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  1. first night of the training series. It was a good workout but I really just can not hang with these riders! It is 3 mile loop that is hit 10 times for a total of 30 miles. I rode it 9 times for a total of 26 miles. My chain got caught in between my cranks twice. I need to get it checked out. I would have done it again at the end but it was dark. The loop has 2 pretty good hills to climb.avg hr 147 max 172. avg speed 14.6 took me 1:45 I wasn't feeling up to even going today just tired but I knew I would feel better once I got other there. Since I couldn't stay with the pack i rode with the coach awhile. He was giving me good tips. So it is totally worth it just to be riding with a pro out there. He seems to think that my power and strength will come and that where i am at right now is just part of the learning curve. I hope he is right! I've got a headache now that I am home. I think a lot of my not feeling well is allergies


    meal 5 lentils & brown rice - clif bar

  2. tabata air squats

    1 - 20

    2 - 19

    3 - 17

    4 - 17

    5 - 17

    6 - 17

    7 - 17

    8 - 16


    rest 1 minute


    tabata row ( in meters)

    1 - 94

    2 - 93

    3 - 87

    7 - 85

    5 - 91

    6 - 90

    7 - 87

    8 - 93

    9 - 90

    lost count so i did an extra round


    meal 1 - bagel & vega wfo w/coconut water

    meal 2 - clif bar, mac nuts, banana

    meal 3 - tofu & roasted green beans, clif bar, mac nuts

    meal 4 - vega wfo w/coy yougurt, ground flax, mango & strawberries

  3. awe lobster! thanks!


    Went to bed too late and got up too soon. Hit the pool this morning. 500 of drills to warmup, 100 switch, 200 catch, 100 shark, 100 hesitate. I upped the catch drills because this is basically how I swam a lot of the race on saturday so that I could protect my face! It was actually pretty useful. workout was 8 x 100 on 4 minutes rest. this is not one of my favorite wods. I don't like standing the pool for that much time not swimming. I stretched and floated trying to make the best of it. I was happy (for today) with the times I threw down. I must be recovered from the race. I was resting for so long the lifeguard came over to ask me if i was ok!


    1 - 1.34

    2 - 1.32

    3 -1.31

    4 - 1.32

    5 -1.31

    6 -1.32

    7 - 1.32

    8 - 1.34


    Run - 30 minutes. 3.20 miles. back to crossfit tomorrow. I actually have a horrible headache tonight. I think it is allergy related. my eyes are tearing, my nose is running and my ears hurt! Taking all of my allergy meds!


    Tomorrow also starts my first time training session. It is supposed to help sharpen skills of Riding in a pack, planning breakaways, bridging gaps, sprinting, working through different race scenarios, Time trialing against the clock in a race format. It is well knows that the best training is racing so these are mock races. 1 week a 30 mile crit the next week a 12.5 mile TT. The team is a USAC AND USAT member. A tri coach is on board for the TT session and has planned to add a 2 mile run on the TT days to make a brick workout for the triathletes. Overall I think this is all going to be very good for me but hard too. The people on this team ride much better than I do so I am going to be dying just to hang in!


    meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

    meal 2 - vega wfo w/ soy yogurt, straberries, blueberries & mango, ground flax seed

    meal 3 - banana

    meal 4 - black eyed peas, brown rice, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, clif bar,almonds

    meal 5 - tofu, red pepper, zucchini, guacamole

  4. Devilman Half-Lite 50 mile Triathlon Race Report

    swim 1 bike 40 run 9

    Pre-race - didn't get to sleep as early as I would have liked because there was alot of noise at the hotel between 9 and 10 when people must have been checking into their rooms. When I travel for eagleman I plan on bringing my white noise machine with me. It makes a huge difference for me in terms of sleeping. I also didn't plan to get up too early since my wave didn't go off until 8:30 but again everyone around me in the hotel was getting up at 4 something for the tri so I was up too. Oddly the alarm clock in my room went off at midnight. that didn't make me very happy. I literally ripped the thing out of the wall. But I had slept well during the week so I didn't really feel too bad once I got myself together and the car packed up and was on the way to the race. I wanted to eat a clig bar for breakfast but I couldn't eat it. I don't think it was nerves thing. I just can't stomach food when I don't get enough sleep especially that early in the morning. I scoffed down as much of it as I could.


