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  1. Third in Fitness Overall. Second in Fitess Couple. John won Mens Model Search Mens Fitness... Vegan Proteins got thanks like 18 times it was hilarious.
  2. Hey buddy, when I told you I WAS going is when it was confirmed. I will def see you in Boston this month. Happy October! Saw 6 comes out then too. Yeah me training chest is a must. Hey if you can find me out how to pull some footage off of one of my dvd's I can post video of my two last shows. Its a mpeg-2 dvd so... Will you copy those for me please?
  3. Torrington wyomin. Lol thought. More money on fake tanning this month then rent.
  4. Hey there yal. . So i show tomorrow. Feeling good, if not dehydrated. Raw is hard to dehydrate on. I'm living off food full of water. Been on a whole foods kick no protein supplements mistake maybe easier to live with definately. I fight oct seventeenth, then a huge fight nov fourteen if you aren't comin out for denver show. I need to know jimi before i sign contracts. . . Well. . Off to spray tan, train a client, dye hair and cut maybe?, massage someone, then down to competition check in.
  5. Thanks, all the photos I have ( so far) are on my facebook... Find me on those!
  6. www.jefftaylor.com all our local shows, gotta go back to work. thanx yal.
  7. Try biting it? Lol. at least you arent fighting the protan battle... And with the nipple could you remove mine from here at least... Tired of hearing about that pic... Zack and my mother! Jesus. Perverts. Quit looking. Glad your moving your fat ass... its still a little numb. I decided to tackle some legs today. I started off with some squats. Didnt go past 135lbs. Went low and slow. Then did lying hamstring curls. Seated calf raise. Leg Xtns. Then shot some hoops in the gym. Took it easy and will go back tomorrow for some upper.
  8. I appreciate you deleting that. We dont wanna get into a mudslinging tourament. We both know Id win. You dirty fo. And by the way kiss my ass. Okay over it. You coming out for Nov 15?
  9. Like I said, learned a lot. Lot to do. Getting back to normal first, then if I show again Oct 34 or Nov 15th itll be here, at home. Well Denver... But no big deal there...
  10. Did well. Didnt take top five, but still super happy with whole deal... Ropeman (Ty Fielder) who ran the first show I was at was here, as a judge... Told me I had come an long way in a short amount of time... That I looked good etc.... And I ran into a competitor who is a judge for local Denver shows, and he's willing to work with me as well... Vegan hat rocked it out during fitness routine, talked to a lot of people about lifestyle etc... And today if my first offically raw day... Whoot whoot. Back to site seeing, more when home! Love yall!
  11. Glad you're back on track yo... Did you lose sensitivity? Now thats the $100 question?
  12. Woke up, slept about 10 hours. Chewed some coffee beans. Walked and ran a mile.. Time for smoothie, and aspargus. Walked 3 plus miles. Signed in, feel good. Ate quinoa, tofu, spinach, and kombucha. Walked 1 mile. Hit bag, ran, lifted at church street (mecca) for about 1 and a half hours. Walked 2 miles. Ate Tofu, Quoina, and Kombucha. Walked 2 miles. Ran for 5. Lifted at David Barton. Then did stairmaster for 5. Had 1/2 a cup of tea. Walked 2 miles spray tanned. Jogged a mile back to hotel.
  13. Thanks for all the votes of confidence.. hard work ehh no as usual been slacking, but trying last minute to pull it together. Flew in the Newark... Had to throw a classic high maintenance fit, but both tickets were first class... Okay my client rocks even if she did almost give me a heart attack. Jersey was well typical - ew. Here in NYC now, just got in, went to downtown WHole Foods ( can we saw heaven cant wait to eat on Sunday! ), got a little circuit upper body workout in, nothing intense, just enough to wear off the raw coffe beans Ive been chewing on lol. Tomorrow - check in.. Lets see how far behind I am... Besides 5 years, 6 months of steriod use, and 2 fake boobs... lol. Other than that, hopefully my routine will stnad up, I dont care about the figure portion, Im natural, Im young, and I know Im too lazy for diet or religious cardio.. However, I do want to match up on the athletic part of this crap... So off to bed. Will keep yall utd!
  14. Up most the night. Bed around 12 last minute packing and crisising on phone to Giacomo - thank you cuz.... , by 1 guns doors getting kicked in pit bulls going crazy, fights, then the police questioning neighbors and banging on doors til 4.... Said to hell with it gym at 5... 1 hour 15 minutes high intensity heavy lifting... Water restriction has begun... Brocolli raw, spirilina, and soy protein for breakfast. Ew. Flight liaves at noon to arrive around 6pm. Boyfriend goign with, if his ticket is there when we get to airport ( keeps fingers crossed)... Found another hotel... Cheapest with 3 miles, thats not a hostel ( where I wanted to stay but boyfriend balked) so 1,100 later..... Puke. Will be borrowing protan from a girlfriend I met in Atlanta... Forearms cramping trying to type. F water restriction... More when I can.
  15. Last minute changes. Client traveling with me just cancelled this evening. Have to do all kinds of airline changes and get boyfriend to get out of work... Fun. Hotel changes. Crisis when I least needed it. Like Under 30 bucks in bank account. Flying out tomorrow am. Stress level = red zone. Good thing I needed to quit eating and drinking anyways. We sacrifice for the things we love right?
  16. I will and I love to! Went to vegan raw restaurant last night - wow. Loved it! Making the commitment to myself to offically be raw whenever possible... Its been 60 - 80 %.... going to step it up.
  17. Are you wanting more speed? To maintain speed? More stamina for extra distance? What does your training look like now?
  18. Hows veg fest? Totally jealous and thanks for the pics fyi.
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