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  1. arms are still sore today! Althought not as bad. I think they should be good for swimming tomorrow. had a short bike to start the day did 5 minute easy to warmup with 1 leg on the trainer then did a 9 minute TT (right leg only). followed with a 2 minute cooldown. I can't wait to really ride my bike for real! Cf wod - AMRAP - 10 minutes 8 Kettlebell Swings @ 35 lbs 4 V-Ups with 10 Lb Medicine Ball Completed 12 rounds. I picked this wod because my arms were still to shot to be doing pullups etc. I went light on the Kettlebell swing weight because it was my first time doing them with the knee and they went well so that is nothing but happiness for me! They actually felt easy the whole way. Not so much with the Weighted V-ups! V-ups are when you take a medicine ball with your hand and feet together at the top and touch the ball overhead to the ground while lowering your legs to the ground then you bring the ball up while bringing your legs back up to the center and you pass the ball to in between your feet and you lower them to the ground again before bringing them back up to the center and pass the ball to your hands to complete. Having the weight between my feet I felt it in my knee a bit. It wasn't a pain probably just because i was stabilizing it. by the end of the wod those were tough. But I am really happy with the way my knee held up so far today. maybe things are getting better. even if i can't run or ride for a bit if i can get more crossfit moves in i will be happy. I have been doing air squats as a warmup without any problems also. But I am not doing a lot of volume or going for speed on them as I would if they were in a wod. I saw the participants list for the national championship today and i found it funny that when you register you have to put on what you expect your finish time to be. I went conservative on my time and I have one of the slowest listed! lol! I really hope my knee heals up and I get to do this race. They are taking the top 18 in each age group to world championship with a rolldown after that to 25 if people decline. I have a feeling its going to be a really competitive and fun race. And we're swimming in lake champlain!
  2. woke up to really sore arms this morning and it was a swim day on top of that. 1,000 of drills to warmup then 8 x 100s on 20 seconds rest 1 - 1.35 2 - 1.37 3 - 1.37 4 - 1.40 5 - 1.40 6 - 1.41 7 - 1.41 8 - 1.41 still using the pull buoy. Was supposed to do a pushups pullup wod today but my arms were way to sore. I could barely pull my hair back into a ponytail without whimpering. so i came up with bikini barbara 5 rounds for time of 20 kickups 30 jacknives (in and outs) 40 hollow rocks ( everytime the foot hits its a rep) 50 leg lifts rest 3 minutes 1 - 5.33 2 - 4.22 3 - 4.23 4 - 4.24 5 - 4.24 i think my abs were still sore from the 10 minute plank hold wod from the other day and it took me that first round of suffering to get them moving a bit. all of the rounds were tough. by the last one it just felt really ugly and i bet it sounded the same. the knee felt great this morning when i got up. i think the jacknives may have irritated it a little because it is weird again. every morning when i wake up and it is good I get excited but by the end of the day it never stays good.
  3. i was just curious to see what your experience was. overall I am glad it was good. I also had trouble with the nutri lectures. the only drawback is they throw so much info at you in such a short period of time it is hard to retain all of it. maybe not so much the level 1 but def the endurance cert i went too.
