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  1. Tons of good vegan restaurants. Candle Cafe, Candle 79. Blossom, Organic Grill are my favorite. There is a whole book on being vegan in NYC.The Vegan Guide to New York City-2009 by Ryan Berry. It is only a few $'s. I get it every year. You can get it online at major retailers like Barnes and Nobles. It gives reviews of vegan restaurants by neighborhood so wherever you are you can find something vegan close. It doesn't include restaurants that are mainstream dining that have vegan options though.
  2. I think Jeet Kune Do is the best at actual self defense applications that anyone can easily and quickly learn and remember. I've also done some karate, HapKiDo, MuayThai, Boxing and Kickboxing but those are more about art and self perfection rather than self preservation. Kali has the best weapons training. Although I've only learned it though JKD.
  3. yeah your only supposed to go high enough to get the rope under you. This way you can really work up some speed. it doesn't take long to get to that point. length is very important. I don't like some of the adjustable ropes because they won't stay the setting you put them at so just pick up a cheap rope and tie it off yourself.
  4. I jump rope everyday as a warm up before kickboxing and it is an excellent exercise. Coordinates your muscles to work together. Gives you cardio and endurance. Good for body rhythem and timing. I've never had knee problems from it nor has anyone I train with and a lot of us do it barefoot everyday.
  5. I also agree with zack. I hate using the term pro life but I couldn't justify killing. I would much rather adoption.
  6. Welcome and don't be scared. Everyone on here is so nice and helpful. I am excited to meet you. I train in JKD twice a week and train for amateur kickboxing fights in american, leg kick and muay thai 5 days a week. I do crossfit or run 7 days a week and do sport specific lifting twice a week. So I am right with you on spending a lot of time working out. So welcome it's great to have you on here!
  7. Switched to: 5 rounds of 10 Lunge Lunge Vertical Hop Reactive Box Jumps Bounding Board Jumps Overhead Medicine Ball Throw onto trampoline Seated Medicine Ball Twists Banded Knee Raises 3 rounds of 15 Bent over row Straight Leg Dead Lift Upright rows One Arm Rows Reverse lunges kettlebell swings (hip extension)
  8. I just added 6am sessions to my training schedule and I am shocked at how good I feel after them. never been much of a morning person but I have so much energy until the afternoon that I got so much stuff done. I was also surprised that I was still able to train at night without problems. It is tough getting out of bed in the 5's but it feels good afterwards.
  9. I am not looking for mass. I need to keep a fighters figure for now. So I am thinking it translates better as additional conditioning work for fighting. Sorry but I don't know what complexes are? Can you help me out with that?
  10. I make an effort to keep pulling my shoulders back now just to relieve some of the pain.
  11. Also added: Bent Over Rows Straight leg dead lifts Upright rows One Arm Rows Kettlebell Swings - hip extension.
  12. Thanks. It isn't the only thing I do. I also kickbox competitively, run and do regular strength training.
  13. Anyone on here doing crossfit workouts? Just started working with a trainer on crossfit workouts and wondering what others think of them. I am pretty new to it so i don't know too much about it.
  14. Not sure if this helps, but it helped me with my squats, your knees should track your foot line. Think of your butt dropping down to the floor instead of just back (you might be leaning forward too much to sick your butt out). For practice on form you can try to use a counter weight because you will feel like your going to fall backwards at first ( another person to hold your hands, a pole, a rope, a heavy weighted bar to hold yourself up and then progress away from the counter weight and see if you can keep the form with just body weight before adding back weights. Good luck!
  15. Not sure what kind of food you are trying to sweeten but Dates work really well. chop then up or soak and blend them into a liquid. they are very sweet.
  17. That is super sexy. I'm gonna try to add you on facebook/myspace. Good luck with your training.
  18. Is it really a new book? I went to Barnes and Nobles to buy it but it looked like it was exactly the same information (page numbers etc, ) as the old book just paperback instead of hard cover. If it is new information please let me know as i would like to get it. The old book was excellent and I agree any exercising vegan should read it.
  19. nope you don't get the "black one" until your actually a ninja. this is just your training shirt. LOL
  20. I have an impinged nerve in my right shoulder (painful) that is being caused by my chest/shoulder muscles being stronger than my back muscles and therefore pulling them forward and internally rotating my shoulders a bit. I've been working on strengthening my back to help alleviate the problem hopefully. Here is what I am doing wondering if this is good or I should be doing other/more exercises. V-raises on bench Rear Delt Raise Scapular Pushups Exercise stability ball hand walks Prone Dumbbell Rows & Elbows out prone row Pulldowns - Paralllel Grip and Supinated Pullups (military and wide grip) with spot
  21. I've done banana bread with it too and Also gave it to non vegans who loved it.
  22. I understand, I go if I have the time but usually only eat what I've brought or those I know well. I go to meet other vegans not for the food.
  23. Thanks so much. I am going to check that out.
  24. Looking for some ideas/recipes for using VEGA. I've been partially swapping it out with flour for muffins but just wondering if there is anything else. Thanks!
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