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  1. Hi, all. I promise I did a search before posting, but didn't come up with much.


    So, I love the Stronglifts 5x5 program and would like to be able to do it at home (love the gym, but for those days when I can't...and my husband is just getting in shape and doesn't have time or desire for gym). Want a cage, straight Olympic bar, plates. Not sure what to get and would love feedback from folks. I'm 5'1", my husband is 6'2" and neither of us is planning to compete in the future. We aren't fortunate enough to have endless supplies of cash (although I acknowledge we ARE fortunate enough to even be able to consider buying a setup ), so really the lower the cost the better.


    Can you let me know what you have used (either at home or at the gym) and what you liked or disliked about the different parts?


    Many thanks!


  2. Well, I am not at all a pro, but I can tell you that I've had a good experience with the Stronglifts 5x5 program. All the work is done with a barbell, weights, and then just body weight exercises. If you think the barbell and weights wouldn't help (too much to carry, etc.), do you think the bodyweight exercises would benefit you at all? Push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, prone bridges, inverted rows. I would think you could add resistance with a band if you're already very muscular/fit?


    ETA: I realize none of the above deal with the lower body. I've loved quats, but I have ti use a barbell. Not sure how else to make them more difficult for muscle gain. Could you do sprints uphill or rent a bike and do hills for lower body muscle?


    Either way...

    Have fun this summer!

  3. Right now I'm only doing the Sontrglifts 5x5, which has squats, presses (overhead), deadlifts, pull/chin-ups, bench press, inverted rows, and some ab work. So I've not done those other exercises.


    I'll buy both as my budget allows. For now maybe just the converse since I haven't incorporated other exercises, but the others shoes are on my list for the VERY near future.

  4. Rather than start a new thread, I figured I'd keep things neat and tidy and add onto this one, if that's okay with you all?


    Stronglifts says to get a shoe with an incomplressible sole for weight training. I found this thread. In searching some more (also looking for info about Ironwork II) I found another thread online where people are discussing NOT wearing a heeled shoe for things like deadlifts.


    Now I'm unsure again. So, what types of shoes do you need for different exercises?? I do more squats than deadlifts, and I also do presses. Other work relies less on shoes (bench, bars, etc). My guess is that the heeled/squat shoes would be more important and I just have less-desirable shoes for the deadlifts...but I have no idea.

  5. LOL at the misunderstanding above. I was wondering the same thing.


    As for chalk uses, is it true that it also helps prevent/lessen the callouses in your palms because it "fills" the creases and wrinkles made when lifting? Not trying to hijack...I'll be watching this thread for info on liquid versus reg. chalk.

  6. I usually refer to them as rack pullups.

    EIther get someone knowledgable to look at your form or there are some videos on youtube which you may find helpful.

    For what it's worth, I have never really found them to be beneficial, I think regular pullups and bentover rows are more effective


    Good to know about the other term used for them. I'll see if I can find any pics using that phrase. Most of what I found earlier was of the non-modified version.


    I'll likely go back to bentover rows if I can find what I need on these. I know in the StrongLifts 5x5 they replaced br's with the ir's (or rp's ), but he does say you can still use them.


    Thanks for the additional info!!

  7. Hard on the knees?


    how about hard on your toes?! Inevitably you will mess your rythm and if barefoot will give your toes a good whipping,it hurts! Especially if using one of the heavy thai jump ropes.


    Jumping rope is awesome,it develops endurance,leg strength,stamina and burns a bunch of calories


    OMGosh, so I'm sure it's not REALLY funny, but you almost made me blow rice milk out my nose. OUCH!!! I hope your toes are okay.

  8. I do inverted rows (like an upside down, hanging pushup) on the smith machine occasionally, so I can't see why that wouldn't work. I'd probably just stand on a bench or a box to reach the regular pullup bar, but the smith machine bar, if the height works for you, should be just fine. Just make sure the smith's bar is securely locked into place


    Ah, yes, it was actually me trying to do inverted rows that made me think of it! That's funny! If folks thought the smith machine idea wouldn't work, I would just pull a bench up to the regular bar. I'll letcha know how it goes tomorrow night.

  9. I'd like to try the Stronglifts 5x5 program, and it says to NOT do assisted pull/chin-ups. Gives option of doing negative pull/chin-ups among other suggestions.


