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  1. Thanks for your response! DC is basically rest/pause training. You do one rest/pause set for each body part. You use a 2 day split and train 3 days a week. I am not a bodybuilder (but try to eat like one!). However I am interested in gaining a bit of mass and strength. I like to focus mainly on the 3 powerlifts.
  2. hello, I've been following a DC program for the past couple of months. So many people have sworn by it but personally i didn't like it very much. I'm looking to change routines. I am personally looking for a middle ground between high-volume and HIT, focusing mainly on heavy compound lifts. Do any of you know any good ones? Thanks a bunch
  3. i personally supplement with amino acids. Mainly glutamine and bcaa's. I do feel however for somebody eating a well balanced diet, these supplements only change the density of your wallet! You could easily get enough protein (amino acids) but for somebody like me who doesn't, it helps! i've also tried creatine and have to say it does help a bit with muscular endurance, but nothing i would do backflips over. I feel that creatine supplementation is good for vegans because the main source of it in food comes from beef. I'm a little curious to try beta-alanine ( another amino acid). I hear it works much like creatine and works synergistically with it as well. I always ask myself 2 questions before considering a supplement. - Does it occur naturally in the body or in foods? - When taken orally, does the body use it to its advantage, or does it combat it?
  4. hello everyone. I'm not a huge fan of supplements but I feel that some definitely have their benefits. This may seem like a crazy idea but I look for supplements that will supplement by diet and not some 'natural' steroid or miracle pill! What do you guys take? or feel would benefit a vegan bodybuilder? has anyone tried ZMA? cheers
  5. In terms of pure quantity, not really, since most protein powders are about 30g per serving. Of course, you could just have four servings of Amino Vital and it's the same total amount. But then you might want to look at the breakdown into essential and non-essential, or even further into BCAAs or individual aminos. Ok this may be a really stupid question but does 1 g of amino acids = 1 g of protein? Nothing gets lost in the breakdown?!
  6. I see that amino vital has a product out that contains 7,500 mg of aminos per serving. Is that a good amount? Compared to protein shakes?
  7. I am definitely going to do that! I'm very curious
  8. So that means that one 'hemp' shake has more aminos then one Amino Vital mix?
  9. Hello, I've decided to change up my training routine. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated - 4 Days a week: DoggCrapp Training (basically rest/pause sets). One exercise per body part, 2 day split. - 2 days a week: Kettle bell circuits (cleans, swings, windmills, front squats, rows), for cardio conditioning. Would this lead to overtraining? Thanks!
  10. I'm just curious... why not take an Amino supplement? The one that comes to mind is Amino Vital. When we consume Protein powders our digestive system has to break them down into the various amino acids. So why not just supplement the amino acids directly?! Thanks
  11. so, it's monday! i've been keeping track of what i've eating. i have been getting under 100 g's of protein a day and way too many carbs! The only option i see possible to even out those numbers is to eat a lot more fake meat (i've always tried to avoid soy) and drink more protein shakes. I am truly beginning to get depressed Are there no other ways??? What if i start supplementing amino acids? I've seen 'multi amino's' that contain pretty high amounts of all the amino acids. Wouldn't that be the same as eating more protein?
  12. I just bought a new vegan protein. It has a mix of pea, rice, cranberry, alfalfa and hemp protein. Tastes amazing. It's made by Genuine Health
  13. YES! kettlebells sound great to me! I know Mike Mahler swears by them.
  14. Hello everyone. I'm thinking of trying out this new cardio regime. I'm not a huge fan of endurance style cardio. I train heavy with weights 4 days a week. I would perform this routine on off days. I would LOVE to get some of your opinions. (all movements are done with body weight only) - prisoner Squat -- 30 secs on / 30 secs rest - push-ups -- 30 secs on / 30 secs rest - lunge twists -- 30 secs on / 30 secs rest - spider man push-ups -- 30 secs on / 30 secs rest - plank -- 60 secs hold rest a couple of minutes, then repeat thanks
  15. thanks! you've got some pretty good ideas..
  16. i've suffered from pretty tight hips and hamstrings for a long time. Most due to past hockey injuries and working behind a computer 9 hours a day. A physiotherapist suggested that I do static stretching everyday. I tried it for a while. It felt pretty good but i don't feel that it did much for me. I tried switching to a mix of dynamic stretches and calisthenics. I would focus on a deeper range of motion then i would when lifting heavy weights. I would use this as both a warm-up and recovery on off days. This helped much more then static stretching (for me anyways!).
  17. i think the question should not be "do Vegans lose thickness over omnivores?" but " do natural bodybuilders lose thickness over steroids users?" i personally see a lot of skinny fat guys at the gym, that brag about how many chicken breasts they ate today. I am no pro ... but i outweigh and definitely out lift them everyday! I feel that natural bodybuilding is all about getting a lot of Clean calories and lifting heavy weights. What difference does it make if one moron eats 25 chicken breasts and drink 2 gallons of whey or gets 125 g's of quality protein (that is packed with other nutrients as well!). How much can your body really use anyways??
  18. lol.... man, i did that once! I just threw the shaker bottle out. i don't store it in the fridge. i always forget it in my gym bag. thanks for all the pointers!
  19. So do you feel that the dynamic stretching helps with mobility/flexibility or is it just good for warming-up?
  20. Hello... I was wondering, do any of you stretch? I dynamically stretch as a warm-up but don't do any static stretching. Am i really missing out? I always felt that it made more sense to stretch in a controlled range of motion, replicating natural movements... any thoughts?
  21. Thanks. I've been drinking Manitoba Harvest with just water post workouts. I still haven't gotten used to it, (and i even gag a little when it gets to the bottom) i will try sweetening it with stevia and cocoa. Can i still mix these with just water or should i mix them with rice(soy) milk?
  22. Hey guys and gals Please help me out with this! As you may know, i'm trying to increase my protein as much as possible without drastically increasing my carbs as well. A simple solution: add more hemp protein! A problem: it tastes like poop. usually i mix it with orange juice. it still tastes pretty bad and i don't like adding extra sugar to my diet any advice? cheers
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