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  1. Doing great, still here... reading. Grumpy and Stressed, but here. Shoot me a text and break up my work day hell sometime... Whats your daily diet intake looking like now?
  2. On a juice fast!!!! ADVICE ANYONE? This morning coffee yes I know not the rawist.... 24 oz of coffee, 8 oz pineapple juice, 12 oz orange juice., 16 oz water. Lunch 20 minutes on recumbant bike, 8 oz oj, 8 oz pineapple... 32 oz water. Mid afternoon/early evening 32 oz of water Dinner 8 oz of pineapple and 8 oz of oj Training Plans 7:30 - 10 pm mma with 24 minutes of circuit and 1- 2 hours of sparring and juijitsu aka grappling and rolling.... with breaks of course! Some water after, not as much as I should have. BTW Im hungry and grumpy but amazingly functional - help here people!! How far behind am I on water 128 oz = a gallon... mmm 112 planned plus 60 other... to 172 hmm will try to drink during practice then do the 32 or plus post practice... hate water loading to cut weight!!! a gallon is easy when im not trying I swear... but trying to reach two.... kills me!!!
  3. Spirilina is yummy? Are u on drugs? If so what kinds!?! Its terrible!! I still have most that u sent me lng btw!! I only choke it down when I feel its absolutely necessary! 95 -99/ raw here.. Het back to it cuz!!! will add you Victoria Conde
  4. ot asked about diet pills called arson? Thought anyone? Haven't done research yet just remember thought I'd ask... Welll let's see, gyms open its chaos but going well.. Still mostly raw except when I randomly say fuck it and eat a cooked vegan meal.. As always completely vegan.. Major mma fight vs elena reid in a few weeks + ug she's a beast.. Other than that.. Training, starving, and obviously can't slEep.. Life is good! :j_
  5. I'm outta cherries jubilee too and kinda wanna cry. the store here changed owners and they haven't received a shipment so I'm doing without - not raw neways, sigh... Proud of you. Keep going with the cardio - relayed that to our email fan dude lol... And thank for today soRry I was a bitch we all know I don't diet well. Fml well back to trying to sleep.. Oh btw Kody said ure a beast and way to go abbilicious... I think my husbands a lil gauy for ur abs haha. Well okay bedtime.. And btw ne1 that reads this I'm bi so not being rude about the gay thing just stating a fact! Kk ttyt
  6. Next fight april 17th against elena reid in north dakota - whoot whoot! Time to get weight low - 115 and hands heavy!!!
  7. Lol that was it that day ended up. Having fruit before bed. Then got back on track...
  8. Rough day today... Lol totally not raw... 2 pots of coffee, a slice of ezekial, 2 tomatoes, and tea. No training at all. Rotfl ahhh well... Good thing I've got a few weeks to refocus re fights reno april 3rd and north dakota thje 17th. Part 2 - thanks jimi got kody motivated went to gym got a few miles done and a lil abb workout. Sweet
  9. Hey grump! Why is it we always argue on here??? Lol u look good re the ab pic... U should post em.. And hey stay with it. You got this almost there! Part two of this post - love that u can edit later.. 1) wtg on the cardio today ur my hero! 2) thnx for motivating Kody got to go to gym ran a coupla miles and then got a lil lift in...
  10. Just a thought. Not everyone is perfect, learn to take a outsiders criticism as gentle critique, and smile try to be nice to your clients - they may nbe flawed, but they pay your bills... Just smile ya grump.
  11. Today - grapefruit, orange, sunflower seeds, walnuts... 2 hours late a grapefruit.... Then dinner brocolli and almonds... Chest tris n shoulders - then calves n abs...then stand up n ground work... Now more fruit water n bed!
  12. Had our first team workout there. Only bout a third of the stuff we'll have is there but was great to be in the facility..
  13. Gym officially opened yesterday to the team to the public with a few weeks... Pretty stoked! Anyone got any great vegan or fitness related things to put up or add to gym?? Ideas etc.
  14. Hey cuz, just wanted to pop in a say hello... Opening the gym monday - need to stock up to distibute for vpro. .. Call me about that when u ve got time. Other than that sorry I've been so busy lately - really wanting to come visit and do a super show end of the year august - dec... Let me know. Well talk to u soon! Send dani my love!!
  15. Good luck! Looking forward to hearing how ur workout goes!
  16. Loving it! Way to go raw! Let me know.. Wats ur daily intake look like? Just curious...
  17. aluck


    Welcome and congrats! Great to have you!!!
  18. Back to cutting weight slowly for some main events... 2 protein shakes a day, 2 bananas and a little sugar in each. One meal, but a good one - like today it was a raw carrot raisin cake, and a raw burger and salad from tasty harmony my fav vegan restaurant. .. 6 hours of training.. Ug
  19. Got team name tatted this am... Lifted chest n tris heavy... some abs still painfully sore from body conditioning 2 days before... Taught some basi JuiJitsu. Hit Mitts and Bags. Headed back to do circuit training and hit mitts and bags and spar again... FML Tired... King of the Cage Feb 27th.
  20. I know right! Lol If I could just clone myself... Haha yeah rigght thatd be the end of the world!
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