    Rather than pull the desk guy away from the desk (larger gym and he needs to keep an eye on the door) and to avoid interrupting other gym-goers (see thread about talking at the gym ), could I use the smith machine? I'm only 5'1", so maybe I could set it into the highest slot, bend my knees a bit and start out that way? Or is that the most ridiculous idea ever?

  10. Just keep in mind, the more your biceps work to pull you up, the less work your back is doing


    For chins where you feel more biceps, focus more on pulling in with your elbows rather than using your biceps. Think of the arms as hooks that attach to the bar as if the biceps did not exist, and focus primarily on using the elbows to pull into your body with no biceps focus work. The last thing you want on back exercises is for your biceps to give out first, which inevitably happens if you allow them to play too great of a role.


    The only reason to WANT to get your biceps involved in any upper back work is if for some reason cannot do direct arm work. Anything other reason, and they're just sapping energy that could be used to build a bigger and stronger back!


    absolutely. I'd actually rather just do some curls for biceps if needed, but I figure a set every once in awhile just to shake things up and keep me from getting bored would be okay. I looooove the other grip for the back and most definitely focus on using my back muscles. I'm hot for the assisted chin-up machine.

  11. I usually use the wider grip with my palms facing away and do assisted chin-ups. The handles also have an angle to them so I could put my hands so that the palms are facing each other, inward. I feel like when I used that narrower grip with my palms in a different direction I felt it more in my upper arms and outer back of my back right behind my arms and less in the middle of my back.


    Is that the real difference?

  12. Mon, 2/02/09

    K was sick. I got less than 4 hours of sleep.

    Cardio: 15-minutes of jump rope intervals at work.


    Tue, 2/03/09 = CHANGE ROUTINE (* is where reps or weight has increased when compared to first day I started at this gym, only a day or two prior to the start date on this log)



    7 hrs sleep last night plus 2-hr nap...SOOO REFRESHED!

    weights before cardio tonight


    Assisted chin-ups, peg 7, 2 x 12 *

    Seated Rows, 30lbs, 2 x 12

    Bent Row, 20lb DBs, 2 x 12 *

    Flies, incline, 10lb DBs 1 x 12; 15lb DBs 1 x 12 *

    Bench Press, incline, 15lb DBs, 2 x 12

    Pullovers, 15lb DB, 2 x 12

    Assisted Dips, peg 7, 2 x 12

    Bicep Curls, 10lb DBs, 2 x 12


    C25K Week 4 SUCCESS! (Redoing Week 4 until I can do it with fewer struggles).

    Running felt great after weights and without a full belly (DUH!)


    Thur, 2/05/09

    146.0lbs (WTF????)

    6 hrs sleep, 2 hr nap


    Cardio: C25K Week 4 did not complete last running interval

    Squats, 40lbs, 2 x 12

    Deadlifts, 60lbs, 2 x 12

    Leg Ext., 50lbs, 2 x 12

    Hamstring Curl felt odd and couldn't tell what weights?

    Inner Thighs, 50lbs, 2 x 12

    Cardio: 7:00 intervals


    Fri, Feb 6 (done at diff location, machines not same)

    Seated Row ?

    Assisted Chin-Ups, peg 18 1 x 12 and peg 17 1 x 12

    Bent Row, 20lb DBs, 2 x 12

    Flies (30% incline), 15lb DBs, 2 x 12 (last 3 very tough)

    Bench Press " "

    Pullover, 15lb DB, 2 x 12

    Assisted Dips, peg 17, 2 x 12

    Cardio: 3.8 to 2:00, 6.0 to 5:00, 3.8 to 7:00, 6.0 to 10:00, 3.8 to 12:00, 5.6-5.7 to 17:00, 3.0-3.8 to 20:00


    Mon, 2/09/09


    Mirrored Feb 6 except:

