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  1. Hello All, Usually where do you find Tempeh or Miso in your cities. I tried to search in Walmart, Harris Teeter and CostCo, but could not find it.
  2. Hello All, I read about Keto diets in some websites but did not understand that correctly, though got a vague idea. Did any one of you follow this diet, if so how can you restrict your cards to less than 20 grams per day. Thanks SK
  3. Hi, The above link does not seem to work. Is there any other link which can be referred. Also, your daily total consumption is above 4000 calories. Is this not too much ? How do you determine, how many calories of food we need to consume to maintain the current body weight?
  4. As per my cultural background, eggs are avoided (dairy is permitted). But I have a passion for body building and for that I need loads of protein to build muscle, which I believed can't be achieved by eating vegetables and milk alone. So I started eating lots of eggs. But it will always gets me into guilty feeling. So, if I could get enough protein from vegetarian food, then I can avoid eggs and if not 100% vegan, atleast I can become a Lacto -Vegetarian.
  5. I'm certainly caught between two extreme worlds of body building . But its really nice to see a lot of good information flowing through. Though, I didn't try any vegan life style before, probably after going through some more posts in this forum, I would think about this. I might be clearly brainwashed about animal, dairy protein as I read in many journals and web resources (claiming it to be only the complete protein with all amino acids). But I may be wrong and there is other end of the world. Anyways thanks for the information and I would compare the point to point between animal and vegan protein to come to conclusion. Thanks to you all.
  6. Break fast: four eggs (One egg whole included, remaining 3 eggwhites) + Oat Meal + One glass Non fat milk = 30 grams Snack 1 = Two Wheat Bread slices + Peanut Butter = 25 grams Lunch = Rice + Beans + 1 Wheat flat bread = 20 grams Snack 2 = One scoop whey + Two wheat bread slices = 20 grams (Before workout) Snack 3 = Two scoop whey + Creatine = 30 grams Dinner = Rice + vegetable + Fat Free Cottege cheese = 20 grams Total = 145 grams of protein.
  7. I went through the US recommended protein intake which restricts protein to 10 - 15%. But There are many posts flooding in cyperspace which usually recommends the ratio of Carbs:Protein:Fat = 50 % : 30% : 20%. But US recommendation recommends more fat than protein. How could this be so contradicting. By limiting protein intake just to 50 - 60 grams per day, how are we going to repair the muscle tears after heavy weight training.
  8. Hi All, First of all I need to admit that I'm not a vegan and I'm one of those, who strongly believe that you can't build muscle being a vegan. So though I'm a vegetarian by cultural background, still take dairy and eggs for my protein. I do weight lifting and take atleast 100 grams of protein per day. Now the question is, what are the primary sources of Protein in vegan diet and assuming I convert to vegan, how do I get my 100 grams of protein from vegan food. Thanks SK
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