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  1. Thank you both. When I have some free time (sans toddler ) I'll be taking a look at these.
  2. for nutritional values of foods? Gosh, I remember my grandmother's dictionary had a list of foods/calories in the back. LOL. Every site I find for quick reference tends to be lacking in the natural/health/vegan foods area, kwim? Look up yucca and you can forget it. So, yea, where do you get your nutritional information? I'm trying to keep a food journal and want to make sure I don't "lie" on it.
  3. I try to buy recycled as much as possible. My order of preference is: reused/recycled, then organic and/or fair trade, local, and last just whatever. It is quite the pain in the rump, I will say! In March we're going to do a clothing swap. A bunch of the women I know are going to get friends invlved, we'll all bring the clothes we're willing to donate, we'll "shop" through all the clothes and donate the leftovers (and I've already told people to make sure it's decent stuff...people in lower $$ brackets deserve non-holey clothing, too! ). Anyway, excited to be here. I'm actually trying to spend LESS time on the computer. LOL. Go figure!
  4. It sounds to me like she just considers it better to use recycled wool from sweaters or wool harvested humanely from local farms instead of synthetics, probably due to all the manufacturing and transportation overhead. But she can speak for herself, of course. I just want to show support for someone being so conscientious about the options available. Yea, that's what it was. PUL is plasticy crap that will never decompose plus there's all the manufacturing residues...trust me, I put a LOT of thought into it and spend the extra $$ for the nicer farms. <--which doesn't mean to sound like a brag...we're totally NOT loaded! LOL.
  5. Just wanted to wish you luck. The half marathon is a GREAT distance. Someone put it this way once and it's so true: it's long enough for you to get a nice runner's high and get cruising (there's a point where it's almost easier to keep going than to stop!) and then JUST as you're getting to a wall or getting tired, it's over! AWESOME. I hope you find this to be true for you.
  6. I'll keep it my-version-of-short I'll be 32 yo in March '09, married and mom to 1. Started a vegan diet lifestyle on my birthday of '08. I DO wear silk only if it is recycled and currently DO use wool for my child's pants (cloth diapers, alternative is synthetics, so I buy from small, animal-friendly farms and consider that the better of the two evils OR I buy used wool swaeters and sew them into pajama pants). Figured I should put that out there in case anyone would be turned off by it. Was an avid--but slow--runner before mommyhood. Did a marathon, some halves, etc. Have recently started riding my bike more places, although with a child in tow I am less likely to do it in the winter. Heading back to the gym because of the weather. Eh, I do better there anyway. Interested in building, tightening up, possibly (most likely) dropping pounds, although I tend to be one who STRONGLY dislikes the focus on scale numbers (the rest of my family yo-yo diets constantly because they want to be thin...). As I get healthier, the numbers dropping will be secondary. Anyway, thanks for being here. What a great resource.
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