    Got to the race and wish I brought my bike and supplies directly from the car before going to pick up my packet because it was a really long haul and it would have saved me a lot of time. thankfully I had enough time. One of my gripes about the race was that there was over 700 people doing it and it was just was not staffed well enough. The line for packet pickup took forever! If I didn't have plenty of time it would have been stressful. Also there was literally 1 guy working on bikes. the line for that was long too. I had to wait in it to get my pit stop. When I went back to my car I literally just yelled out does anyone have any tape and a bunch of voices came back "what kind of tape" Triathletes are better than boy scouts when it comes to be prepared. Taped the pit stop to my frame and headed down to transition. Transition was really tight which confused me a bit since they had a huge area in while to put it but only utilized a fraction of the space. The temperature was actually not too cold so I wouldn't be needing any extra gear beside my tri suit. Put my wetsuit on and headed down to the water.


    The race - my wave was the last to go in the swim start. The water was absolutely freezing. I got into the water telling myself out loud. it's not that cold... its not that cold... a women behind me goes "oh good, it isn't?" to which I reply, no it freezing I am just trying to convince myself it isn't. They said the water was 65 degrees but there is no way. My hands and feet pretty much went numb in the minute we were treading water before the swim start. Everything inside my wetsuit was ok. When we started swimming the coldness kinda clipped your breathing a bit. The worst part of the swim though was the men's wave that went before was just coming around for their second loop and it was just got ugly from there. Of course there was the usual get elbowed and kicked which i could deal with. That is just going to happen. What I wasn't fond of what that my legs were getting pulled on. I also felt like I was pushed under more than once. I swallowed some of the pond water which just had my coughing it up pretty much everytime I was trying to breath. It was bad. at one point I thought to myself wow, my day is going to end here. I am going to get pulled out of this water because im dying here. That kinda scared me a bit because I didn't come here to "swim" for a minute. So I literally just stopped swimming freestyle completely and switched to swimming breaststroke with my face out of the water all the water to the next buoy just to collect myself and get myself to the point where I felt like I could swim again. Luckily the plan worked, I of course lost a bunch of time swimming that way. The rest of the first lap wasn't much better Every turn was fight so i went back to breaststroke for it. finally by the second lap I felt like I could swim. There was still some bumping especially around the turns but it was definitely the better of the 2 laps. Part of it I think was the water conditions. Literally the water was a brown/black and you couldn't see anything in it. Normally I would see a person's feet before I felt them but not in this water. It was so weird to not be able to see that at some points I would just close my eyes in the water and only open them when I was breathing or sighting. I think my sighting was ok considering it was my first OWS of the season. I wouldn;t say my form was good on any of the swimming. I was breathing every 2 strokes either because the water was cold or because i had swallowed some of it and my lungs just hurt to breathe. or maybe a little of both. But I made it out of the water and considering the way the swim started that alone was little victory for the day! Time was 25 minutes. The run to transition was far and rough because you were running barefoot over these broken up shells. I had put all of my bike stuff inside of my helmet and put my helmet on my bike so I wouldn't forget anything and someone must have knocked it over because I was looking for my stuff. I was still feeling like crap from the swim and I was talking to myself in transition as I geared up to get myself together for the rest of the race. The things I say to myself sometimes are funny. I amused some other guy in transition because he yelled over to me that I was having entirely too much fun already. If he only knew i was just trying to get myself out of the bike course because i wasn't feeling well at all. The run out of transition to the mount line again was really far and on a dirt road with shells again. I had my tri shoes on but it wasn't a fast run for sure. I couldn't get my garmin started when I first got on the bike. I was a little worried It wasn't going to start but it eventually did and that was good because I needed it for my nutrition times. the bike course was mostly flat. The first 10 miles I was riding well averaging about 20 mph and I was pumped! I thought i was going to ride the course in about 2 hours! then the next 10 miles back you were riding into a head wind. Dropped my avg for those down to about 16. It was a 2 loop bike course and the averages stayed in tact for the second loop as well. I didn't have any issues nutrition and hydration wise on the bike. They had a bottle exchange which was helpful. The only issue I had on the bike was in the last 10 minutes my back and my crotch were killing me. I had to come out of aero a few times just to relieve the pressue and make myself feel better so I could ride on. I think most of it is I just haven't spent enough time on my tri bike. That is one of the drawbacks I see with using Crossfit Endurance training. I just wasn't conditioned to have myself rolled forward over the bike for that long of a period of time. Mostly because many of my workouts are shorter than that and due to weather, road conditions, riding with others etc. all of my longer rides were done on my road bike. Ill see how it turns out on my tri bike for some longer rides in the future. if it doesn't get better Ill have to switch out the saddle. I was passing people on the bike and that felt pretty good. Sad part is some of them passed me on the run but at least I am able to run! got 2:17 off my garmin for the ride. Long transition from bike to run again. My bike and race wheels felt great and I didn't have any issues with the aero helmet. I do right in the head up position so the long tail was down my back and not in the way. It was pretty hot by the time the run started. It didn't really bother me but I did make it a point to take in some water at every water station which was pretty much every mile. The first 2 miles I wasn't feeling my legs. Around mile 3 they started to feel better. In my mind I thought I had picked up my running pace but I don't thin kI actually did as I was running about 10 minute miles for the whole race (Except for the last one). I did walk while drinking my water taking my gel or salt but it was a only a few seconds. I was having trouble drinking on both the bike and the run. I was couching while doing it because my lungs still hurt. The run was also flat and the wind on it actually felt ok because of the heat. I got another nice sunburn. The best part of the run was that it smelled like the beach! The run took me 1:30. My knees were hurting when I was running. Finished the whole thing in 4:22 with transition times etc. I haven't seen the results/photos from the event yet. Curious to see those. THe times I got were off my garmin and the results posted that I saw before I left the race.


