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  1. http://www.3gomagazine-digital.com/3-go/20110506/?sub_id=BxaoigoMc45SM#pg64 Here is an article on using crossfit for triathlon training.
  2. Well the good news is my legs are feeling better. BUT my right shoulder is a mess. I shouldn't be surprised it always reacts like this anything I add something back in that is shoulder intensive like the jerks yesterday. I've been trying to stretch it out all day. morning workout - ended up on the trainer because surprise surprise it is raining here again today. did 3 mile warmup followed by 10 rounds of 45 seconds on 15 seconds off and a 10 minute cooldown. finished with 7 miles. Made myself push a really hard gear for the wod. My cadence was about 60 the whole time. I dropped my chain in the small ring and kept moving slowly through the 15 second rest. cf wod - "diane" 21-15-9 Deadlifts @ 155 (women's RX) Handstand pushups (did with toes on a box) time 7:23 The deads went well that is a light DL for me. The handstand pushups were more of a challenge and slowed me down a bit. I failed twice trying to push myself up and had to break this into sets of 5 or so, just to give me muscles a break. Shoulder felt ok as i warmed up but now that the wod is over it is sore again. meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water & sprouted grain bagel meal 2 - clif builder bar & mac nuts meal 3 - cajun tofu, red cabbage & oven roasted broccoli, carmelized onion hummus & ezekiel wrap, banana, mac nuts meal 4 - thai salad, thai tofu & veggies
  3. I was right the lunges killed me! I am sure the hill repeats didn't help much either. Saturday I woke up with some DOMS. Decided I was in no condition to do a road running race so I went and did a group bike ride. My legs were so sore I actually took some ibuprofen before I even started riding. I decided to go on the ride instead of resting because I wanted to get some practice riding with other people. The ride went well enough. I did a 2.5 mile warmup to meetup with the group. My garmin died on the ride so I don't have any ride data. someone said it was 22miles. I also did a 2.5 mile ride back home later. I felt good on the group ride. I stayed with the 1st pack of riders almost the entire time. We did stop to do regroups about 3 times which i wasn't a fan of. I started to fall off the back towards the end of the ride. A few riders in front of me fell off too so i made myself catch them and stay with them the rest of the way. I felt good about that seeing how cooked my legs were. of course the hills were my weakness. The ride really didn't help the situation with my legs. I took more meds saturday night to sleep because my legs were so stiff. I couldn't walk downstairs or squats etc. Any concentric loading was painful. sunday morning my legs were still in bad shape so i decided again not to race but rather to go out for a 9 - 10 mile run and get some distance on these legs as my half-mary and half-ironman tri are both coming up pretty soon. I ended up running 11.15 miles. The course I used is what i normally do for a half-mary training run. I thought i cut enough off of that to make it a short run but i was about a mile and half from my house. I had run out of water which i was rationing through the run so i thought it best to just run home as it would be faster than walking. It wasn't warm out so i didn't take a lot of water becuase i didn't want to have to carry it but i learned a lesson on that one! My legs were so fried I was dying on anything downhill and when i stopped running i kinda staggered across my driveway into my place. It was kinda funny. I hate my orthotics and am going to try to phase out of using them. My left foot (not surgery side) was aching for the last 2 days before of them. The are improved today but still a little sore. Went to the pool and did drills this morning 2 sets of 100s of switch, catch, drag, shark and hesitate. Then 200 paddles and pull, 200 fins, 200 paddles and pull,100 kick, my legs were fried on the kicking. Decided CF wod would have to be upperbody based. want these legs to recovery so i can get back at it tomorrow. Shoulder press 55x2 60x1 60x1 65x1 (kinda push pressed this) 60x1 60x1 60x1 didn't have a good strict press today. I've been higher than this before push press 65x3 70x3 75x3 80x3 85x3 90x3 95 fail 90x1 these felt pretty good split jerk - this was my first time jerking since the foot surgery. these used to bother my foot before the surgery so i went light on these. Also my form wasn't the greatest since it's been a long time since i did them. 60x5 65x5 70x5 75x5 80x5 meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water meal 2 - vega wfo, soy yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, ground flax meal 3 - clif builder bar & mac nuts meal 4 - seitan, green beans, red peppers, carrots, beans sprouts stir fry, banana
  4. no i never noticed that with vega sport but I rarely use it. Sorry to hear that! I don't see why it would bother you. Maybe there is something in it you are allergic too.