  4. bike - right leg only on trainer - 30 minutes of 1 min on 1 min off. the knee was feeling good this morning and i was really wanting to test it out on the bike but i was a good girl and didn't and that was tough. At this point I don't want to do anything that is going to set this process back. My knee is feeling better than it did but it is not ready to go yet and i know it. basically but it is not completely symptom free all of the time yet. But the good news is that there are times when it is so that is much better than where it was at when it basically hurt to breathe. cf wod - AMRAP 20 minutes of 10 Overhead Press @ 35 10 leg lifts got 18 rounds. I warmed up using 45 lb but i know that wasn't going to be able to keep that moving for the whole 20 minutes i ended up doing less weight and it was a good decision. the first 5 minutes i was flying through the wod and i was pumped because i wanted to get 20 rounds. I was doing pretty well through 10 minutes. after 10 minutes the rounds started taking me longer to complete and the last 3 or 4 minutes was really rough on the shoulders. but 2 really good wods 2 days in a row to be happy about. the following is from terenzo bozzone's blog and it really hit home with me so i am reposting it to my blog. Basically because I have been beating myself up about this injury. I hate being stuck home with ice on my knee while it is gorgeous weather and the actual racing season is here. i have been missing races I would have done had I not being injured and I am also not even going out and doing fun training on my bike or running. overall it is not a good deal. but it is what it is and i don't have to like it. In injury strikes, there is no quick fix, or short cut to recovery. Simple as that. Each injury needs to be seen by a professional and treated appropriately. Doing so will result in the best way to recovery. There now I have got that off my chest, time to talk about what I want to talk about. Knowing the above is important. Being told to rest when rest is needed is tough for those where exercise and pushing our body to the limits is as much a part of us as the blood flowing through our veins. This drive in the sporting arena is what is needed to be the best, but it is also what causes us to make poor choices when an injury is involved. If you are reading this blog, then the message I am trying to get across to you is to beware of that tunnel vision drive towards your goal. How many times do you see athletes overtraining, running despite being told not to, pushing beyond professional advice. We have all done, I have done it. Do we think we are smarter than the sports doctor/physio telling us we can’t run for 2 weeks, no, but it’s our drive that leads us to ignore the advice and ask too much of our body. You may have gotten away with doing so once, maybe twice, but your are walking a fine line, are you seriously willing to risk your dreams over a poor choice when it came to listening to advice from a professional. We all wish we were bullet proof, at times we think we are, but we are not. Realising this can be tough, but once we accept that to achieve our goals we need to look after our body (physically and mentally!) Yes it’s a setback having to take a month or more off running, maybe miss your next race. But in the long scheme of things I would rather do that, get my injury fully recovered so I can push to the limits again and reach my goal. The other option is, train through the injury, do things that you have been advised not to. Why not race the race despite the pain. Firstly you will never achieve what you want to achieve this way, and at some point the injury will catch up with you, and by this time you have turned a 1 month recovery process into a yearlong process or even ruined your chance for good. I know what you are thinking, I have heard this all before. You should have, but I’m telling you again. We are a mentally tough and driven breed us sporting athletes so to think clearly when it comes to injury we need to have this idea drilled into our brain, so when that decision comes to know when to stop and listen to the advice, we take it! I feel like I’m almost telling you off whilst writing this blog if you are someone that can relate to this scenario, and I believe almost all of us can. I don’t wish to do so, but I am passionate about this topic and its importance, and I hate to dreams lost, goals never reached, bodies broken down to a fragment of what they could have been all due a poor decision with regards to injuries. Yes it is easier said than done. On a personal note, I myself have an Achilles injury, and many of us no how serious these can be. I have just had a month off no running, and it has been hard to deal with. But I am aware of the importance in proper recovery, and at the same time am aware that proper treatment will mean I can reach my goal of becoming the Ironman World Champion in the future. There is still a longer road to recovery for my Achilles, but I will get though it and have it back to 100% in no time. I am also lucky to still be able to swim and bike so ill be working hard in those areas. Good luck, train smart, recover when needed, and make smart choices.
  5. Tuesday, July 5, 2011 the dark thoughts cometh swim workout - 500 of drills to warmup then 100,200,300, 400, 500 on 20 seconds rest. i had more of a 30 second rest on my the 500 because i had to fi my watch. then 500 of drills to cooldown. still using a pull buoy. 100 - 1.35 200 - 3.28 300 - 5.11 400 - 6.51 500 - 8.38 (the watch said 8.19 but i think it was wrong i must have bumped it) CF Wod 10 rounds of 10 pushups 2 standing ab rollouts 1 minute plank hold time 18:28 By round 5 the 1 minute plank hold was just torture! There was some medieval sounds escaping my body. But i made it through it. tougher wod that I thought going into it. starting to have the bad thoughts today about riding my bike or running. it's been hard to be down waiting for this knee to heal up. i know it isn't ready for it yet and i will probably make it hurt but anytime it starts to feel better i just want to test it out! trying to control myself but it is rough. started reading macca's book.