    Cardio walked 4 mins, ran 5.5-6mph to 10mins, walk to 15 mins

    Pullovers did 1 set with a 15lb DB, anotehr set with a 20lb DB *

    Tue, 2/10/09


    Chinups, peg 7, 2 x 12

    Seated Rows, 40lbs, 2 x 12 *

    Bent Rows, 20lb DBs, 2 x 12

    Bent pullbacks, narrow (tris?), 15lb DBS, 2 x 12

    Flies, incline, 15lb DBs, 2 x 12

    Pullovers, 20lb DB, 2 x 12

    Assisted Dips, peg 7, 2 x 12

    Cardio: Jumped Rope approx. 20 mins (100 jumps/1:00 walk)

  13. Tue, 1/27/09


    Week 4 of C25K (walk @ 3.8mph, run @ 5.5-6mph...goal is to do all running parts at 6mph))

    Cardio was tough this night. Ate WAY too close to workout.


    squats, 40lbs, 2 x 12

    deadlifts, 50lbs, 3 x 12 *possibly too light? need to recheck form details*


    Wed, 1/28/09

    Shoveled and snowblowed.


    Thur, 1/29/09


    Week 4 of C25K (walk at 3.8mph, run 6.0mph...SUCCESS!!!)

    Pullover, 15lb DB, 2 x 12

    Assisted Dips, peg 7, 2 x 12 (have to figure out weight that corresponds to pegs, lower peg # means less assistance)

    Bench Press, elbows in (felt in tris), 15lb DBs, 2 x 12

    " ", elbows out, 15lb DBs, 2 x 12 (barely finished first set!)

    Bent Row, 15lb DBs, 2 x 12

    Barbell Row, elbows out, 15lb DBs 1 x 12 and 1 x 8; 10lb DBs 1 x 4


    Fri, 1/30/09

    Chopped ice for 75 minutes. FUN!!


    Sat, 1/31/09

    *reminder to self: I eat healthier when I've gotten ample sleep*

    Cardio: 3.8 to 5:00, 6.0 to 8:00, 3.8 to 9:30, 6.0 to 12:00, 3.8 to 15:00 (Sleep-deprived today)

    Squats, 40lbs, 2 x 12 (note: wider stance next time)

    Deadlifts, 60lbs, 2 x 12

    Hamstring curls, 40lbs, 2 x 12

    Leg Extensions, 50lbs, 2 x 12 (last set was tough!!)

  14. Few things to note:

    1. I've got flab to lose and like to run, so there's going to be a little bit of running going on. I'm currently using the Couch to 5K routine since I am recently getting back to more serious running after some spotty training when playing "new mom".


    2. Because of my child and work schedule, the days I can go to the gym aren't set in stone and aren't reliable.

    Mon: work til 11pm, gym after work, have to be up early with child

    Tue: no work, go after child in bed, MORE TIME TO SPEND AT GYM!!

    Wed: no work, go after child in bed, MORE TIME TO SPEND AT GYM!!

    Thur: work til 11pm, gym after work, have to be up early with child

    Fri-Sun: hit or miss. Gym opened shorter hours.

    This is why I am not currently doing weights more frequently and am doing mostly upper body together and lower body together. I want to make sure I get them in. I HAVE started jumping rope at work some days to break up the running routine and to make sure I get cardio in on Sunday if they gym doesn't happen.


    3. Trying to figure out where/when to do ab work.


    4. Starting tomorrow I will add a food log.


    I'm at work and will add training info as the day goes on...

  15. Ditto the beans and lentils. I don't know why, but sometimes I don't think of them for protein, but they're great options. You might also like tempeh, which has a totally different texture than tofu. Soy is high on the allergy list, too, so even if you aren't deathly allergic, pay attention to how it makes you feel (gassy, break out more, constipated, etc. are all signs of a sensitivity ).


    If I may make a suggestion: if you have a library near you, definitely check out some vegan cookbooks to look through. Some have complex recipes, some have simple/everyday recipes. Or maybe hit a bookstore and check out what they have. Even this site has recipes.


    Simple, vegan recipe that even my non-vegan husband likes?


    saute some garlic in extra virgin olive oil

    add some finely chopped sundried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, cooked or canned white beans such as navy beans

    add some fresh (or dried even!) basil, maybe a little salt

    serve over a non-egg pasta


    I like onion in mine as well as some artichokes, but my hubby is way picky. Bean soups are also a great option.


    *It's also great to just get a list of some common foods and their vegan replacements. Then you can take some non-vegan recipes and just alter them*

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