  5. I was going to ride my bike on the trainer this morning but I screwed up and my trainer skewer is actually on my Tri bike that I dropped off at the bike shop last night and even through I tried I could not get this regular skewer to fit in so I checked over my schedule and picked out a workout that I could get done in the amount of time I had left so I went and did 400 meters of walking lunges on a track that had frost on it still. time was 17.40. I was surprised it took me that long. I am gonna be feeling those for days. They always kill me. 2.5 mile warmup on my bike. then 10 x 1 minute hill sprints, recover on the downhill. Most of the time I was out of the saddle. These hurt. I was a little delirious when I was done. HR was up over 160 everytime. meal 1 - soysage & a banana meal 2 - clif builder bar & mac nuts meal 3 - 1 scoop vega and coconut water meal 4 - girt tofu, roasted yellow beans, 1/2 ezekiel pizza with broccoli & soysage
  6. welcome! great avatar! Looking forward to getting to know you better on here!
  7. awesome for giving it a try. youll find lots of advice and support here. welcome!
  8. YUCK! I hate gym drama! Think about him everytime your pulling some heavy weight! Nice job on the deads!
  9. @rob - the owner majorly bitched me out over text messages for it today too which was upsetting . it was an accident. I cleaned it up as much as i could with my hands but it's chalk and it gets everywhere! I didn't know where the cleaning stuff was and the trainer was teaching a class so i didn't want to interrupt him. And let's face it. It is a gym not one of the cleanest places anyway. I told him it wouldn't happen again since now i know i should just interrupt a class to find out where the cleaning supplies are so i can take care of it properly. Ok thanks for listening to my rant. I needed to get that out. lobster - yeah that is basically what I need to do too but it is hard to make it happen. Hoping all of get enough sleep tonight!
  10. Typically about 5:30. Depends on what im doing. sometimes a little earlier or later depending on what workout I am doing. It is hard for me to get up then the problem is it is hard to get to bed early enough at night. swim - 10 x 100 of drills, switch, catch, drag, shark and hesitate x2 then 1,000 on 25 hard 25 easy. took me around 19 minutes. timed it just to see what it came up as. Pretty consistent last time i did this i swam 2,000 and it took me 38 minutes. it's kinda funny because my form actually feels worse on the easy than it does on the hard. I am trying to slow myself down so i can recover and sprint again. overall lately I feel like my balance in the water is better. I am rotating better. cf wod - 5 rounds of 15 push presses @ 65 lbs and 10 pullups - time - 12:34 The push presses were actually hard for me than the pullups today. That was odd usually the pullups are my hardest part of the wod. My kipping was on today. I was connecting my pullups well. I did actually fall off the bar once into a bucket of chalk and onto the ground. But otherwise they were good. I actually didn't even tear my hand. I almost can't believe it. meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water meal 2 - vega wfo, soy yogurt, blueberries, ground flax, clif buidler bar, mac nuts meal 3 - tempeh, red peppers, tomatoes, onions, daiya
  11. foot was a little touchy this morning when i got up but most of the day i didn't even think about it but i wasn't really using it much either. i was really tired getting up to swim this morning. too many days in a row of not enough sleep! swim - 400 of drills to warmup, switch, catch, shark, hesitate - then 35 TT - 74 laps completed. I was hurting when i started swimming but that went away. I slowed down too much in the middle of the workout. I felt good and was moving fast again towards the end of it. The hardest part of swimming time trials is i can't actually see where i am at timewise until the alarm goes off. I kinda like swimming distance TT better because at least i have some sense of being able to judge where i have to go yet and how i am feeling. 50 breaststroke to cooldown deadlifts 135x3 155x3 175x3 185x3 195x3 205x3 205x1 fail on 2nd attempt, got it on the third lift, failed again on the 4th pulled it on the 5th. This probably wasn't my best day to do deadlifts because my hammies were not recovered from sprinting last night. But i did the best I could with the shape I was in. I think I was putting in everything i had even though 205 is 40 pounds under my current max because i was really dizzy after my lifts and i usually only get that when i am lifting near my max loads. Had my legs been more recovered i think i could have gone a little heavier. It's been tough going to the crossfit gym lately. I just want to swim, bike and run! meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water meal 2 - vega wfo, soy yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, ground flax meal 3 - clif builder bar, banana & mac nuts meal 4 - tofu, red peppers, spinach, yams, broccoli meal 5 - tempeh, red pepper, tomatoes, onions, peanut butter
  12. just saw your profile on here. don't know how i missed it! nice job with it. I especially like you answer about body changes making a difference in people's mindset about vegans. I agree with you.
