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  1. i would go with these over perfect pushup for sure. they are more affordable and will probably last longer. you would be surprised how durable they are.
  2. Hey everyone So I am really confused... on everything. I want to build muscle mass and definition but at the same time loose body fat. What nutrition program should i follow? How do I know how much to eat and how to calculate what i need? Also because I want to gain mass but at the same time definition should I do heavier weight, more reps, or both?
  3. Hey everyone My name is Brett Eduardo Fonseca. I'm from Los Angeles. I am 17. Currently I model and and studying massage therapy. I have been vegetarian for four years and I am transitioning to vegan right now. I really want to learn from this site how to build my phisique as a vegan and prove all those who discourage me because I am vegan wrong! lol http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/12/l_26fd702e1f004f0e81586012f74c46f9.jpg
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