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  1. after following a strict vegan diet in which i did everything right for two years, i came down with pneumonia. of course, when i was diagnosed with pneumonia i couldnt have imagined that i stille be suffering for a whole year after it cleared up. pleurisy, adhesions, aenemia, the list goes on, but im sure no one here wants to hear it. surely you will all assume that i wasnt taking a certain supplement and i was just doing it wrong. i have to thank you guys though, bc in feb of 09 i posted a couple of threads about how sick i was feeling, and about two people respodned. my memories of interactions on this site mostly consist of being talked down to, though there were a -few- nice people(robert included) anyway thanks for not giving me any advice, bc i was already brainwashed enough as it was... in aug of 08, after suffering through severe, unrelenting malaise and illness for 6 months, and two years after i went strict vegan, i ate some eggs. then in order to reconcile what i was doing with my beliefs, i modified my beliefs. i read a book called the vegetarian myth which you should all read and that points out that INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE is really whats killing this planet, not animal products. there were other books and articles that helped open my eyes, but what helped most was the fact that i was literally dying and i felt sick all the time and no matter how many hours i spent researching and no matter how many big cans of vega i bought, i wasnt getting ANY better. did i mention all the trips to ER throught last year? of course, they could never really put their finger on what was wrong, but i KNOW what was wrong, bc now, 6 months after being back on real food, eating chicken and fish and drinking loads of milk, i feel normal again(well, as close as one could expect after nearly destroying ones body.) anyway, thanks again everybody for blowing me off, i know the vegan culture is very cliqueish,(bc i was worse than any of you) so its nothing that surprises me, but at the time it kinda hurt, since the whole world was against my diet(rightfully so), and no one on this site was even willing to offer any help(thank god) i'll leave you with a quote from the book i mentioned. lierre keith-- "In his book Long Life, Honey in the Heart, Martin Pretchel writes of the Mayan people and their concept of kas-limaal, which translates roughly as “mutual indebtedness, mutual insparkedness.” “The knowledge that every animal, plant, person, wind, and season is indebted to the fruit of everything else is an adult knowledge. To get out of debt means you don’t want to be part of life, and you don’t want to grow into an adult,” one of the elders explains to Pretchel. The only way out of the vegetarian myth is through the pursuit of kas-limaal, of adult knowledge. This is a concept we need, especially those of us who are impassioned by injustice. I know I needed it. In the narrative of my life, the first bite of meat after my twenty year hiatus marks the end of my youth, the moment when I assumed the responsibilities of adulthood. It was the moment I stopped fighting the basic algebra of embodiment: for someone to live, someone else has to die. In that acceptance, with all its suffering and sorrow, is the ability to choose a different way, a better way. .... without the check of predators, there will quickly be more grazers than grass. The animals will outstrip their food source, eat the plants down to the ground, and then starve to death, leaving behind a seriously degraded landscape. The lesson here is obvious, though it is profound enough to inspire a religion: we need to be eaten as much as we need to eat. The grazers need their daily cellulose, but the grass also needs the animals. It needs the manure, with its nitrogen, minerals, and bacteria; it needs the mechanical check of grazing activity; and it needs the resources stored in animal bodies and freed up by degraders when animals die. The grass and the grazers need each other as much as predators and prey. These are not one-way relationships, not arrangements of dominance and subordination. We aren’t exploiting each other by eating. We are only taking turns. That was my last visit to the vegan message boards. I realized then that people so deeply ignorant of the nature of life, with its mineral cycle and carbon trade, its balance points around an ancient circle of producers, consumers, and degraders, weren’t going to be able to guide me or, indeed, make any useful decisions about sustainable human culture. By turning from adult knowledge, the knowledge that death is embedded in every creature’s sustenance, from bacteria to grizzly bears, they would never be able to feed the emotional and spiritual hunger that ached in me from accepting that knowledge. Maybe in the end this book is an attempt to soothe that ache myself." goodbye, good luck, and i hope you read this book when you start falling apart. i wont be back
  2. i agree, propaganda is the name of the game. youre raised to believe that milk is good for bones and blah blah blah, and you just accept it as fact. we all know dairy and meat are big business, not to mention healthcare and pharmas on the other side of it... of course we're all propagandized to an extent. theres no getting away from the lies, and that fact makes it hard to sift through them to get to the truth. and imo that can apply to all facets of life in this society. it makes me wonder what ideal thats highly reguarded as truth is going to come crumbling down next in my life experience...
  3. omg, thats crazy about your vitamix.... i get that too, the 'youre sick bc youre vegan' attitude. the other day i laid it all out for a friend of mine: i keep a detailed food log, i take supplements, and my diet has improved vastly compared to what i grew up eating. i explained that i dont need to kill animals to live and be healthy. this illness is not due to my diet. and what did she say?? 'well, it just seems like you need chicken, or fish, or something..' so ignorant.. [lol ive been wanting to use that smiley for a while now] anyway, this friend of mine is a very intelligent person, but shes just repeating what everyone else heard and then repeated. WHY do i need to eat a dead chicken?? WHAT is in chicken that i cant get from whole plant foods? as far as fish, im not as educated as i should be, but flax seeds and avocados should have me covered.... and if its not enough that i keep very close tabs on my nutrition intake, ive had bloodwork done, and everythings normal. i also told a relative of mine in the medical field(surgical assistant) about my illness about a week ago, and she said the same thing shes been saying since i told her i was vegan about 2 months ago.. 'your muscles arent getting enough protein..' LMAO in a way, its aggravating. in another way, its funny, bc a lot of what people say just doesnt make sense..
