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  1. Yeah good form is extremely important. When I started running the trainer that was helping me was a stickler for this. Then earlier this month at a meeting for a tri club one guy was saying that yesyou can run a marathon or other distance with bad form but all you've done is mastered your bad form, and possibly given yourself an injury.



    and wasted a lot of energy.

  2. it's been a stressful 2 days. while at work i got a call from home telling me my dog had escaped the back yard. i rushed home and drove around for hours and hours, handed out my # to everyone i saw, called the surrounding area animal control depts, and was unable to find him. today i checked in with the pound and he had been picked up. i just got him home and he's ok, just a small cut on his nose.


    Levi is an australian shepherd mix, 5 years old in march. i love him very much and my heart was broken when i realized i probably wouldnt see him again. hes like my best friend.


    but, hes back now, just got him home and gave him a bath, and now hes sleeping. the poor guy was exhausted!

  3. Maybe the most important thing is to go to a good running store, have them examine your stride and impact, and get shoes that fit the way you run. If you over/underpronate, if you're flatfooted, whatever, you need shoes that provide proper support. Otherwise, you will end up with problems.


    absolutely. it all starts with the right shoes and proper technique. youtube has lots of great videos on form, and thats definitely the most important thing to focus on. if youre running improperly, you might eventually end up going some long distances, but you wont enjoy it as much, you'll put unnecessary stress on your body, and will probably end up injured. imho treadmills take the fun out of running, and if youre running properly, pavement shouldnt be a problem. of course running on a treadmill is better than not running at all!

  4. Your muscles will grow if you


    1. Provide them with adequate stimulation

    2. Provide them with adequate nutrition, particularly enough protein and enough calories

    3. Provide them with adequate rest - between workouts and regular, adequate sleep.


    If your muscles aren't growing or growing fast enough you need to improve upon at least one of these areas.


    This site is a great place to get videos of how to perform exercises. It also has a great selection of how-to books for many athletic pursuits. The books are easy to read, but based on really good information:




    This link will point you vegan nutrition information by reliable sources of information:





    everything bw mentioned, plus patience and determination.

  5. {snip Olbermann}

    Pedantic liberal ranting does nothing to help the progression of our political system.


    He may be more factually correct than O'Reilly, but his delivery method is just as abhorrent...

    Did you see the SNL parody of Olbermann with Ben Affleck? It was pretty hilarious because it was so dead-on. I'm sure it's up on nbc.com somewhere.



    oreilly scares me, but he can be funny too. like in that inside edition video i saw on youtube...

  6. Ok obviously Coke is a poor company, but where is the personal responsibility? They are simply making a product that people are buying. The consumer is equally as bad as the producer...


    Thats a point in developed countries yes but how are the people of the third world countries where this campaign is targeted going to learn about Coke?




    its a fair point, consumer responsibility, etc. just look at the way they market these products in the us though. today may be different, but 10 years ago there was a coke machine in every school hallway, with fun ads featuring cool kids drinking coke and loving it. like tobacco, they get you hooked when youre young. by the time youre old enough to be considered a responsible consumer, youre probably already hooked. parental responisibility is obviously a factor there too, but the point is this company spends millions on adverts and their products are everywhere.

  7. even if they are helping people, it still doesnt change the fact that the poisons they produce and pander to the masses are completely devoid of any nutritional value. they are and have been undermining the health of millions, maybe billions of people for many years, and no amount of deceptive ad campaigns is going to make that go away.

  8. cool. youve come a very long way from that tshirt pic! and i thought i was making progress...

    its very inspiring to see how far youve come.


    try fitday if you want to use a calorie counter. i read in one of your older posts that you werent using anything, and FD is totally free. btw i do NOT have any affiliation with that site, i just really enjoy using and recommending it.

  9. its good to see you've come out of the shadows


    two things id really like to get into: cycling and martial arts.


    lots of respect for being veg for as long as you have, thats really cool. and keeping tabs on your nutrion too, love that. what are you using to track everything?


    thats a pretty advanced schedule youre following, looks like i'll be learning more from you than you will from me.


    but no worries, bc there are quite a few very intelligent people here at vbbf.




  10. what are rings? lol




    You could also use an exercise ball for the extra challenge of stabilizing. Under the hands would be similar, but I'd guess not quite as challenging as ring pushups (correct me if I'm wrong).



    i want some! those look really effective...

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