    post race- I actually felt ok other than the lungs. I was still coughing after the race. Packed up the car and headed for the long drive home. That was rough. I am very happy that I won't be driving home from eagleman until the next day because i was tired and it was a long drive. Also jay's hydration protocols had me looking for a bathroom a couple of times. My knees hurt after the race but overall I wasn't really sore just tired. Thought I would sleep really well but while i did fall asleep at my normal time I also woke up at my normal time and various times throughout the night too. I felt good when I woke up other than the knee thing. I also felt pretty good today too. So i added about 20 miles onto my last tri distance and ill b adding another 20 at eagleman.



    Only thing on the schedule was a 20 mile recovery ride. Did it with my friend who was recovering from a half -marathon so we werent riding hard but we were riding out in the country so there was hills to climb bu we were talking as much as riding. I am happy that i wasn't sore today. This knee thing a little scary though. It got much better as today went on. It will be interesting to see how the half -marathon goes this weekend. Im not expecting a great time.


    meal 1 - bagel and soysage

    meal 2 - 5 spice tofu & vegan mac N cheese, brown rice pasta, almonds

    meal 3 - tofu, black beans, tvp, onions, peppers, guacamole, tomatoes, daiya & corn crackers. almonds

  5. Im here and ready to take on devilman tomorrow! thankfully I slept well this week! I also followed Jay's little taper to the T for tomorrow. I took Damon out on a little spin this morning. I think the 404 is a losing a little air. I while try to inflate before the race and see how it goes. I may have the onsite bike shop look it over. I need to go and see them anyway because they have some Vittoria's Pit stop for me! that makes me really happy I don't want my race to be over because of a flat! Hopefully I won't need it and everything bike wise will jsut roll smoothly tomorrow. The weather was actually pretty warm when I arrived in town this evening so I am hoping that the water isn't going to be too cold! I am happy i left work early because the drive down was rough. It took me forever to get through Philly. It gave me enough time to get myself in order tonight and relax a bit. It was a rough few days getting ready for this with work being busy etc. but it feels good to not be running around the night before a race. I have to remember this feeling and plan accordingly in the future.


