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  1. Hi Dan, I just read your traing log (and your intro, duh), and I wanted to say awesome goals! I hope to see your profile up in a few months! Congrats & good luck on your wedding.
  2. Many happy returns of the day, ThunderGerbil!
  3. I'm so embarassed! I just saw this thread this morning...(I've never gone to "general discussion" before) Thank you all so much, it is so nice!
  4. I love your Kung-fu Panda! Good luck to you; I'm something of a beginner (re-starter!) myself. I started seeing a trainer at the gym just before Christmas, and I've been working with VeggiePrincess from these boards to get on the right track diet wise.
  5. Oh, you've got in Penguin: Strong & Beautiful. Looks like you guys were having fun. I kind of like the wallpaper, in an ironic retro way.
  6. That is awesome, MarySella! I was watching some ladies kickboxing on tv yesterday. Ouch! made me hurt just watching. Emily
  7. You look great!! Have one more and you can catch up to me posting.php?mode=smilies&f=48# I always thought it was kind of fun to watch the amazing human body transform postpartum. Growing the baby is kind of slow, but the after can be kind of quick.
  8. How exciting, Veggie P! Congratulations to you, and I'm sure you are perfect for this project. I can't wait to see it!
  9. Ooooo, beans on toast! I haven't had that since I lived in Scotland, way back in the day... Massive arms and back, too.
  10. Hi Linda, Welcome and I'd like to second the Agave nectar suggestion as a honey substitute.
  11. Hey! Welcome from New York! Looking fit already!
  12. Thanks, you two, for the Finnish welcome! I'm certainly "firming" up, and I'm now doing the online personal training with VeggiePrincess, so I"m sure I'll have success. I'm glad it's winter here, and I can get away with wearing sweat pants. Hopefully this summer I can show-off my lean muscles! Emily
  13. Traveling and living in different places is great. I grew up in Rochester, but I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, London, England, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Westchester County, NY. We moved up here when we had the first two kids to be closer to family, and have a nice house with a big yard!
  14. Hey DaN, OT, but is that The Mighty Boosh in your signature?
  15. Emilyrobin


    Hi Alyx, welcome to the boards. I love Wyoming; well, I've only ever driven through, but such beautiful skies.
  16. Emilyrobin

    Hi :)

    Welcome, ajm. I just joined a few weeks ago, and I could spend hours everyday reading all the training journals. Lots of great info here.
  17. Thanks, I'm Your Man! I've enjoyed reading your training/food journals. I live in Rochester, NY, and I've never been to Montreal! Do you love it there? It always looks so beautiful in the pictures!
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