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  1. So are you suggesting doing both HIIT and strength training at the same time(off days?). I have tried that before but i really ended up cutting myself short on both. Pretty much all my lifts went down and I felt pretty sluggish. I'm assuming it's because I wasn't able to recover properly. That's why i'm considering just training for fat loss and then going back to trainig for strength
  2. hello everyone, I have always trained for strength. Focusing on basic compound lifts. However I have gained some unwanted fat in the process. To be honest my diet is decent, except for eating late and I don't do any cardio, except for a walk on off days to help recovery. A friend suggested that I do HIIT but i feel that it would seriously hinder my recovery and I am scared that too much long low intensity cardio will affect my ultimate strength goals. So apart from trying to clean up my diet, i've decided to change my training workout for a while to focus mainly on fat-loss without seriously hurting strength and size. Let me know what you think Right now I train with a 2 day split - 3 days a week, using 90% compound lifts. I would change it to.: Day 1: - - Barbell Complex (5 compound lifts / 8-10 reps x 4 sets) 10%rm Day 2: - - Dumbell Complex (5 compound lifts / 8-10 reps x 4 sets) 10%rm Day 3: - - Kettlebell Complex (Swings/snatches/rows etc. ) In between days: RECOVERY; Brisk walk / foam rolling. I'm thinking of doing this routine for 2-4 weeks (not sure yet) before going back to my strength routine. BTW, i'm looking to drop between 15-20 lbs. I am 6 feet/240lbs now. Thnks
  3. I've tried to mesh HIIT and weights before. I did exactly what you're saying, 3 days lifting and Tabata (i also used complexes) on off days. The problem is, if you do HIIT properly you're so called off days become another workout. So I really over trained and all my lifts went down. The point here is that if you're lifting properly, you should use your off days to recover. So I would suggest the opposite. Do your HIIT after weight training and do the low intensity stuff on off days. Low intensity doesn't hinder recovery it actually helps it by circulating blood and nutrients to the damaged muscles. Hope this helps.
  4. Personally I love Vega but i will admit the taste can take some getting used to. Alternative.... the VEGA Smoothie protein. It tastes amazing!!!! Honestly any smoothie tastes better with it. Interactive Nutrition has great Rice / Pea / Vegetarian (mix of soy, pea, rice) proteins that mix well with water.
  5. Good posts! Personally I feel that bodybuilding HAD the potential to be one of the best sports globally. When bodybuilding started, they would display their physiques as part of strength demonstrations. Not to mention they also strived for the "the Grecian Ideal". I found a box of old bodybuilding magazines from the early 80's. There were pics of guys doing 95 lbs flyes, 500 lbs squats (ass to the floor!), 315 lbs behind the neck presses.... no leg extensions, hardly any other machines, a few curls here and there... Wouldn't it be cool if there were a new breed of competition that returned to the old days of showing your physique through a series of strength movements!?
  6. Hello everyone... Happy Easter! I grew up playing rugby (and hockey). I played fairly competitively. Once I graduated and got i job, i stopped playing rugby but kept up my 'rugby' training to keep in shape. Over the past couple of years I've found myself training more and more like a bodybuilder. There are no olympic platforms or bumper plates at my gym, so oly lifts are out of the question. Anyways, I feel like I'm being a bit of a hypocrite training as a bodybuilder. I've always thought of bodybuilders as being narcissistic and a little vain. Obviously this is a generalization and I don't mean to offend any bodybuilders here. I remember seeing a bodybuilding competition on tv. I saw a huge, overly tanned, oiled man wearing nothing but a piece of cloth, grinding and flexing erotically to R&B music and couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable watching it. Then of course there's the guys in the locker room gossiping about how 'soandso' doesn't have any calves and how 'whatshisname' really needs to work on his hams. I guess i just wanted to share my frustrations on being a closet bodybuilder and see what some other opinions are. I train as hard as i can but feel that i'm a little misguided because i don't have a clear goal. I admire bodybuilders and powerlifters who train super hard for 12 weeks to compete in one single event. I really hope I didn't offend anyone. It's just my own 2 cents and like I said, I am being a hypocrite....
  7. Thanks for the great info!!!!!! - "You will not be readly converting fast twich into slow, which is why by birth some cats are better sprinters and some are better long distance." Are you suggesting that low intensity is better for strength athletes?
  8. Try using very light weight and do a couple of sets at a little slower tempo. Try really hard to feel the back working. Good post above
  9. Hello, I'm starting a new training program. It's pretty high intensity - less volume and more frequency. My main goal is balanced strength (equal amount of focus on push/pull). I want to add in some energy systems work and flexibility. So in my research for finding the best, most beneficial methods for both, I simply found conflicting ideas... 1) Slow cardio is best when training for strength because the very low intensity won't interfere with recovery. ...... slow cardio is horrible for strength athletes because it converts fast twitch fibers to slow twitch fibers. So it's better to perform high intensity cardio when training for strength. 2) Static stretching is the best way to increase mobility and flexibility. Best performed after a workout. ....... it's much better to perform dynamic stretching before a workout and on off days. Static stretching is proved to do little for joint flexibility because you cannot stretch the connective tissues. I know this thread may be pretty similar to some of my other threads but I've been doing tons of research and find that there's equal information defending both sides of the coin. Very frustrating! I would love to hear what some of you guys do and what you've found works better then others. cheers
  10. Well said! For me personally, I feel that a HUGE part of strength training or bodybuilding training is getting to know your body. What works for one person may not work for others. Some respond to volume, some respond to intensity, some are very carb sensitive, some have long arms and short torsos etc... I could go on all day! The point is the more in tune you are with your body, the better results you will get in the long run! If you're using gear for a long time, it will be so much harder to get that connection because your body will always be going through changes (hormonally, strength and energy wise etc.) If you take steroids temporarily the gains will also be temporary (you should be able to keep a few pounds by doing everything right). The longer / higher dosage you take the more risks (obviously) and also keep in mind, eventually you WILL have to come off steroids. At that point you will lose gains and you will have to re-learn your own body. again, just my 2 cents
  11. I'm craving spinach dip! I agree with you. There are so many degrees of drug use. Some people approach them more cautiously whereas others do not. If you do your research, make sure you know what you're getting from a reliable source, take the right dosages and make sure you're doing the right post cycle therapy for the right steroid you should be fine. My point comes from personal experience. I train with a few guys who use gear. A couple of them just never come off! They taper, blah blah blah but don't come off because they cannot imagine losing some of their gains. The other 2 who are a little more cautious and cycle/pct. They still joke about Deca dick every so often and it is pretty obvious when they are off-cycling because their weight drops and so do there lifts. Let's face it, most steroid users are just everyday guys who want to get huge and ripped and feel steroids is the only way. It's not!
