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  1. im not thrilled about drinking spring water, believe that. i dont want anything in my water, not flouride or calcium or any of it. like you said just h20. the springs around here arent exactly, you know, pure...


    like i said: i never saw a doctor. my research led me to believe that low b12 or iron was the cause. look up low b12 symptoms, i had them. now, at this time i was NOT taking supplements. from jan thru the summer, no supplements, just tons of really good food. i could see low b12 levels because i log what i eat, and everything was ok but b12 and couple of other things.


    i started taking a b complex, and eventually i was taking the chewables too. didnt help much, if at all, probably bc i was flushing them right out. i also started taking a full supplement, which i am still taking today.


    it makes sense, to me, to consider the possibility that pure h20 is going to clean you out more effectivley than non distilled.

    as in, clean vitamins from your system. from what ive read on b12, it takes years to deplete under normal conditions.


    ...but like i said, i dont know that the exact cause was b12. i should have had some blood work done, couldnt afford it at the time.


    i guess ive made my point, and id like to remind you that im only talking about kroger brand distilled water in #2 plastic bottles..... all that said, i would be willing to try this----->

    A $100 counter-top distiller and a few water containers are much cheaper over the course of a year than purchasing packaged water, IMO. And I have the added comfort of knowing exactly what is in my water.



    well, im off to work.

  2. Distilled water is pure H2O - nothing else. It does NOT leach minerals from your body. Anyone who claims otherwise is using some inaccurate explanation of how the human body functions. I don't want to turn this into a physiology lesson as we can all check a legitimate physiology book out of the library (not a questionable website) and study this.


    to be fair, i dont put much stock into mercola, havent even seen much of the site. i just used that as an example i pulled from a quick google search. i mean, i think that guys a doctor...


    i did a ton of research, all online. i searched forums, read articles, even read some material contributed by doctors and scientists, or people who claim to be. and perhaps equally as important, people with relevant experience. my point is that there is a lot of great info out there. and a lot of crap. my opinion was not formed by reading a few crackpot websites. i cant cite any hard science for either side of the argument. i just wanted to share my experience.


    back then i searched everyday. at work, at home, i was obsessed with finding the cause. i did not come to these conclusions hastily.

  3. thats why i started drinking it, bc its pure h20.


    i didnt see a doctor, so im just going by what i felt like. one night i almost passed out for no reason, and from then on i experienced increasingly frequent dizzy spells, felt weak, sensitive to noise. ive never felt anything quite like those symptoms. it got to the point where i was experiencing a vague dizziness all day, every day. all this time i was drinking distilled water like a mad man, at least a half gallon a day on avg, probably more like a gallon. i was eating great and working out a lot.


    anyway, i sincerely believe drinking that water resulted in certain minerals and vitamins falling below safe levels. b12, iron, i dont know. i could be wrong, there are obviously plenty of people who do fine on it. i said the same thing though: 'its pure h20, and thats all i want from my water bc im getting my nutrition from a superior diet.' makes sense. i just didnt want to feel that way anymore, and when i switched to spring water, i stopped feeling that way.


    imo it seems pretty plausible that differences b/t home distillation and factory distillation/bottling could come into play.


    i would also be interested to know if anyone else has used distilled from the 1 gallon jugs over an extended period of time.

  4. Anyone have any thoughts about distilled water leeching minerals from the body since they are removed?


    I drink Portland tap water, I have heard it is one of the better, with no fluoride added, but I think spring water from a good source would be best overall.

    ive seen a lot of conflicting information on this... what i can tell you is i drank nothing but distilled water for at least a couple of months, and it really messed me up. the determination i made from the research i did on the symptoms i was experiencing was that my body was indeed losing minerals/vitamins.


    but there plenty of people, including a few on this thread , who have been doing it for years with no problem. i think this is because they are distilling it themselves. i really dont know what the home distillation process entails, but i think its the bottling techniqes that are used for the one gallon bottles that has to do with why i got sick. i drank it exclusively from the #2 one gallon jugs, mostly from kroger, so what kathyrn is referring to here-->


    I think you can tell too...sometimes if you buy the cheap distilled or even spring water in milk jugs they taste like plastic


    #2 plastics aren't non-leaching (see above), which makes it a good idea to avoid water that comes in it.


    could have played a role.


    this too--->


    "Distilled water is an active absorber and when it comes into contact with air, it absorbs carbon dioxide, making it acidic. The more distilled water a person drinks, the higher the body acidity becomes."




    search around and you'll see plenty of claims made on both sides, but i will say with absolute certainty that drinking it from the grocery store -long term- is a BAD idea.

  5. i absolutely LOVE hemp.




    Yo, welcome to the forum. I think your motivation / goal should determine whether you become vegetarian or vegan or whatever else. What's your motivation for the change, what do you want to get from it?


    yeah, what he said...


    but i will say if not for animals, do it for yourself. meat and dairy are pretty bad for you, dude. any reduction in the number of animal products you eat/use is a VERY good thing, whatever you call yourself. me, i do it out of self preservation and also compassion for animals.