  6. congrats on the cert! and fran is a huge pain in the ass! no doubt about that one!
  7. really impressive! although i don't believe you swim anywhere slow with the sie of those lats! awesome work!
  8. saturdays workouts warmup: 500 Drills - 35 minutes TT - cooldown 500 drills - Counted 76 laps during the TT. I felt like i was in a good rhythm. It could have been more i am not the best at counting laps when it is that many. 20 minute 1 leg on bike trainer 100 leg lifts. i read the leg lifts are good for my knee problem so i am throwing them in when i can. sunday - 2+ miles of open water swimming. it was raining while we were in the water and we had to cut the swim a bit short because it was lightening. not by much though. i was really tired when i got up this morning. just didn't sleep well last night between fireworks and then thnuderstorms. i never felt like i really got it going in the water today. I went the distance but it didn't feel like one of my better swims. my knee still hurts i am trying to ice and elevate it when possible. taking a full on rest day for the 4th. back at the double tomorrow. mostly because of the injury. i just want to see if the full rest day really helps it. The ice and elevation do seem to be working.
  9. swim #1 - 500 of drills to warmup then 1,000 as 50 hard 50 easy. I love this workout! I was crushing the hard 50s. I was trying to be good and take it easy on the easy 50s. For the most part I think I did because I was really able to sprint the hard ones. did 500 of drills to cool down. my knee was feeling really good this morning so i wanted to test it out in the pool by using it to kick. Did a 25. Didn't feel great so I did my workout and then tried to kick for a 50. It doesn't hurt but it still has the weird blocked feeling so I decided to just let it rest. Swim #2 - 1,000 of drills then 500 TT - 8.19 somewhat happy with the time. I was using a pull buoy but i am not flip turning and i only push off the wall with my good leg. did 200 of drills to cooldown. the shoulders are just tight and tired. I am stretching and icing them. Got my rays of the knee back. There is nothing broken, fractured or chipped which is a good thing but there is a effusion of the joint. which means i have water on my knee. probably why my joint feel so restricted and hard to move most of the time. Told me to continue the conservative care as the treatement is pretty much what i have already been doing unless it doesn't resolve itself in a few weeks.
  10. swim 500 of drills to warmup - 100s of catch, drag, fist, shark and hesitate. then 2 - 15 minute TT's on 2 minutes rest 1 - 33 laps - 825 yards 2 - 34 laps - 850 yards still swimming with the pull buoy to rest the knee 25 of elementary back stroke and then another 500 of drills same set as above decided to do a 30 minute 1 legged bike on the trainer instead of a cf wod today because the shoulders are cooked and with a double swim workout tomorrow thought this would be a better idea. went 15, 8, 4,3. done. 100 leg lifts as 30,30,20,20 Went to the doctor today and he thinks I have a bone contusion of my knee. I was sent for rays and so far no news is good news. I am already doing everything I would need to heal this. If the diagnosis is correct it is just a matter of time. I am really starting to get antsy to really train again especially to ride my bike. hopefully it will be healed sooner rather than later.
  11. When I got up this morning my knee was the best it has been yet and that is encouraging. Either is it healing up or the drugs are just blocking the pain or maybe both. either way I will take it. I also iced my shoulder last nite too. Swim - 1,000 of drills 2 sets of 100s of catch, drag, fist, shark and hesitate. Then 1,000 as 100 hard 100 easy. I actually really like this workout. My shoulder was still feeling strained in the pool. Not painful but tired. cooldown - 100 of elementary back stroke. The most relaxing swim stroke there is! cf wod - using a set of kettlebells for 5 rounds of 5 reps each shoulder press - using 18s Rows - using 18, 26 & 35 6 rounds of 25 reps each of 10 LB Med Ball situps with throw - touched ball overhead and at top of situp through it against a wall 10 Lb Med ball seated Twists (touching ball to ground onf each side of body 25 each side for 50 total per round) 6 rounds of 25 seated leg lifts My knee didn't feel quite as good afterwards. not painful but it felt like it has a popping to it when i was walking. back to the ice! I have my doctors appointment for my knee tomorrow morning. I don't know how much I will find out as this guy isn't an ortho. that appointment is in a few weeks but Ill see what comes of it if anyway.
