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  1. Almost forgot my mighty awesome new shirt! http://cbob.kapsi.fi/pics/veganpolice3s.JPG
  2. Even tho I don't post here that often nowadays, I'm still hitting the gym as often as ever. As it's more about lifestyle and just physical activeness for me, I haven't gained that much over the past couple of years. Then again I was actually bit surprised when I took the last picture few days ago, as I actually do see some changes. What do comrades think? http://cbob.kapsi.fi/pics/prog.jpg
  3. Aaaannd I'm back, in just couple weeks! My previous introduction and training journal posts apparently got misplaced upon forum update, so here's a quick recap: I'm 29 year old guy living in Helsinki, Finland. Been vegan for almost six years now. In addition to gym I'm also quite active biker all year round, despite the snow and the ice. Regarding workouts I'm a strong believer in honest, hard work. Pain equals gain. Off to gym.
  4. Dear VBB, Even though I haven't been visiting you guys here at vbb.com for at least a year now, I have been pumping some serious iron. Pic from yesterday: http://www.nic.fi/~jaakkoko/temp/hiha.jpg Need to hit the sack right now but I'll be back sooner than you might expect, that's a promise!
  5. Dear Science, what a pics! I wish I had them as posters!
  6. Ok, got the point. I think I'll proceed with the width-plan right after this summer. Thanks xjohanx
  7. I gotta say I don't really get what you guys mean. You think I'm too small in general, or what? In addition to working out I'm also active in some other sports (mostly biking), so my ultimate goal is _not_ to get as big and wide as possible.
  8. Thanks, man! I was finally able to got some new ones, although I'm still slightly on the soft side for my taste. Here's a quick comparison/progression shot from my back. My bodyweight is within 1-2 kilos / 2 - 4 lbs in all of these. http://www.nic.fi/~jaakkoko/temp/beef/prog.jpg
  9. Yep, it's her. I'm pretty sure of it, 'cause I took the picture Do you come from Finland or what's going on? That's perfect finnish
  10. Yes, I'm still very much alive and kicking, even though I haven't been here for almost half a year. My civil service ended in last year's October and I returned to my real work right the next day. At work I jumped right in to a very urgent and challenging project, on which I worked like a madman until the end of February. Now it's pretty much complete and I'm working only the normal office hours. Luckily I like my work, even the crazy projects like that However, despite working so hard, I did manage to keep my gym schedules. I've worked out five or six times a week with very few exceptions and gained quite nicely; I'm currently seven kilos (~15 lbs) heavier than in August, when the body composition test was done. In pure strength that translates to 10-15% increase in practically all muscle groups. Currently I am already dieting the excess fat away, mainly by adding aerobics and carefully watching my carb intake. I'll post some new pics when there's something new to show Have a good one
  11. Thanks man, appreciated! I haven't focused to shoulders or arms that much in my workouts ever. Sure I like dips etc, but it's chest-, leg- and back stuff I really enjoy. I guess I'm just built this way.
  12. Here's one more from the back comp -shooting. I find symmetric things pleasing to eye and thus I had to post it http://www.nic.fi/~jaakkoko/temp/beef/back3.jpg
  13. Here's my entries, fresh out from the camera. Thanks to candyflip for shooting http://www.nic.fi/~jaakkoko/temp/beef/back2.jpg http://www.nic.fi/~jaakkoko/temp/beef/back1.jpg
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