  4. well, looking back i suppose i shouldve named this thread a very rough MONTH. saturday and sunday i felt absolutely horrible, but yesterday and today im feeling better than i have in a while. still VERY weak, but i dont feel the general malaise thats been weighing me down for so long. obviously no workouts, not since feb 8. it takes all of my strength just to get groceries, prepare food, take my dog out, shower, etc. i went back to the doctor 7 days ago and they took more blood, administerd a breathing treatment, and game me another 5 day course of antibiotics, a different one. they also gave me an inhaler which i use 4 times a day when im out of breath. ive also noticed that my chest is aching very mildly. its not the kind of soreness you get from lifting. it feels like its right under the skin. this leads me to believe that i did indeed OVERTRAIN like an IDIOT, and my immune system collapsed for a day or two, resulting in the flu then pneumonia. im infected. no cough to speak of, and when i do cough its always dry. but i definitley feel like my lungs are a little off... as i said, today i feel alright. im back at work after another 5 days off, and the walking is getting easier but its still very tough. im used to walking fast and now im stuck walking like im 80 years old. ive been eating plenty, lots of beans and raw veggies, also lots of soups. im supplementing with flax and hemp seeds, and im eating raw garlic daily. lots of onions too. and of course im taking my multi and sublingual b12. i bought some VEGA as well, and have been drinking that the last few days... good stuff. so, unless i take a turn for the worse, i will be actively resting and attending work regularly from now on. all i can do is continue taking it one day at a time.........
  5. tyvm for the input! today im feeling as good as i have since i got sick, but im still weak and dont feel quite right. just taking it one day at a time. i cant wait to get some exercise, i havent broken a sweat in 17 days.
  6. well i finally went to the doctor today and i have pneumonia. unfortunately.
  7. well i thought i was geting better, but evidently my flu has degenerated into bronchitus or something. im getting lots of rest, but i seem to be negating it every time i have to come to work, which involves at least 2 hours of preparation and commuting, and then when i get here, i freeze my ass off bc we dont run the heat here at my job... its lke 50 outside i guess, but in my condition it feels like its 30. today im wearing lots of layers, and hopefully tommorow i'll be off. im taking an antibiotic now, since my lungs hurt. if it gets worse ill be screwed. last nite i used what little strengh i had left to stop by the store and grab some soup ingredients.. broccoli, onion, turnip greens, spinach, carrotts, bell pepper... drank some of the juice and right now im having some more. i think its helping. and ive finally stopped drinking so much water. im drinking a ridiculously over priced vitamin water which i dont want but i need something with electrolytes. oh and im starting to get depressed bc all ive been doing the last 7 days is suffering at work then going home and laying in bed. im sick of it.
  8. thank you, sir. i love a good balloon. i will indeed hold off on working out for a while, although im starting to go stir crazy from all the sitting and laying. when it is finally time to come back, im going to be back with a vengeance.
  9. A week ago today, i started not feeling so hot. during the week leading up to that, (2/1- 2/8) i was working out like crazy, eating a lot, just really pushing the limits. i did over 1200 pushups that week and thats as many as ive ever done in one week, probably more than i did my first 20 years on this earth. the bad part is, i was sacrificing sleep. i was picking up some extra shifts at my second job, squeezing in morning and afternoon workouts and ending up with 5 hours or less of sleep before i had to get up and start over again. so i guess i over trained. monday the 9th rolls around and i can tell im sick. it started with sore throat, runny nose, general respiratory stuff, and it got to the point i had to take nyquil to sleep, although im not a fan of drugs. 3 days pass and the initial symptoms fade, but extreme fatigue sets in, and after some time off work, i had to go back on saturday. bad choice. i ended up having to go sleep in the storage room for an hour just to summon the strength to drive home, and my temp was reading 100.1 so all day yesterday i rested, laid in bed, walked around a little, and continued eating applesauce, oranges, pineapple, a little oatmeal, some celery and ive been taking my multi all through this as well. the first few days i tried to stay on my regular diet, pasta, beans, lots of lentils and greens, but i dont think my digestion was handling it well. anyway, i think im getting over it. im at work now, and i dont feel like im dying anymore. still really weak, but my appetite is raging and i think im going to throw a bunch of brocccoli and green beans and green peas and brussel sprouts and carrots in a pot and maybe sip on the juice... any suggestions are appreciated, i guess ive already gone through the worst of it, but i wanted to share with you guys because i have absolutley no support from my family. they immediatley accuse me of being protein defiicient and having a weak system, meanwhile theyre sucking down marlboros and living on canned soups, lunchmeat, white bread, cookies... the stuff the raised me on.. ive got the nutrition records to show exactly what nutrients im getting, but theyre not havin it. on a more positve note all those pushups have really started to build up substantial muscle in my chest. hopefully some before and after pics are on the way, ill see if i can come up with a camera... gtg be back later
  10. well im not sure what kind of stuff youre looking to fill up on, but usually on days i have to work 12 or more hours i have to bring my entire days diet with me when i leave in the morning. pasta travels well, get a good container to store it in, cook it the night before, shock it with cold water, and have it ready to go in the fridge. ive been sprinkling ground flax on mine and its soo good. and lately ive been slow cooking delicous lima beans(among other varieties) overnight, so its just about 5 min in the morning to get that ready to go. of course vegetables are easy, celery, bok choy, carrots, sweet peppers, green beans, peas.. peanut butter is easy too. oh and tomorrow im bringing corn. alot of corn.
  11. i agree. or you could say 'i try avoid animal products or minimize my use of them.' anyone who gets on your case for not being vegan probably isnt 100% vegan anyway. even if you eat all organic and religiously avoid animal products, its impossible to not benefit from suffering or indirectly exploit animals in the society in which we live.
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