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  1. Its a tough one isn't it.I must admit, killing any animal, especially a stupidly cute one like a penguin would be near impossible for me.But when starvation takes hold & our life is threatened, do we change!?


    Awaken, your comments about karma I find interesting for the following reason:


    Those of us who believe in it, would say that killing animals creates bad karma on ourselves & society.The Dalai Llama speaks about this in his autobiography.


    Considering we have a choice to eat just plants, we should not be eating meat.


    But what about Lions? Bears? Sharks? Are those animals building up bad karma, or are animals exempt from it?


    I should say that I am not 100% for, or against the theory of karma.I think on some level that it is totally true, but then I look at all the bad people in the world living healthy happy lives on their $10,000,000 yachts, & I am sure it is a load of rubbish.


    If karma existed, & people who did good things got good luck, while those doing bad things were punished then wouldnt we be living in a world that is automatically kept in line by this mysterious magical karma? Overall justice would prevail & injustice would be defeated.Unfortunately the last time I saw this happen was in Marvel Comic books & films.




    i dont really believe in karma per se, although im certainly aware of the fact that all actions and thoughts come with reactions. i dont believe that the horrible people in this world will get what theyve got coming, and i dont believe the most loving human beings will be rewarded when they die.

    i actually am of the opinion that death is an illusion, like this reality in which we live, and we are all ONE. not just people, but everything, everyone, every tangible aspect of matter and consciousness, all part of an infinite array of awareness. i dont fear death like i used to, because i came to the realization that death isnt real. time isnt real. this wavelength of visible light, reality, that we're all living in is a ridiculously small fraction of whats really there.


    that said, i believe that you get what you give in this life. what you put out, you sync up with and draw toward you. its not a karmic punishment or reward, its just a reflection. and a lot of it is subconscious.


    anyway, if you havent heard of davd icke check him out, hes a really smart guy who talks a lot about that kind of stuff.

  2. yeah, itd be a tough choice though. i feel bad for a lot of the people in this country who are in prison, vegan or not, they shouldnt be subjected to the garbage theyre fed. im obviously reffering to the nonviolent offenders, drug addicts etc.


    excellent thread btw, got me thinking!

  3. nice thread!


    im using a "vegetarian friendly" lip balm i got at sprouts, the brand is ALBA.


    im also using AUBREY ORGANICS products which I purchased at sprouts. ive got the hair gel, and the moisturizer. their pricey but ive been VERY happy with aubrey organics.


    sprouts has lots of other hygeine products too.


    at a local conoco theres a beverage i buy from time to time,(other than this particular beverage, i drink nothing but water) its made by the jones soda company. its an organic tea. the flavors ive seen are mandarain, peach, and white strawberry. its a very good vegan tea, has the organic seal, but its tough to find.


    oh and lets not forget my vegan hemp sauconys i just got. i have like 5 pairs of the saucony jazz style sneakers, but i just got a pair of black hemp/canvas from their vegan line. SAUCONY rules, support them so theyll keep making vegan shoes! think i got them from online shoes but just froogle it.





  4. Try working with a hypnotherapist.


    My aunt smoked for over 20 years and quit after a few hypnotherapy sessions.


    If you understand Neuro Associative Conditioning then you understand how your mind associates smoking with certain emotions, chemical releases, and physical sensations. If you were clever enough, you could alter this neurological association to your favor. This is essentially what a hypnotherapist does.


    great information!

  5. if youve been out of running for awhile, slow down. you could be overtraining.


    i took a really long break from running, 2 years plus, and when i got back into it i overtrained, didnt stretch enough, and ended up hurting my ankle bad enough to keep me from walking for a week.


    i healed up from that, but i still get sore ankles, IF i dont stretch. just an extra five minutes before, after or both will make a big difference. there are lots of ankle stretches, do them all. worked for me.

  6. what brand are they? you might research the company that makes them. but nothings going to be truly 100% vegan anyway. even if that company uses 100% organic everything etc etc, you will have still benefited from suffering somewhere along the way, indirectly of course.

  7. thats a great suggestion, holding it in your mouth for an extra few seconds, essentially "chewing" your smoothie.


    what worries me is the variety of foods going into the body all at once. of course each of our systems have differences, but for me, putting 5 or 6 different foods down the hatch all at once seems counter productive in that you wont get as much out of each food as you couldve, since things get so complicated down there with so many different jobs for digestive enzymes to do at once.


    another reason i stopped doing it was bc im a bit lazy when it comes food prep, and it was kind of hassle and a mess.

  8. i gave up on broccoli like two months ago, even though i LOVE the taste of raw broccoli.


    why, you ask?


    bc no matter where i go i cant seem to find fresh broccoli that isnt terribly bitter. i guess maybe the heat from a few months back was affecting shipments and whatnot, but thats just ridiculous. ive tried it from kroger, tom thumb, sprouts, and its always the same, bitter.


    why why why

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