  12. had a light training day on the schedule today. Mostly because I wanted to rest my left shoulder. it's been a little weird with all of the swimming and upper body strength work I've been doing. I actually just slept in this morning because i was tired and didn't feel like getting out of bed. Did 30 minutes of 1 leg biking on the trainer. I got to use my new r3 although not really able to take advantage of that since it was on the trainer. I found out that I qualified for the USAT Age Group National Championships for the Olympic distance. They are on August 20th in Burlington, Vermont. That is 8 weeks away so not a lot of time to get my knee healed up and get ready for the race but I am going to do everything that I can to get there. I made a doctors appointment with my regular doctor for thursday morning to have him check out the knee and give me his thoughts since i couldn't get in with my ortho for a few weeks. Hopefully he will have good news for me. Now that i am taking the drugs and icing my knee as much as possible it is improving but i know it is still at the point where if i stopped doing these things and started training again it would hurt. I decided to register for the VT because if i am healthy I am going to want to go to that race and if i am not at least i know that i gave it my best shot to get there. I qualified on the independence tri I did as a warmup before eagleman. Interesting how these things work out sometimes. I didn't have the race I wanted at eagleman but at least something good came out of this whole process. I raced well that day and I need to race with that mindset again. I remember telling Jay before the race that I was going to win it and what I needed my time to be to do and I came within seconds of both. Could have been luck but more likely it was focus. Something I felt I lost at eagleman. I just had too many things going on in my mind that day. I have to say this coming up is making me focus more on getting this knee healed up as fast as possible. Obviously i can't make my body heal any faster but i think it will keep me from doing something stupid. or at least i would like to hope so.
  13. Warmup: 500 yards of drills 100s of catch, drag, fist, shark & hesitate 100 yds @ 70 effort 1.48 2 x 100 @ 75 effort 1.45 1. 43 3 x 100 @ 80 effort 1.42 1. 38 1.39 4 x 100 @ 90 effort 1.41 1.43 1.42 1.42 5 x 100 @ all out effort 1.40 1.40 1.40 1.40 1.40 All on 20 seconds rest. Cooldown – Same as warmup I did a bad job at pacing out these efforts based on the time. My left shoulder was weird again. I think it is just overworked from all of the swimming and upper body lifting this week. Cf Started doing some more upper body lifting but I felt more taxed on these lifts than I should have so I switched to ab work. Shoulder press – dumbbells – 20 lbs x 10 Chair Dips x 10 Shoulder press – dumbbells – 30 lbs x 10 Chair Dips x 10 Shoulder press – dumbbells – 40 lbs x 10 Chair Dips x 10 Hollow Rocks - 3 rounds of 1 minute on 1 minute off! The Torture! 5 Sets of 20 kickups on 1 minute rest 5 sets of 10 hanging leg lifts 5 sets of 10 grounded leg lifts I’ll ice the shoulder down later (in addition to the knee) and try to totally give it a rest day tomorrow and hopefully that will get it relaxed.
