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  1. hello. i train pretty hard a few days a week. I love the basic compound lifts. I really don't enjoy traditional cardio (very boring) and i live in a climat where it is freezing most of the year, so outdoor cardio is impossible during the winter months. Plus, i've always heard that long steady cardio is catabolic. That makes sense to me as it primarily uses slow twitch muscles. Does anybody have any advice? Maybe some new cardio options? Anybody ever try Tabata intervals? Thanks
  2. Thanks! I am always trying find ways to help. I felt that using my resources would probably be best.
  3. awesome, glad to see another MTLer. So i guess you're just as cold as i am right now! i guess high calories is the only way to go.
  4. in case anyone is wondering that's a web ad i've used. i'm a graphic artist. I print and design animal rights t-shirts, then donate ALL the profits to shelters around montreal.
  5. That's me. Sorry, its the only pic i have on my laptop. I don't know what my bf% is. I have no clue how to calculate it.
  6. I train 4-5 times a week. High intensity rest-pause style (DC). I also perform HIIT cardio (Tabata method & bodyweight movements), 2 days a week. I've never used a food journal. How does it work?
  7. I did a lot of research before becoming vegan because i really believe in animal rights and felt like there was no other option for me! So i wanted to make the best out of it. I have a good knowledge of the best protein foods but i feel that now (that i've been putting my research into real practice!) that i'm finding it really hard to get 300 + g's of protein a day (i'm 240lbs) without eating thousands of carbs and/or nuts! I guess i could just drink hemp shakes all day ps I'm from Canada. cheers
  8. I eat mainly: - quinoa - barley - beans - lentils - brown rice ---------------------- - smoothie (hemp or vega, fruits, rice milk.) I usually prepare a mixture of the first 5 is a soup or salad and mix in veggies (broccoli, spinach, carrots). Plus i snack on nuts and fruits during the day.
  9. hello... i'm new to this forum but not to being vegan! I am 25 and have been vegetarian for at least 9 years and vegan 2. Currently I weigh 240lbs at 6 feet. I don't really consider myself a bodybuilder but i do train like one! My question is, after taking a closer look at my daily intake, i realized i only get about 100-125 g's of protein a day. I'm just wondering if you guys have any advice on getting my protein content up without increasing too many carbs!? I already take Vega, hemp protein and various amino acids. Thanks a lot.
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