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  1. Hello, new to this site! Was hoping for some feedback and tips. By the way, this site has already helped in such a great way with my workouts, and nutrition. My name is Rodger and I am from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. (close to Toronto) I have been vegan for two years, and have been mainly raw for the past year. Usually sit at about 80% raw, and every so often, I do a month of 100% raw. I have been training with weights for the past 10 years, using supplements galore...whey, hydroxycut, creatine, and countless amounts of energy/protein bars. I always felt "weighed down", and fatigued. I would get bulky without much definition. I was strong, but not functionally. My bench topped out at 275 lbs. 5 reps. (not bad for a 5'8, 170 lbs guy) Anyway, I am still 5'8, 170 lbs., but my bench is about 225 one rep max., still building tho. My body is leaner than ever, I have more energy, and I can train 7 day's a week now, with pretty quick repair time. So, I am ready to take it up a notch, so I was hoping to get that from here. I live on Vega, and have even been inspired to make my own bars, and recipes! Looking forward to networking with like minded individuals, Sincerely in optimum nutrition, Rodger (rajabram)
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