  14. another long swim day today. this time in open water. Hit Harvey's lake with some friends for a 2.5 miler. I wore my wetsuit as that lake is kinda gross and the water isn't that warm. I swam most of it by myself as most of these guys are faster than am I and the others decided to do a shorter course. Tried to work on my drafting when i was with them and then my sighting when I wasn't. Took over an hour. here is a link to one of the guys race reports on IM Florida. my favorite line is Any athlete who has done an Ironman race can agree that to finish the distance is impossible without expressing yourself with the following words: fuck, shit, damn, bitch, hell and motherfucker. http://www.trifuel.com/forum/24878/imfl-rr-some-explicit-language My knee still isn't good. I am really starting to wonder if this isn't a plica. I've been reading up on various knee conditions and it mostly sounds like this. The onset is usually some acute trauma and then a repetitive aggravation of it. Kinda like sounds like the car accident and training/racing tris to me. I think this because when i get up in the morning it is usually better and then it just gets worse probably as it gets irritated. also when i ice it. It feels great after that. for awhile anyway. I havent been taking nsaids since eagleman but i am thinking about it because they do make it feel a lot better. I don't really want them for the pain but if they are actually bringing down the inflammation then they would be helpful. it is just so friggin stiff! I am taking the day off from crossfit as i went 6 days in a row since placid. and the later part of the week has been all upperbody.
  15. Had a longer swim session than I normally do this morning but it was a good one. 500 of drills to warmup - 100 of catch, drag, shark, hesitate and fist then the following ladder all on 30 seconds rest while using a pull buoy 1 x 400 - 7.07 2 x 300 - 5.20, 5.20 3 x 200 - screwed 2 of these up by an extra 50 each 4.37, 4.36, 3.37 4 x 100 - 1.46, 1.46,1.47,1.47 3 x 200 - 4.38, 3.46, 3.46 screwed 1 of these up by an extra 50 2 x 300 - 5.50, 5.41 1 x 400 - 7.32 i don't know what;s so hard about counting 8 laps really. My times slowed down as the workout progressed. I never found myself aerobically challenged but my left shoulder was feeling weird and it did seem more effort to pull as i got tired. All of the upper b ody strength work combined with the daily swimming im sure. I put ice on my shoulder after the workout just to be on the safe side. Strange thing is that isn't my surgical shoulder. I also noticed it seemed weaker when i was benching the other day too. Ill have to keep an eye on it. cf workout - did a little pullup wod strict dead hang pullups got a 5 unassisted pullups in but they were all in sets of 1 but it's a start. the arms arn't really fresh these days anyway. etra small purple band reps - 2, 4,4,4,4 2 purple bands for 5 small blue band 5,5,5,5 Dry-land swim pull with resistance tubing - 2 sets of 10 each side I got to pickup my new road bike today. It is a Cervelo R3 with Sram Red comps and Speedplay pedals. Got the womens handlebars and a fisik vesta saddle put on. It's a really sweet ride. I got to cruise it around a bit to test the fit etc before taking it home. I really wish my knee was healed now so i could take Micah for a spin. That's right Caballo Blanco baby for you Born to Run fans! Supposed to do an open water lake swim tomorrow morning with some friends in the lovely Harvey's lake. I really hope it isn't as gross as last year but i am suspecting that it is!
  16. swim - 500 of drills to warmup 100s of catch, drag, fist, shark and hesitate then 6x25's - 10 second rest 5 x 50 - 15 second rest 4 x 75 - 20- second rest 3 x 100 - 25 second rest 2 x 125 - 30 second rest 1 x 150 500 of drills to cooldown. same set as above. used a pull buoy the whole time. It is interesting to try to swim fast without kicking. I liked this workout though. cf - barbell bent over rows 45x10 50x10 55x10 60x10 65x10 70x10 75x5 80x5 85x5 90x5 - form was starting to go with this set i wasn't staying bent over enough 75x5 75x5 75x5 75x5 75x5 Strict Pullups - mostly because I wanted to stretch out my chest after all the benching yesterday. A little sore. My abs are almost over being sore from the GHDs but it still stings to sneeze or cough. 5 x 2 skinny purple bands 5 x 2 skinny purple bands 3 x 1 purple band 2 x 1 purple band 5 w 2 purple band 5 w 1 blue band I will do a real pullup workout and a dip workout in the next few days. I called to make an appointment with my ortho doctor to have him look at me knee today. Haven't heard back yet. But i did hear from the bike shop that my r3 is ready. so sad i won't be able to even ride it!
  17. weights are looking good. hope that back is ok!
  18. awesome to see that your swimming. It is a great workout and i think aids in my recovery.
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