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  1. Ditto...but I'm gonna make somebody else see it now!
  2. My ex-girlfriend just got chickens to raise. She was a hardcore, generic omni (raised as a farm kid) when we met and said she would never change, despite my position. After a period of us dating, she did modify her views, no longer taking part of or supporting factory farming, which was significant in her experience (and, a big change to me AND the animals subjected to it) but still buying "organic" meat and still supports hunting...God, I it truly pains me to think of THAT. I admit, I still dislike the idea of exploiting these chickens for eggs (they are so easy to replace, it seems pointless, as well!) but it is a big step in the right direction in my opinion. Yet, I do not think it is vegan! Labels aside, It seems a lesser evil, at least, but an obvious exploitation, rather than a rescue, nonetheless. But, yes, let us keep things respectful and civil! Most likely, none of us will ever get this perfect; it is not that simple all of the time. Let us support those who ask like-minded people for thoughts on the issue. Is it vegan to say that one catches more flies with honey? Ha Ha...
  3. Hey, all. If you've seen just about any of my posts, you've seen someone mention what rare thing a vegan in Lubbock, Texas is. I'm trying to find others around here. If you know anyone who would benefit from it, please refer them to this link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=168581737728&ref=mf Or, just leave words of support! Thanks! -Richard
  4. Thanks, Robert. Im good. Been busy but have just about rehabbed a tricky knee so Im training hard and finally getting my road work back on and training for the DFW mud run! I was supposed to post that profile but the lack of cardio made my conditioning suck and i dont wanna use old pics. Ill try to submit one in a few weeks. I got my vbb shirt yesterday and hit the gym w it today! Woo hoo! C ya!
  5. A mix of old and new stuff for your voting pleasure! Too damn many because I'm indecisive!1/3:mrgreen:
  6. veggieprincess: Mmm...I have to try that...I'm a coffee whore on Monday morning! Nice website, btw! You look great! xjohanx: I didn't care much for cheese myself, besides the few weeks I was vegetarian before going 100% vegan; I was all about grilled cheese then! Yeah, I cant find em here but I checked it out after you mentioned those...maybe somebody imports them: i just haven't found em yet. thanks for the heads up! Hows the vegan scene over there? Gotta beat Texas! I'm Your Man: Thanks, Man! Getting decent size isnt the big problem for me; its keeping bodyfat in check that sux! I think most vegans have the opposite problem...I'm a freak! But hey, I'm outrunning genetics like a mofo over here! (: Thanks, everyone for your welcoming comments! I like this site a lot so far. I'm posting at least one recipe and a profile soon. If anyone is passing through Lubbock, Texas and wants to work out, let me know and I will get you in my gym!
  7. Im surprised nobody has mentioned these: Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Chik'n Strips I get these ANYWHERE...walmart even! They come in frozen bags for like $3-$4. I use these in recipes all the time and they are AWESOME. The ingredients include the dreaded "natural flavoring" but, have no fear...its vegan! You can nuke em, bake with em but I like to saute them in olive oil for stir fry and the like. They make a steak version, too that is not as good to me but the chikn ones are great in texture and taste and easy to find in your average grocery store if you don't feel like hunting around much! One potential drawback is that they are already lightly seasoned so may not "fit" into every recipe but I definitely recommend trying them.
  8. Sounds good! Have you tried freezing these at all? How do they hold up and reheat if so? Those would be nice to have on hand.
  9. Welcome to the site! Very cool resolution to go vegan! You can definitely rock a bad ass physique as a vegan! There are a lot of knowledgeable people on the forum and let me know if you need any help with the training; there is almost nothing more fun than shutting up the naysayers! Glad you're joining in!
  10. Its been a bout a year since I tried any and I cant remember the name of the last one anymore. There aren't many around here and it not a big enough deal to me to search the earth but it would be cool to know one. They stopped selling the one that used to be sold here but I tried making a pizza with it once and it was like gummy chalk. Cursing and threatening it didn't scare it into melting either; it just sat there mockingly. The only non-cheese cheeses I can find locally that claim to melt have casein...grrrrr. If anyone knows of a good one, let me know!
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