    meal 1 - bagel - little vega

    meal 2 clif bar mac nuts

    meal 3 - tofu raviolis, seitan

    meal 4 - vega wfo w/coconut water

    meal 5 - seitan & gnocchi, mac nuts, coconut water

  6. @ lobster - almost 3 hours away from me

    @ viva - aero helmet?


    been crazy busy and hating the stress of it all. The zipps are on but i was unable to locate the pit stop tubular sealant I want. Still trying a few other options but It looks like I may just have to ride the race without it. I tried all of the local bike shops my hope now if i can find it near the race. Anyway, had trouble getting air into the zipps so that ate up a bunch time. Also my spare tubular wouldn't find the xlab bags so thankfully i had straps from jay and I was able to attach it using those. I gotta say if it weren't for my friend jeff none of this would be going down. he is pretty much keeping me from completely losing my mind today! I only hope that things get better before the race and that tomorrow isn't as crazy as today was. I semi-packed my stuff. I will have to finish packing tomorrow when i get out of work before i drive down to the hotel I am staying at. Wishing the travel goes smoothly and i that I don't forget anything. This is a busy time for me at work between the stress of that and the stress of trying to get everything together I need to keep this in mind which picking out future races. Im sure i will make it through all of it but it isn't going to be an easy day. Sometimes being an endurance athlete is about enduring so much more than yourself. Got in a 20 minute swim this morning. it actually was really fun to just go swim without having to count the laps or go as fast as possible. i actually felt like i was able to focus on just swimming more. Of course I wouldn't wnat to do it all the time i like to push myself but it was fun for a day. Also took a 20 minute spin on the new race wheels. sadly it was super windy so i didn't really get to relax and enjoy the ride. I was kinda just getting blown around a bit. I hope to get out for a bit again tomorrow and hopefully have a better ride. I want to sleep in if possible. I plan on getting out of work early. If something screws that up I am really gonna be behind the 8 ball. I'm learning lots of lessons though. like don't wait on doing any of this stuff until before the race. My head would be in a better place right now if most of this was already done and I just had to travel and race. It is good i am getting that before going to eagleman. I even need to pack earlier when possible. I am actually a little tight and sore today nothing too major so i hope to be rested and in good shape for saturday.


    meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

    meal 2 - vega wfo w/soy yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, ground flax

    meal 3 - clif bar & mac nuts

    meal 4 - tempeh spinach peppers daiya

    meal 5 - clif bar

    meal 6 - tofu, brown rice & veggies

  7. It was a cold wet track workout this morning but I am happy to get it in. It wasn't ideal conditions but it was the right time to get the workout done as the next few days are a taper for saturdays race.


    ran 1 mile to warmup. then 8 x 200 meters on 1 minute rest.

    1 - 47

    2 - 45

    3 - 49

    4 - 47

    5 - 46

    6 - 48

    7 - 47

    8 - 47

    My target time was 45 seconds but I missed it by a few seconds on most of the reps. I am just slow coming off this surgery in the winter. I will put the work in to get the speed back. walked a 400 to cooldown. It was so cod and wet that i was freezing by the end of the lap and happy to go get a hot shower! I do have to say my legs were feeling yesterdays back squats and bike before I even started this.


    Deadlifts were the cf portion of today's programming


    warmed up going 135x5, 155x5, 185 x 2


    Workout was 2 reps on the minute for 12 minutes. I choose to do 185 as my weight for all 13 rounds as it is about 75% of my current 1 rep max. My hammies were already tired from the day before and the running so while I would have liked to go a little heavier this was a good working weight for today especially with the race on saturday.


