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  1. hi all, I'm new to the board. I'm a 23 year old female from Winnipeg, MB who will be starting paramedic training March 2nd. I've been strength/endurance training since September 2008. I came down with Mono in December 2008( I fully recovered the beginning of January 2009). I'm trying my best to get in shape for the start of training, but I still have very week core strength. I've been going to hot yoga for the past 3 weeks and it does seem to be helping. If you have any suggestions as to hurry the core strengthening process along, please comment! I'm 5'9" 157 pounds I've been doing this ab routine 3 times a week : 3 X 20 Toe Touches 3 X 20 Heal Touches 3 X 20 Crunches 3 X 20 Russian Twists 5 Minutes of Skipping
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