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  1. Hey so im moving to brisbane annnnd i was wondering if there is anyone on here that could recommend a gym in or around the city? I was kind of hoping to join a gym that is vegan friendly...... thnx a million !
  2. bump. I'm 25/m and live on the NSW North Coast! My favourite things are burritos, San Antonio Spurs and watching charles barkley play golf haha.
  3. so my spurs are kinda stunned at the moment...it would be nice to see them get by the suns but its not looking good. I dusted off the Nash jersey this morning just in case. East coast...the magic are my pick
  4. the biggest gain that i have experienced since using nitrofusion has definately been my ability to make lots of liquid dissapear quickly. I'm going to have a crack and the beerbong in the next olympics, i'm a shoe in haha.
  5. sweet will give it a shot (fruit et al.)
  6. ok so ive just started up with nitrofusion again and well, it tastes bad. normally i can eat anything regardless of how gross is smells/tastes i just imagine like strawberries or soy choc ice cream etc. but nitrofusion is just plan dirty. I'm mixing a scoop and roughly 500ml of water to get it reasonably diluted, does anyone have any recipes or any mixing suggestions to make the taste of it bearable? I've tried soymilk and well that was more fail than win.
  7. hahahaha i saw these guys in las vegas when i was on holidays. trying to pick the best insult/counter arguement was too hard. Instead i just threw my burrito at them and used the c word fairly liberally. I feel i got my point across. i AM debating hahaha
  8. From as far as ai know most rooms have a sink and room to have like a microwave, so you can re-heat meals purchased out. Also what uni are you going to? I was at St. Cloud State in MN when it comes to food you can prepare boca burgers will go decent for a quick bite but most places you go to give you so much food you just take it home and eat it later and food isnt hat dear.
  9. so bodybuilding.com wont ship nitrofusion to australia, does anyone know why?
  10. who needs yao? more importantly who needs tmac? i didnt think the rockets would get anything done without him but artest and battier are playing out of their skins and brooks. oh my... hey quick question i live in australia and im flying into LA on june 10...assuming they have a day between games i will get in on game 3 ill be in la untill the 12th so anyways whats the chances of getting tickets and how much assuming the lakers make it all the way? if i cant make it to a lakers game ill go and see the dodgers play on june 10 or something.
  11. if the cavs dont make the finals it would nearly be as big of a choke as when the warriors ousted the mavs first round
  12. in order of preference i would like to see the following teams take home the trophy spurs celts magic hornets anyone else in contention ... Lakers ... ... ... Cavs
  13. hey Rob, what is the postage looking like for some Aussie shipping?
  14. garnett and duncan facing off would definately stretch 7 games as long as the spurs get healthy they can beat the lakers, watching kobe in the finals last year was kinda funny how he was all for team work but when his team was down he just wanted to do it himself. Cavs Lakers final would be pretty boring IMO, it might as well be Lebron and Kobe playing a game of horse.
  15. i concur i bought a 5lbs of mocha and at first it tasted like ass mixed with sand towards the end of the barrel it actually started tasting good
  16. try buy a microwave steamer i was in the same situation steam it then cut it then OM NOM NOM NOM
  17. sorry about the multitude of posts haha but my quote skills are basic at best. When asked of my diet i told her the following. 0600 I have a nitrofusion shake when i wake up (25g) 0630 eat bananas, peaches and apples for breakfast on the way to the gym (sugar for energy) 0700 lift workout at the gym 0830 (post shake has about 60g protein. 1tbps peanut butter + 2 scooy SPI + 1/2 cup soy milk + banana + 1 cup water) normally consumed this over an hour or two, from a bowl with a straw. i am all class. throughout the day i eat 5-6 handfuls of almonds normally about an hour apart 1200 - lunch (aim for some raw veggies and nuts OR soup OR burritos etc. 1600 - some form of cardio training (basketball/running) 1800 - dinner time, normally home made mexican/indian/or vegetables of fortune put on the stove with garlic and soy sauce. 2200 - nitrofusion shake (25g) i try and make a conscious effort to liberally eat nuts nd avacado as this is the easiest source of fat i can afford (am a student) I stick away from breads and pasta but eat rice if i need a meal base. i really envy you raw guys out there, more posting to be done but im going to see my town play basketball and give our rival town an absolute shellacking. Thanx heaps guys Peace!
  18. to paraphrase the naturopath she said that these 2 both have the same effects on skin but that the brain was unable to do anything with the oils as opposed to fish? Plz keep in mind that this is in relation to the mood swings that i was keen on at least moderating.
  19. Ok so i went to a naturopath today and besides being super expensive she was of the opinion that i needed to be eating fish (omega 3) and eggs (dont know why)... i mean obviously my health comes first and im not going to ruin my body but i only feel stronger and stronger about being a vegan every day, at the moment im eating plenty of fruit and veg with nuts and protein from shakes and tofu... My question here is that does anyone know of substitutes that can replace the fish oil and eggs and how/why? Does anyone have medical journals etc. proofing? Thanx in advance guys. Stay metal.
  20. I swear by that protein, although I am looking forward to trying the SunWarrior Rice protein and getting my hands on some hemp powder (not easy to find in Australia). Soyfreewarrior, I found mocha to be my least favourite, preferred van. choc. and berry personally Hey Joel, I'm located in australia also i just had a quick question. Where do you buy your nitro-fusion from? I bought some from bodybuilding.com not long ago and the service was great but i'm keen on trying to find it for less than what i paid ($AU110 ppd). Cheers mate.
  21. Lets talk phoenix suns. Shaq isn't getting younger and there is talk about amare not suiting up for them next year. Rob what are your thoughts? Would you trade steve nash?
  22. i managed to get some of the ALRI hyperdrive 3.0+ while they were still making it in the vegetable capsule. It makes you feel full thats for sure but it feels lke there is enough caffeine in here to give a junkie a faux fix. i took one at 10am yesteday when i got my lazy uni student ass out of bed and didnt ge tot bed untill 3am
  23. so half of australia is on fire and the other half is under water... its pretty shit that the fires have claimed so many lives however the boston globe has come up with some pictorials if anyone is interested http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/02/bushfires_in_victoria_australi.html
  24. spurs for the win... so are the spurs really that disliked as a team in the us? I only know a few nba heads here and they are all kobe and garnett kinda supporters. does anyone on here collect jerseys? i've started lately so far i have east prince - pistons - alt away (22) sheed - pistons - alt home (36) pippen - bulls - '96 finals away (33) boom dizzle - hornets - away - 1 (i think this was an east) west duncan - spurs - finals away (21) duncan - spurs - regular away (21) nash - suns - away (13) im hoping to pick up some more soon list still to come. hey while on the topic i've noticed adidas are starting to make synthetic leather kicks, are these down with the V? I've got a pair of gilzero mids in the royal blue...they are the most comfy shoe ever
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