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  1. thanks a lot for all the advice folks. I have a better understanding now of what i should be doing. thank you for the link to the Mike Mahler website it looks like it will be really helpful.
  2. i have a pull-up bar but it isn't installed yet. you think pull ups are worthwhile? My arms are pretty skinny at the moment and i'm looking to have a more toned stomach. i really just want to build some muscles in my upper body and lose some unnecessary fat. i don't know how much my dumbells weigh at the moment but they're certainly heavy enough. i have some trouble doing side laterals so i guess that's a sign that they're suitable.
  3. I heard that twisting crunches and seated twists were good for love handles. might be a load of rubbish though. sorry i can't be more knowledgable
  4. I'm really looking forward to working out at home but i have very little equipment and no gym access. First of all i have: dumbells, trampoline, skipping rope. and that's really it. don't even have a bar bell. Im really just wondering if this is enough to have a varied workout. obviously i can do crunches and other stuff but weight lifting-wise i'm limited. any advice on how i can get around these short falls would be appreciated.
  5. I just purchased this DVD and i was wondering if anyone knows anything about it and if it's any good? i put it on just to see what it's like and as yet i haven't done the workout. it looks ok from what i've seen. i guess i'm just wondering if this is the best thing to do for a novice like me. it has three stages; beginner, intermediate and advanced. any advice would be appreciated.
  6. We don't really. but it's a cool sounding word i think
  7. hey folks i'm trying to find a good fitness program i can stick to that would incorporate the equipment i have. at the moment i only have dumbells and a chin up bar. does anyone know or can recommend a good program that i could follow? or does anyone know where i could find one? i'd be looking to to run for a bit as well. any help would be much appreciated
  8. i agree with enlightenme. people say that they do it for health reasons and environmental reasons but what it really comes down to for me is the animals.
  9. I don't know if you mean the best song or favourite song but mine has to be:
  10. unfortunately yes i do smoke but i am trying to stop. i just wanted to know what effects smoking has when trying to lose weight and bulk up?
  11. not too into the stuff he raps about to be honest. yeah sage is the man. i saw a scribble jam vid between slug and sage and sage ripped him apart.
  12. I'm not really that into atmosphere to be honest as I hate slug but they got some good tunes. stuff that i like: sage francis, doom, ill bill, jake one, madlib, j dilla, gza, peanut butter wolf. stuff like that.
  13. Ok so i was reading through some other intros and found mine to be a bit on the short side. i turned vegan after witnessing the horrors of the daily life of animals subjected to tests, rape, murder, separation from parents/children, mutilation... (you get the drift). I watched Earthlings and decided to make a lifestyle change. I've never looked back. Living in Scotland is ok i guess. I'm massively into music ranging from uk drum n' bass to underground hip hop to ambient experimental dance music and some rock (not a great deal though). top five artists: danny byrd, mf doom, aphex twin, boards of canada, krafty kuts. I'm a student at the mo at college studying professional writing. I studied psychology for three years before dropping out as i detested it. i want to gain muscle and lose fat. hopefully this forum will inspire me to change my unhealthy ways (don't hate but at the moment i smoke; have done for about three years (and yes i know that smoking isn't strictly vegan but it's hard to stop)).
  14. I live in Dundee, Scotland and I'm fairly new to veganism and bodybuilding. I've been vegan since January 10th 2008 so i'm fast approaching my veganiversary. I've got some excess weight at the moment so i'm trying to slim down and tone up.
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