    The training the next few days will be light. I am taking my tri bike into the shop tonight to get the zipps a friend loaned me checked out. I also need to workout a spot for my garmin that I can actually read the data while riding and also pickup some nutrition.



    meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water & tempeh bacon

    meal 2 - clif bar & mac nuts

    meal 3 - tempeh scallopini with mushrooms and broccoli, mac nuts

    meal 4 - clif bar

  8. got good sleep last night. I'm happy about that as I don't want to go into the half -lite tri this weekend as tired a I went into the sprint last weekend.. Last week was just a bad week with the accident though. I want to sleep well the next few nights because I probably won't sleep well in the hotel the night before.


    12 minute bike TT today. due to time issues I actually didn't warmup before the workout. I just went out and hit it for 12 minutes. probably not the best idea. I also didn't get the best effort in due to traffic. I couldn't stay in the aerobars the whole time and I got stuck trying to turn during it which I am sure ate up some time. I avged 19.5 mph with my max at 22.5. HR avg was the 155 max was 165. I covered almost 4 miles. I actually ended up riding longer than the 12 minutes but my watch shut off after 12 so that is the end of my data. I never heard the end workout alarm go off so I keep riding until I realized it had to be longer than 12 minutes and saw my watch had stopped. That is one of my current issues I had to wear my garmin on my wrist because there is no place for it on my tri bike and i can't read it on my wrist unless I sit up and look. I hope to get this resolved tomorrow when I take the zipps a friend is loaning me to the bike shop to see if they are race ready for saturday. I really hope that they are. I want to get the cassette and the brake pads switched out and just be ready to roll! I didn't feel bad when i was riding but I was kinda tired afterwards.


    CF wod

    7 rounds of

    7 back squats @ 95 lbs

    5 pullups

    time 6:26


    I liked this wod because I was able to go unbroken on all of it. I did take little chalk breaks mostly to try to prevent tearing my hands up. I did some back sqauts to warmup to this weight for the wod. I actually feel better after the CF wod than I did before it. The body is happy to be working again. That is how I get with time off. I know it is good for recovery but I swear in some ways it actually makes me more tired.


    meal 1 - tempeh bacon

    meal 2 vega wfo w/coconut water

    meal 3 - grit tofu, roasted yellow beans & red beets, mac nuts, clif bar

  9. thanks lobster


    @rob - yeah it was probably a lie.



    easier recovery day on the schedule today. I actually didn't feel bad at all today. No soreness and my energy level was ok too. Headed to the pool in the morning. 500 of drills to warmup. Then 4 x 500 on 20 seconds rest. time were slower than normal so i am probably recovery from the weekend.

    1 - 9.33

    2 - 9.24

    3 - 9.41

    4 -9.46


    So I listened to the body for once and didn't do any other training today. took the extra time to do some errands and cleaning. I'd rather be training.


    meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

    meal 2- clif bar

    meal 3 - red beans & brown rice, peanut butter

    meal 4 - clif bar & almonds

    meal 5 - sesame tofu, broccoli, mushrooms, corn & water chestnuts, almonds


    Got a few training days coming up then it is taper time for devilman Half-Lite 50 Tri that I am racing this weekend. Work will be busy this week and I will be traveling for this tri so I am going to try to stay on a good schedule this week.

  10. First here are my race splits from the DACC Tri yesterday.




    Swim Run T-1 Bike T-2 Run TOTAL


    5:52 32 58 52:11 39 30:00 1:30:09




    Surprised the swim was so high. The no flip turns and the lane changing did screw me


    up a bit. Actually expected my bike to be higher and my run to be lower. These are


    the best transition times I think I have ever seen. All of my numbers were in the top


    few for females on this course. I actually felt really good after the race yesterday.