  12. It's not an argument, it's simply a statement. Emotional about steroids? Emotional about spinach dip maybe but not steroids. My point is that a steroid user has to realize the fact that if they don't do a decent PCT, their natural T levels will never recover. Second, at best they return to normal. Some people can maintain there gains by training very hard and following a perfect diet. So why not skip the steroids, train really hard, follow a perfect diet and try to bring up your T levels naturally?
  13. I would like to add a couple of points. 1) In my experience 95% of people that have taking steroids are people with low confidence issues. Steroids can't fix that! 2) By taking steroids you fuck up your bodies own testosterone production. You have some much excess testosterone, that your body stops producing it. Hence the testicle shrinkage. Sure you can take even more drugs after to counteract the damage but why would you mess with your natural T levels. Think long term!!!!
  14. I'm asking what some opinions are of each. If anybody has had any more or less success with either. I like the fact that the first option involves a little more frequency but don't know if that will restrict recovery. Basically what I was thinking, was a separate day for Push/Pull/Legs. Perform 2 heavy exercises followed by 2-3 lighter more isolation exercises.
  15. Hello. I'm looking to try something new. I was thinking maybe : 1) 3 day split (push/pull/legs) - training 4 days a week. 2) 4 day split (push/hips*/pull/quads) - training 4 days a week. *hips would consist of deadlifts and it's variations. thanks
  16. thanks a lot guys. Trust me those stairs are brutal!!!!
  17. Hello, I am just a little confused, any help would be appreciated. I've heard that slow/steady cardio is horrible for strength athletes because it converts fast twitch muscles to slow twitch muscles. On the other hand I've heard that slow/steady cardio is best for strength athletes because it doesn't compromise recovery, in fact it aids it by increasing bloodflow and nutrients. And of course there's the end of the spectrum. The people that say HIIT is the only way to go for strength athletes because it uses fast twitch.... So my question is What is the best cardio for powerlifters? thanks
  18. I climbed a little hill today. Yup... I did it... Just barely! I was panting and sweating through my shirt. I came to the realization that i should add in some cardio or as powerlifters call it, GPP. I train 3-4 days a week, lifting the heaviest weight i can handle. Always in the lower rep range with higher sets. I never do cardio. I've tried but can't last more then 4 minutes (due to boredom;) I want to add in some GPP work on off days. What do you guys suggest? Please keep in mind I live on the 15 th floor, so wheel barrow pulls, sled drags etc. are kinda out of the question. Thanks a lot.
  19. Lol... ass aesthetics are definitely up there in most people's priority list! I wish I could do something like that but it is currently -15, dark and wind blowing snow every which way!
  20. hello, I have never been a fan of slow, steady cardio. I believe it's a very valuable tool but my attention span is way too short to follow it for longer then 3 minutes (i'm not exaggerating.. that's my personal record on an elliptical). So here comes my problem... i'm gaining a bit of unwanted weight. I decided to try out HIIT. I used the elliptical, 30 secs slow/ 30 secs fast. The machine would start acting really buggy and started making sounds when I increased the resistance. So i gave the treadmill a shot. 30 secs walk / 30 secs fast jog. I weigh 240 lbs, so i had everybody in the weight room staring at me wondering why i was trying to smash the hell out of this defenseless machine!!!! Next was the bike... same problem as the elliptical! Is it just that my gym has crappy equipment?! Should I try doing my HIIT sessions with kettlebells or perhaps bodyweight? Any advice would be appreciated.
  21. I have been using it for a couple of months. Anybody that does DC claims that it's the hardest most intense way of training ever. Personally I didn't find it that intense, even though I was training as hard as I could. I would love to find a way to blend Rest Pause training with some 5x5.
  22. hello, Has anyone here tried DoggCrapp? If so how did you feel about it?
  23. Thanks a lot. I agree with your points on DC. I believe I will look into a 5x5 program. Just curious, how do you alternate between HIT and 5x5?
  24. lol... ya. i agree 10x10 sounds pretty stupid. I don't know if there's any scientific or 'experience' evidence to prove it's value but i know i personally wouldn't be able o get through half of it! Thanks for the info on 5x5. Have you tried that protocol? I was training DC style before. I didn't really like it. I love the intensity but feel i need a little more volume.
  25. Hello everyone.... How does the 5x5 work? Do you chose a weight that equals your 5 rep max and try to hit 5 reps for 5 sets? What do you do if you fall short... say 2 reps on the last 2 sets? do you take some weight off? or continue at that weight till you can complete 5 on each set? Has anybody heard of the 5x10? Basically you do one 5x5 workout and a 10x10 the next time. Thanks
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