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  1. yeah - looking great. your arms look great. this forum is one of, if not the most supportive and positive forums I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. -j
  2. There are a lot of pro level athletes on this site who look really amazing in the photos posted. How do yo prepare for a photo shoot or, for instance a day when you want to look your best, most defined and striated?
  3. Thank you all for the support. I should have some new pics as well. I'll tell you, posting here gives me yet another thing for which to strive. Having it in the back of my head that I am excited to put up new pics is another motivating factor. Pretty cool. Great community here and I love watching other people progress through the pictures posted.
  4. Thank you very much for the tips and the link. I am going to try the side lateral raise superset you mentioned. That seems to be a great way to really cook the hell out of 'em. I will check out the link you posted as well.
  5. Set back! I went running last week and set out for a solid 8 miles. Bitch of it was my lungs, felt good, stamina was high, legs were good. All of a sudden, my foot just went to poopers. I had a really bad pain on the arch and all along the right side of my foot. I had to either run through it and potentially put myself under or stop for the day. I decided to call it at 4 miles and have spent the last week healing. Good call though as I should be moving again by week's end.
  6. The iPOD+ has helped me a lot. You can chart everything - every aspect of the run. I guess, ultimately it's a reference to the Fraggle show. If you've ever seen Bad Santa, one of the kids sits on his lap and just says "Fragglestick Car." Made me crack the hell up.
  7. Things are going pretty well so far. I think I can do this. Yesterday I did 6.03 miles and the day before, I managed 6.01 miles. Averaged around 8-9minute miles. I have until March to be ready for the full run.
  8. I am a pretty avid runner as I try to hit the pavement 4 to 5 days per week. I generally stick to low mileage, running at least 2 miles and topping off around 5 miles in distance - pretty high intensity. This year, with the help of my Nike iPod+ doo dad I clocked about 415 miles for 2008. I burned a lot of fat, gained confidence and increased my stamina. Now, I want to up the ante. Today I start training for a half marathon. I am consciously increasing my mileage until I can rock the 13.1 distance. wish me luck and if you have any advice - I am all ears. -Jordan
  9. Vegan Vacation in Los Angeles? That sounds great! Is info as to the date / location posted as of yet?
  10. thank you for the props. i do have to get a good, well rounded shoulder workout going on. i have ALWAYS had trouble hitting and growing my rear delts. from your pic, you clearly hit them really well. any advice?
  11. Hey everybody, I was a member of the forums some time ago, when I lived in NY and I am happy to be back. I recently moved to Los Angeles, California for opportunities in music and things are going very well! I have been very fitness concious for about ten years but got really serious about it 3 years ago. I lift weights, alternating between cutting and bulking throughout the year and always keep up a healthy dose of cardio. I would like to learn more about diet, specifically protein sources and I am currently working very hard to increase my bench. I just put up some information in the before and after photo section and I look forward to meeting all of you.
  12. Thanks guys! I appreciate the props. Robert, I will make sure to post in the introductions section. I look forward to meeting everyone!
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