    A little sore and tired but work up feeling good this morning and just in time for the


    tour de scranton which is a 65 mile bike ride featuring 4900 ft of climbing. I rode


    the course in 4:34 for an avg speed of 14 mph. avg hr of 137. It was a fun ride and


    I am happy that i did it. I actually was a little concerned when we started the ride


    because my legs were not feeling fresh and I was thinking if they feel this way now


    how are they going to feel after more miles but after the first 20 miles or so they


    actually started to feel better. I felt better at the end of the ride than at the


    beginning. I actually ran into a little trouble in the middle where i started


    getting a headache and wasn't feeling great. Then I noticed my left hamstring was


    starting to cramp and i took some salt and it really refreshed me and I was good to


    go for the rest of the ride. I did a few gels. There was some gatorade at the water


    stations that I also used. It all worked ok. I actually was handing out salt to other


    riders that were getting cramps. I had to convince them that gatorade just doesn't


    have enough of what they need. I have to say I think following my nutrition actually


    had me feeling good through the end when people were really starting to hurt. The


    climbing in this course is more stacked towards the end. The last several miles are


    fflat and I still had the legs to put down sub 4 min miles. I'm pretty happy with


    the way that today went. i didn't crank too hard in the beginning but rather paced


    pretty well throughout the race. I am especially please with myself for not walking


    any of the hills. Some of them were ugly and steep. A lot of them were long. It


    helped that I was riding my road bike so I had my triple gear available as was able


    to just set a good pace and just keep going up them. Made me wonder if i don't try


    to climb hills too hard and fast just to get them over. I actually felt pretty good


    on a lot of them that other people were complaining about. me and the hills are still


    not friends but maybe we are learning how to get along together. After the race my


    biggest complains are i'm sunburned, my lips are chapped and my eyes are red. All


    little things. So far my legs don't feel bad. They don't feel fresh but they are


    not really hurting yet either. I actually rode this race a little smarter. If I was


    hurting and needed to recover. I sat on someones wheel and let them pull me until I


    felt recovered. I did plenty of pulling too especially towards the end.

