brooklyn. You pick it up there or other place in the city. check out their website here. If you decide to try it hope you like it! http://www.dr-cow.com/products/
  7. I've been keeping a training log for months in a hardcopy journal but never post it hear but I am inspired to start doing so since I enjoy reading all of the logs posted here so I will start with today and possibly post backwards? and try to commit to updating this everyday or couple of days. 2.24.9 6am Adjusted Crossfit WOD, I couldn't do push presses because of a rotator cuff injury I have in my right shoulder. I subbed these out with bent over rows to try to build up my back more and help out my shoulder injury. I am working around my impinged nerve as best I can. Rows were done with 20lb dumbbells. This is done for time, as fast as you can go, with out breaks. Row 500 Meters Bent Over Row 21 reps Row 500 Meters Bent Over Row 18 reps Row 500 Meters Bent Over Row 15 reps Row 500 Meters Bent Over Row 12 reps Time 15:00 Decline Bench Sit ups 3x15 w/25lb plate on chest 6pm Jump Rope 10 minutes 5 rounds of kickboxing sparring - 3 american rules 2 leg kick rules Jeet Kune Do Sensitivity Drills RAT Drills 4 rounds of RAT
  8. did some pilates years ago. actually used to do a lot of yoga and honestly had a lot less injuries when i was practicing. my own problem now is trying to find the time to fit it into the rountine. your right it is great bodywork.
  9. I have read that it's neccessary to mix and match protein sources because the plant protein in not as strong. (not sure though). I enjoy eating fruit, seeds, beans, raw veggies, and whole grains now so this may not be so tough to slowly switch over. I am not a big recipe person though. That may be my only real problem. I've seen a few sample diet plans but I'm looking for more simple eating, I also found a couple of veggie recipe sites. i meant to comment about this but forgot in my last post. if your eating a varied balanced diet i wouldn't worry about it. not all plant protein sources contain all of the amino acids to create a complete protein which is why some people will combine certain plant food to get a better amino acid profile. some sources do contain a complete amino acid profile like quinoa or tofu. Sounds like you eat some raw food which is great.
  10. Hello! There are several good books out there that can help you out with your diet. The Thrive Diet by brendan Brazier is my fav. there are also a few on vegetarian sports nutrition, I can look up the authors name if you are interested. I never read "becoming vegan" but i've always heard great things about it. That is by brenda davis. I kickbox also and honestly my recovery time got to be soooooo much quicker when i went vegan. Also i found my endurance increased. All the best to you in your training.
  11. MaryStella, I grab the plates with my hands and rest the grip on the back right below my neck where the traps meet. Is this the way you did them? Other options i've tried before as an alternative for the similar resistance. Put a backpack on and load it with plates and keep it tight to your back with the straps or get a theraband or something and have it resist you on the way up by either attaching it to the bench of having someone hold it in place for ya.... I did hold the plate and i don't remember where the grip fell. I tried my old way with the plates on my chest this morning & i think I actually keep form better with the weight behind my neck. I found myself curling into the plate the last couple reps of the last set as i fatigued. Just put a hole in the bottom of my backpack recently. too much weight. oops! I do other banded work like broad jumps so that sounds like a good option too.
  12. Welcome! I see your listed as located in Georgia. If your anywhere near Athens there is a decent veg restaurant there called "the grit". I have their cookbook which has some nice stuff in it.
  13. Hello! Lived in NYC for a couple of years. My husband still works there a lot so we're in the city pretty often. I went to the NYSC when I there. It was a decent gym. I liked that they had many locations I could use so wherever I was I could pretty much find one. I was vegetarian for awhile and never thought I could give up cheese but it is doable. I don't even miss it. I would recommend the raw nut cheeses over the processed vegan "cheese" stuff.
  14. Thanks for the alternative. I did try these tonight with the dumbbell behind the neck way. I started with a 5 lb dumbbell and i did 15 reps. didn't think it was hard so I went and got a 10 lb dumbbell and did 3 rounds of 10 reps. I do agree that it did seem harder with the lower weight behind my head than the heavier weight on my chest. Harder in the sense that it took me longer to get up and it was tired after about 8 reps. I always do the isometric hold at the end but I don't time it i just do it til I can't hold it anymore. I will try to start timing it just to see how long it really is. I can't say I liked these better than the plate on the chest because it is hard to hold the dumbbells behind you head comfortably compared to the plate on the chest. I am going to try to the scarecrow method tomorrow and see how I like that.
  15. Those are great abs! i've been increasing my raw intake, it inspiring to see what you've done.
  16. I am going to try these tonight. But I think I will lower the weight and see how it goes first. Always looking for harder abs.
  17. Decline Weighted Crunches (dumbbell held behind the neck) Why do you hold the dumbbell behind your head? I usually do 3 sets of 15 reps each with a 25lb plate on my chest on a decline bench on the highest setting.
  18. I am happy to give a little back to you. this website helps me a lot. especially when i went from being an omni athlete to a vegan athlete years ago. I still encounter people that are literally amazed that I can do it. Its nice to be able to direct them here where than can see other doing it too. it's a great resource for the community and i still learn from it. so thanks!
  19. Love the video's. I couldn't get the 110 video to load and play. Is anyone else having this problem?
  20. danny thanks for the link (i'll check it out) and the suggestions. I just started doing higher weight less reps. used to do lighter weights lots of reps.
  21. Awesome. Let me know how you do when you start again. They are intense. Luckily most of the workouts are short so I can them and other things too.
  22. Your right it is to be good at all areas of fitness not just one area such as endurance or powerlifting. Thanks for the link that was an interesting article.
  23. Thanks! KB boys are the best too! Unfortunately I having a lot of problems lately with muscle imbalances but I am working on them. I am going to start posting my twice daily workouts on here for some advice. basically I run and/or lift everymorning or do crossfit workouts and every night I either train doing drills, bag/padwork and/or spar. Ringside, Everlast and title all made synthetic or vinyl gloves. Combat sports has some synthetic other gear. But I can't testify to the quality of them usually it is their lower quality stuff. I always wrap and tape my hands though.
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