  6. Anyone knows how I can get a good shape? Help me please.

    Please don't take this the wrong way. But I would say that you should start with your self perception. Loving yourself for who and what you are. Self esteem. We are all valuable human beings. Good diet and exercise, increased caloric intake. Time and patience. You know the "Rome wasn't built in a day," thingy. But once again self exceptance, setting reasonable goals, and desire to make better what is already great.



    i agree. besides, what could you hope to offer a girl anyway if you dont love/respect yourself? it took me a LONG time to learn that the hard way.

    youve got to try to change your overall state of mind from negative to positive. address some of the other issues in your life that may be troubling you, and things might begin to fall into place.


    remember, not everyone that looks good feels good. happiness starts from within imho.


    you can always improve how you look/feel, but like the man said, it wont happen overnight.

    if you want to get bigger, i think you should start by doing pushups regularly. concentrate on form. quality, not quantity. and count your calories so you arent playing the guessing game.


    and check out some of the previous threads too, you can really learn a lot on this forum. there are a lot of really smart people here.

  7. Our being is not just made up of our body & brain, we also have a soul, which animates us & gives us our identity.


    The soul may pass into another body after death, that is why people experience past life memories.The Dalai Lama in his book 'Freedom in Exile' discusses this subject, when he talks about how each succesive Dalai Lama is chosen.The process involved is very interesting, to say the least.


    No scientific evidence exists to support the idea of a soul because the soul is not made of physical material.Our science is at present limited to examining physical objects, like trees, people, sand or atoms.Therefore it is at the moment unable to prove or disprove anything existing outside the realm of our perception of matter.Science will not be limited in this way for much longer.... For an interesting read on our false perception of matter read "The Matter Myth - Dramatic discoveries that challenge our understanding of physical reality" by Paul Davies


    outstanding post

  8. thoughts are not localized in the brain. i have no problem accepting the fact that my body will die, because i know that i am not restricted to this body. the body is just the vehicle imho.

    Thoughts most certainly are localized in the brain. They're nothing but a series of electrical impulses. The body may just be the hardware, but when that hardware breaks down, the software doesn't have anything to run on.

    as far as david icke goes, i really dont find a lot of what he says to be that outrageous. if you do i can certainly respect that.

    And when our reptilian humanoid illuminati leaders are finally revealed, and Icke is worshipped as the son of God he claims to be, you can say, "I told you so." Darn that extraterrestrial Luciferic Consciousness!



    i appreciate your point of view on this subject.


    to be fair, im not really the type of person to say "i told you so."

  9. use fitday or another online calorie counter to keep track of your intake. fitday also tracks caloric expenditures.


    i know nothing about the differences bt cutting/bulking, but my advice to you is this: dont worry! just eat right, eat enough, and punish your body witin reason, then RECOVER.


    i think you should lift your own body weight, personally. pushups, pull ups, leg lifts for the abs, squats, lunges, the possibilities are endless when it comes to lifting your own weight. i mean, why try to pump iron when you cant even lift yourself? weight training is awesome, but you have to walk before you can run.


    get into a routine of working out, resting, eating. listen to your body. in two months you'll be doing twice the pushups you were doing before, and you WILL see results.

  10. thoughts are not localized in the brain. i have no problem accepting the fact that my body will die, because i know that i am not restricted to this body. the body is just the vehicle imho.


    i guess we're all going to believe what we want. i for one find life much more meaningful when i try to think outside myself, whatever that means...


    as far as david icke goes, i really dont find a lot of what he says to be that outrageous. if you do i can certainly respect that.

  11. Interesting stuff, I also believe everything is one. Before it was thought that the Universe consisted of two things only; Energy and Matter. Recent studies to my memory suggest or support the notion that Matter is just Energy also, zoom into particles and you get the subatomic particles, well I think they studied them closer and found nothing except measurements of frequency in other words; Energy.


    If this is right then the whole idea of us being seperate is an illusion. If the whole world was Blue then we wouldn't even know it, we wouldn't call it blue because how would we know what blue is without something to compare it to? Without differentiation? So if everything is just Energy how the hell can we not be interconnected vibrationally to every single other 'thing' in the Universe?


    Death is also unimportant to me. It annoys me how the global mindset is to cover it up and treat death like a terrible thing. The Horror(!!!!) Death is not the end because energy cannot be destroyed, so upon death 'our energy' must simply transmute into the surroundings at our time of death...the ground, the animals etc.


    If anyone here has read Way of the Peaceful Warrior or Eckhart Tolle you will know what I'm talking about


    ...More thoughts to be posted soon (I love VBBF, I can come here and discuss stuff like this that my peers would laugh at and then go get drunk) but I have to go to the shop for my folks.


    i think you and i are definitley on the same page.

  12. i didnt make a resolution. i became vegan around the end of 2007, but it really had nothing to do with the new year.


    i get about as much excitement out of a new year as a i do a new minute, or a new week. its just not really that important to me. i dont respect time very much, i guess.

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