  11. Race report - DACC Sprint Tri

    300 yard indoor swim, 13 miles outdoor bike. 5K outdoor run


    I woke up to the alarm this morning and really didn't want to get out of bed. I of course made myself since i had a race to get to but all morning I wasn't feeling well. Just tired from not sleeping enough this week and it was catching up to me but i wanted to do the race anyway. I forced myself to eat half a bagel and then headed out. It was cold in the mid 40s which isn't exactly triathlon weather but nothing you can do about it. I was a little frazzled at the race start got there just in time for the race meeting and then had a few minutes to set my stuff up and go. Warmup was mostly me running back and forth to my car and transition setting things up. We got in line by our swim seed times. I got number 20 so there was a few people ahead of me but more behind me. I quickly jumped in the pool and swam a 50 mostly just to get the water temp. No time for a real warmup. Swimmers were started 30 seconds apart. You had to run across the mat and slide in the water (no jumping/driving allowed) Then you had to swim a lap down and back in each lane before ducking under the lane line and repeating in all lanes until you exited the pool. Flip turns were illegal and would get you dq'ed. I was really surprised by that. I guess it is because there were so many people in the pool at once but I wasn't a fan of it. The switching lanes thing was a little weird for me because i never did that but it actually worked out really well and was a good idea instead of having someone counting your laps. it also made it more exciting to watch. My form felt horrible on the swim. I never felt like I was anchoring my hand and rotating threw. Felt like I had a high turnover. Probably because I was excited with all of those people watching and it was such a short distance no time to really settle into a pace I was just trying to go hard the whole time. I swam in my tri clothes. had to run up a hill to transition and I was huffing! Another strange thing is they had no racks whatsoever to put your bike on so i had to rest damon down in the grass. I put my mat next to me and had my stuff laid out but i was so excited to keep going I was rushing to get my shoes on and then struggled to pull on my riding jacket. helmet and i was off! Forgot to put my gloves on which would have been nice because it was cold. Glad I took the time to put my jacket on because i think it really helped. Only my feet were cold. I certainly wasn't warm but i was working so hard I wasn't concerned about the temp. The best part of the bike for me was I felt really comfortable riding damon. I haven't had much time to actually use this bike and then with the accident this week I was a little concerned I would be tentative on the bike. Not so I was in a good tuck, riding on the nose of the saddle and going for it! On the flat sections of the course I have to admit I was riding as hard as I possibly could and it felt great. Sadly for me there were some serious climbs in the ride. While struggling through those I was wishing I had stefan and my triple gears available! It wasn;t just the steep grade of the climbs that hurt it was that they were on FOREVER! On one hill I was going so slow and hurting so much I actually clipped out and started walking my bike up the hill. I can't believe I did this! I wasn't the only one. The worst part is that I was hurting so much just trying to walk my bike up the hill! My legs were fried, I was puffing and I was a little delirious. At this point I thought I might be trying to go a little too hard so I tried to drink some of the water I took with me. I could barely get it down i was so wrecked so I tried to settle myself a bit while still moving forward. 2 guys passed me on the bike and they were so nice. 1 was like just keep pulling up on the pedals! I am thinking to myself I AM it isn't getting my anywhere! the second guy actually made damon feel sexy because he said really nice bike! After all this climbing it led into a great descent. Which is probably where I am the best at riding right now. I know that sounds silly because who isn't good at going downhill but I find I pass a lot of people going downhill because I am not afraid to just go. For the most part I descended well. I did have to be a little cautious in sections because it was a winding switchback and there was still a lot of loose gravel on the roads because they haven't really been cleaned from the winter yet. There was also some water runoff. It made me happy to feel this good on my tri bike sometimes I think my issues with it is I have been riding where there is traffic and it is just isn't really good for those kind of conditions. Of course the finish to this bike course had you going back uphill to transition and there were actually speed bumps at the top of the hill as if i wasn't already going slow enough! Transition went smoothly. I left my riding jacket on which i quickly threw off about a quarter mile into the run and told one of the volunteers I would come back for it after the race. I think it was the right call because that jacket holds in a lot of heat. I wasn't cold on the run. However this was probably the worst brick I have ever felt. I think I went so hard on the bike or i was jsut fried from the hills that i literally felt like i was doing the ironman shuffle for the beginning of the run. I knew it would go away so i just kept running through it but it felt ugly. I passed a guy pretty early in the run and he was like u go girl Im still trying to get my legs underneath me. I yelled back, yeah me too! I did not use my watch and had no idea where i was at during any part of the bike or run course. I knew it was short so i didn't need to pace it some ways I think it helped because i just kept telling myself to go hard it is almost over. A volunteer probably trying to help me and the guys running near me told us when we hit the half way point of the run and i was thinking, that's it! I still have so far to go! But I kept going. Part of the course was on trail which I wasn't thrilled about because of my foot. Also as I mentioned my legs were not feeling the freshest either. I was hoping i was getting my feet up enough that i wasn't going to be tripping on things. a couple of guys passed me on the run of course it was on uphills! one woman passed me on a hill too and she was like wow your so strong doing the whole thing Im just doing the relay. Your looking great. Now I know i wasn't feeling great. Back up a hill to the finish I would have liked to sprint it in but after the hill I didn't really have much of kick but I did push it as much as I could. I ended up going 1:30 for the course. I was hoping for a 1:25 but i didn't know about the hills on the course so I am not surprised by my time. I took 1st in my age group. The results are not posted yet so I don't know my overall placing but I believe it was top ten. I am also curious to see my splits and transition times. Overall it just felt great to be racing again. The biggest thing I need to improve on is my ability to climb hills both on my bike and while running. The race was fairly well organized. I got sent the wrong way twice on the run by volunteers but it was only by a few steps. They were directing the bikes and the runners at the same time but i didn't let it bother me. I felt really focused today. There wasn't anything available on the course and I really didn't make a good effort to drink on the bike because i was more set on riding but i was thirsty. Big difference between the bike and run. on the bike i was thanking the volunteers and cheering on other participants by the run I was hurting so bad i would give the volunteers a thumbs up to let them know I understood what they were telling me and I couldn't even thank the other participants that were cheering for me! I used my new thule 9003 raceway platform because i couldnt transport damon any other way and i have to say I really like this rack. It is much easier to use and it seems more stable too. My only concern with it is that i don't get rear ended. gotta get recovered. tour de scranton tomorrow!


