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  1. So since your obviously going to stay busy no matter your workout routine whats easily accessable to you? A running path? A Pilates Program? Pushups and pullups? Maybe just finding something consistant to add to your life, 3 - 5 days a week may give you the edge youre looking for?
  2. Diet looks great..Love the diversity and yet simplicity! Wish I had this kinda time Im licky if I get to eat anything besides whe veggies and fruit or nuts!!! Any idea what your caloric intake is? Sounds like your workout schedule is pretty dedicated. What level of intesnsity and for how long would you plan in doing the cardio? Have you ever considered taking a class to shake things up or working at least thru an assesment with a trainer? Protein ahhh protein.. Okay heres my thoughts... My body can make its own, Ive monitored my bloodwork and NEVER been out of normal rangesbut when I try to do the fitness competition thing (which is so not my style but I do it because its a challenge for me...) or I do killer workouts with heavy emphasis on stregth training I try to throw some protein into my knext meal or if its super well planned Ill do some before or after... DoI need it? I dont know, Ive been mostly raw for a while now, and if I could financially find it feasible Id probably be a fruitarian... Does protein help me? I dont know.. Ive lived offa shakes, and Ive gone a week or so without taking hardly any in... So mmm I guess it depends on your goals and tastebuds... Alyx "Miss Luck" Hess, Cooper Certified Personal Trainer,Certifies Pilates and Yoga Instructor, Mixed Martial Arts Gym Owner and assistant Jui Jitsu Instructor, and Kickboxing Instructor Marathon Finisher
  3. Thanks for the morning talk, youll do wonderful.. Yeah for vegan ice cream!!! Proud of you dear and glad youre using my music again haha! <3 ya kiddo, call me after.
  4. Take a look at my blog - I am by no means perfect... But go more raw less processed more water to lose, more protein and processed to gain.... And lemme think about it more when not sick.
  5. What exactly are you goals? Be prescise... And what are you doing different now than before?
  6. Hi, and welcome. 1) super stoked to hear you are again trying veganism.. 2) caesin and all dairy is evil! 3) whats your current workout program look like? How often and what do you focus on... 4) whats your daily diet looking like?
  7. Just wanted to pop in and say Im proud of you, that you are wonder woman but better, and hi!
  8. 16 oz water 2 raw bars 4 x 16 oz chai sun tea 2 slices ezekial, 1 avacado, 1 tomato, handful of sprouts, 1/2 cucumber, and 1 pickle 32 oz water 1 big bowl of raw soated oats... a lil icky but a decent dinner, great practice, then sick??? Puked... Ate corn and a tomato, instantly sick again??? Can't stop puking... Water and juice... Gonna be a long night. Just read this on bb.com "Our Arnold, whose arms are heavy, Vascular be thy veins Nine sets of lunges, ten reps be done, To add girth as it is to strengthen. Give us this day our daily protein, and forgive us our fats, As we forgive those who eat fat too. And lead us not into overtraining, nor deliver us pizzas, For thou art the king of the dumbell, the power clean, and the steroids forever, Amen. " HAHAHAHA Made my day.
  9. Kicking ass! Super proud of you. Stick with it, try not to be so hard on yourself - you are doing great!
  10. Great log I freaking love the layout and preciseness of it.. Will give more input in a fewdays/week when I see what seems to be your "norm"
  11. Yeh buddy! Call/text after you eat and after the show lemme know how it went!
  12. Another day... Just chillaxin at work - starving! lol 8 oz coffee 32 oz of chai tea...
  13. Wow ate way too much last night, but thats the benefit of not cutting currently, Im not stressing it, my weight is still below my normal walk around weight so Im doing alright.. Monday 32 oz of chai sun tea with agave 2 slices of ezekial ( I really need to get back to raw!!!) 1/3 cup of oatmeal 32 oz H2O 32 oz chai 3 servings of cashews.. 540 cal, only 18 g protein... whoops. 32 oz of water 2 small potatoes 4 hour mma practice, 16 minutes of circuit, break then 24 minutes.. Then rolling and technique. 7 slices ezekial, 2 corn cobs.
  14. Sunday Woke up, had a 16 oz strawberry juice, 4 oz orange juice, and 6 oz of pineapple juice, and about 32 oz of water 1 pear few handfuls of peanuts a nap... 2 mile jog, 2 mile walk with my buddy Justin 2 hours of grappling practice, more technique and strategy than anything super intense.. 2 potates, 1 tomato, 3 slices of ezekial, and a bowl of grean beans 1 more potato.. bedtime
  15. Woke up with a good yoga sess - does anyone else ever get stuck with sun salutations because they feel so damn great??? * I hope Elena does well today- fuck Im frusterated with the online flack and bs...* Chewed and handful of coffee beans 3 slices ezekial with 2 tomatoes 2 slices ezekial with 2 tomoatoes 1 bowl salad - lettuce, raw corn, tomatoes, baby onions, and 1 avacado Got off work, went to the fights...had a few okay 4 wheat based beverages, drank bout half a galllon of water and went to bed at 6am after eating a salad and 2 corn tortillas...
  16. Bowl of blueberries, and a handful of carrots.. weird combo lol. Raw "tortillsas" -2 tomato, 1/2 cucumber, handful of sprouts, lettuce 8 oz coffee ( i know.... ) raw bar trying to catch up on water.... and get thru my afternoon/evening slump - looking forward to a kickass practice! Hit the bag, 4 -5 mile run One of those times I wasnt planning to eat but one of my buddies showed up at my casa with bean, tomato, and lettuce tostadas and bean burritos for me.... so duh!!
  17. No it was a shit deal - one of my fighters used a page of mine bloodwork unbeknownced to me and the commission put me on suspension for it since Im team manager... Really frusterated!
  18. Woke up multiple times thru the night, didnt sleep well think it was all the processed food? Or the guilt of pigging out?? lol So got up, did a little Yoga... Chai tea, with sugar Yep sure did....made like suntea? 3/4 bowl soaked oats and chopped japolenos chai tea, no sugar just made it like suntea?? Craving salt?? Weird??? 3 raw potatoes with salt, and 2 slices of ezekial with salted tomato on them... (over several hours not all at once haha) Good practice, sparred hard and trained my 125 kid for his fight next weekend hard hard... 2 slices ezekial, green beans..
  19. Fight Cancelled... weight 124.2 At work trying to decide what I going to eat lol.. 1.5 cups of raw oats soaked with diced japelones 1 large bowl of soaked pinto beans. 1/2 head of romaine lettuce several handfuls of green peanuts 4 slices ezekial (mental crisis = fat kid behavior) 2 kombuchas
  20. 4-13-10 Weight 125.2 8 oz oj, 8 oz pineapple, few sips of water 6 oz coffee (trying not to do so much today at 8:00 at work) 24 oz tea 32 oz H2o 8 oz oj, 8 oz pineapple 20 minutes on recumbant bike at 13:00 Weight 127.0 Yikes. 8 oz oj, 8 oz pineapple Midafternoon (16:45) slump so had 32 oz of cold water! wake up whoot whoot! Still way behind on the h2o! 18:00ish tired slump another 32 oz of cold H2O Trained.. sorta.... Shit going on and my heads not right, now not even sure if I fight...
  21. <3s GSPs calm and anyone from a wrestling background for "not doing much" aka being some of the smartest fighters on the planet!
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