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  1. So on the recomendation of several forum members here I've purchased this round of protein powders from true protein. The rice is not as tasty as the rice I usually get at the local grocery however the gemma is suprisingly devoid of nasty flavor and smooth to boot, but I digress. I went the cheap route and bought the product in the free food grade bags. Much to my suprise there is no nutrtional data such as serving size etc. I searched their site and the closest I could come to answering this question is that a rounded 1/3 cup is about 30 grams of protien. The rice that I usually buy at the local grocery is roughly this same amount for 30 grams of protien (22 grams per 3 rounded tablespoons per the label). So as far as the rice is concerned I guess I'm good but I cannot find any info for the gemma save grams. As grams ar a unit of weight and I haven't a scale, would one of you know how many grams per tbsp? Thanks in advance for any insight and thanks for the recomendations, it's saved me about 10 bucks and if I buy in greater quantitiy the savings only compound.
  2. So if I weigh 210 llbs, I need at the x2 ratio, 420 grams of protein a day? I have been steadily gaining muscle for nearly a year now since I went vegan last april.I am not counting my protein intake but its not near 400 grams I dont think.More like 200.Its working. Does everyone agree with this ratio, or have I got the wrong end of the stick? I've always read it was per pound of lean body weight.
  3. 40 min cardio: bike ride. Abs: 25 crunches, 25 leg lifts x4 no rest.
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