    meal 1 - 1/2 bagel

    meal 2 - 2 clif bars - vega wfo w/coconut water

    meal 3 - half bagel, tofu, peppers, zucchini, pinto beans, guacamole, peanut butter

  12. Got home last last night because of the skills class and by the time I got cleaned up, fueled up and setup it was a late night. Didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked to. Hit the pool this morning anyway. Needed to get the swim done early or it wasn't going to happen and I wanted to swim and then take the rest of the day off since i am racing tomorrow and sunday.


    Swim was mosly drills - usual 500 set as a warmup. Then 100 swim before throwing on a tshirt and doing a 500 tt with the tshirt on. swam 9.23. Not my best time for that but ok. Swam 100 with fins, 100 kick, 100 paddles and pull, 100 side kick, 100 breast and 100 back.


    meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

    meal 2 - vega wfo w soy yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, ground flax seed

    meal 3 - clif builder bar


    Saturday is a my first tri of the season. it is only a sprint and a short one at that. 300 yard pool swim, 13 mile bike outside and 5k run outside. It is going to be cold tomorrow morning. So I am mostly likely going to wear my tri stuff in the pool and then throw on a riding jacket and glvoes before i take off on the bike. I hope to not still need them on the run. but we'll see how it goes. Then sunday I am riding in the tour de scranton which is a 65 mile, (metric century) bike race. Should be fun!

  13. back squats

    bw x 10











    all were done onto a medicine ball.


    took a bike skill class tonight. we worked on cornering and climbing. I am going to start setting up water bottles and just practicing cornering around them. the climbing was good. had my hr up in the 160s several times. legs felt worked when we were done.


    i ordered a thule 9003 platform raceway for my tri bike. it is supposed to get delivered tomorrow. finally ill be able to transport my tri bike. and just in time for my first tri of the season on saturday. it is just a sprint but i am looking forward to it! I also have a bike race on sunday.


    meal 1 - tempeh bell peppers onions spinach and daiya

    meal 2 - clif bar 7 mac nuts

    meal 3 - tofu & broccoli

    meal 4 - vega wfo w/coconut water

    meal 5 -veggie pizza and seitan

  14. Ate some better food for dinner and got a decent amount of sleep last night so I am feeling better today. It wasn't enough sleep to really catch up and feel good, I am still tired. But hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can catch up more. Had my bike to the shop yesterday. they just had to tighten some stuff and fix the brake a bit. No serious damage. no major bill. so at this point I think I am just going to drop the whole accident thing. I don't like adding any kind of outside stress into my life that isn't necessary. I find I live happier and train better without it. Therefore I don't want the distraction of it hanging over my head. Don't get me wrong I think the guy is a jerk and he deserves it but I care more about how I feel so this is the best decision for me. I am happy to have literally walked away for the accident. I was very lucky


    bike on trainer this morning - 2 mile warmup then 10 minutes of 1 minute on 1 minute isometric squat hold. cooldown easy spin for a few minutes. I am soooo ready to put the trainer away and just ride outside all the time for the next few months. I am sure there are times when Ill use the resistance to do tabata workouts but overall it is nice have some decent weather here finally!


    CF wod - "kelly"


    5 rounds for time of

    Run 400 meters

    30 Box Jumps @ 20 inches

    30 Wallballs - 14lb ball @ 9ft target


    time - 39:01


    This is the first time I was able to do a cf wod with running instead of rowing so that felt pretty good.


    meal 1 - seitan nuggets & mac nuts

    meal 2 - enchiladas & clif builder bar

    meal 3 - tempeh bacon & vega wfo w/coconut water

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