  13. If that's the case it sounds to me like it is your shoulders and lats that are too tight not your wrists. But obviously you know your body better than i do. I don't actually "grip" that bar in a front squat. it just rests against my fingertips and my chest. It is stressful on the wrists.
  14. TT is race pace so that is good. falling out of it! interesting!
  15. medman on the front squat with the clean grip (which is how i do mine) most of the weight should be on your chest not on your fingers or wrists. They are just there to hold the bar against your chest and stop it from falling down as you squats. Take notice if your keeping your elbows high. They should be a parallel shelf to the floor. let me know if it helps any?
  16. ulcer!!! how long do you do the stretch for? IMO you need to hold it at least 2 minutes for it work. 5 - 10 is even better but i understand you have things to do beside stretch. sounds like the effort was there so im happy with the tt!
  17. you are such a good girl lately!
  18. see your getting the kipping connect already! I started doing it in the warmup and then during wods when i start out fresh for each round i do it and then just drop down to singles when i can do it anymore. I mentally keep reminding myself to push off the bar because that is usually where i screw it up. And your right tabata anything is the shit! But it does make you fast and strong!
  19. Run - 1 mile warmup. foot ok. then 10 x 100 meter sprints on 30 seconds rest. It took me 20 - 21 seconds to do the sprints. It has been a long time since I have even attempted to run fast. My foot didn't hurt while sprinting but i noticed it on the 30 second rest. Did a 1/2 mile cooldown and it didn't bother me then. Icing it now as it feels a little sore. Not sure how I feel about running anymore, sometimes i feel like i shouldn't even do it anymore and just swim, bike and crossfit since those don't seem to bother me. Running does. But I do love to run. meal 4 - clif builder bar, banana meal 5 - tofu, red peppers, spinach, yams, broccoli
  20. thanks. im actually feeling a little sore from the cleans today. Been too long since I last did them! "karen" - 150 wallballs for time. 14lb ball @ 9 ft target time 12:52 wallballs are not one of my better crossfit moves so I was dreading going to CF today knowing this was on the schedule. There was improvement on my wallballs but as i fatigued i was literally doing 2 - 3 at a time. I think my form and accuracy would be better on them if i used a lighter ball but this is rx and i can do it so i force myself to use it. I don't know if that is for the best or not. the previous time I have written down was 14:25. It that is correct then this was a 1.27 PR. Kinda funny because i didn't even know what my old time was when i was doing it and i wasnt forcing myself to go for a pr. I was just forcing myself to do the wod because i really didn't want to. it was nice to find out that it was a better time for me. meal 1 - tempeh bacon meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water, mac nuts meal 3 - tofu, brown rice, veggies
  21. rob - for what it's worth when i first started doing kipping pullups I used to drop off the bar after each one. As you get strong and your kip gets better you will be able to connect them so don't feel bad about. I still do that when i get tired in a wod with a high number of pullups. It is faster and less straining for me to just drop of the bar and restart then hanging there resetting the kip. everything is starting to look good on here!
  22. I agree with rob that does help. you can even hold onto something if front on you as you get used to it. hope your feeling better. Let me know if you not. the CFE wods might be too much volume for you and we can adjust it back a bit.
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