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  1. Okay, so 4 months in and I am doing everything wrong... missing workouts, missing meals, missing sleep. Seems like it was a full time job when I was doing well, and I did go up about 15 pounds, but now am down 8 from that. Unless I can get on schedule, progress will be slow to non-existant. Also can't find my camera...
  2. Anyone ever get this comment? I once got it from 3 different people on the same day after saying I don't like mayonnaise. I looked at the ingredients and it's almost exactly the same thing. In reality I just don't trust any white sauce because a guy I used to know used to make jokes about "jack sauce" and I just couldn't bring myself to eat it... but still if I don't like mayonnaise, why the hell would I like miracle whip?
  3. I was supposed to post more pics a week ago now, but maybe it's not necessary. I think I notice a difference in tone and definition, but not enough to be obvious. I have definitely gotten stronger though, as my weight and reps have increased to where I'm doing 12-15 reps of a weight I couldn't even push up once when I tried two or three weeks ago. I haven't transitioned to a vegan diet, instead eating about the same amount of meat for main meals and just a lot of fruit meals inbetween. That's another reason I wonder if I should even bother posting pics, but maybe it's okay to add some every 3 or 4 months. Since I'm not even trying to be vegan though, I guess it doesn't belong. One thing this did do is make me realize how much I love bananas, strawberries, and drinking water... but I'm a little paranoid about going vegan, especially raw vegan as I find it very difficult to snack on raw vegetables. I tried to eat a bowl of cucumber and mushrooms, and half way through felt like I swallowed a bar of soap. I haven't found a place to get bulk nuts etc, but right now it's seeming full raw is just not possible.
  4. Sorry I misinterpreted the post... wow, I have no idea. Would rice and pea protein be raw?
  5. I tried one raw protein powder with a bunch of different sprouts and other things. The taste is okay, but the powder isn't very soluble, so I just mix it with raw hemp protein. The hemp protein is great tasting, actually makes a smoothie or milkshake taste creamier, and the consistency isn't bad at all. I heard hemp has the best protein of any plant. Advantage: hemp.
  6. My program is just to lift as heavy as I can with good form and keep it under 45 minutes, and around 3 days recovery. Right now it's the dirt-and-rock milk jugs I made, and watching dumbbell vids on Youtube. Just ordered some 40lb adjustable dumbbells on ebay for $30 though...
  7. Thanks, I did at least build up more of an appetite and am getting ready to hit the supplements pretty hard. Hopefully my metabolism gears down after a while...
  8. I don't know how this works as a weight gain supplement, but I got some raw protein powder from the distributor Garden of Life, that has like 15 types of raw organic protein. I also have some hemp protein. Looks like there is a good bit of carbs in these powders. Then I got creatine and glutamine, and a liquid B12. Just deciding how to take the stuff now.
  9. I am worried that I will lose weight by bodybuilding... especially if I stop eating meat, but even eating meat and junk food my body burns off way too many calories. I think I am going to rely heavily on supplements, at least in the beginning, if I want to actually grow. Are there any raw plant-based weight gain supplements, that actually work?
  10. I wanted to document my transformation on here. Just started getting active again, this would be pretty much "normal" shape for me... I have probably never been much bigger than this, although the flash hides a lot of definition. Nonetheless, you get the idea. I will be using the next month to transition towards a mostly raw diet, and also transition away from marijuana smoking. I hope to stick with it for at least a year and see how much mass I can gain, if any. I think I am about as "ectomorph" as it gets, so... Without further ado, here's the foundation I'm working with...
  11. I am gonna post pics and progress on the first of every month, will start that the next day or two. I was thinking about making a meal log but didn't know if I would have time. I have been following the fruitarian diet mostly, with a little bit of miscellaneous junk inbetween. I'm hoping to transition the rest of the way within the next month. I also got a refrigerator/water dispenser which I stocked with fruit, right next to my TV and gaming chair, and it even can make scalding hot water if I want. The water wasn't too expensive either, bought it from Lowes and it was $12 for the 3 gallon bottle, that's if you keep the bottle. The dispenser is third hand, got it for $40. I couldn't decide what gym to join, as none are very close by, and I didn't feel like going to buy dumbbells from Kmart at the time, so I made weights out of milk jugs filled with rocks and dirt, and am using an elastic belt to lift with less strain. I suppose I will be putting some time aside in the next couple of days building a ghetto gym. I guess that means I am running out of excuses.
  12. I decided to do the raw vegan/fruitarian diet. I plan to eat mainly whole fruit monotone meals, meaning a bunch of the same fruit, with nuts, seeds, or some other fruit as a palate cleanser or acid absorber when needed, and I am going to employ subtle speed eating techniques to put down lots of food quickly before I start to feel full. I will prep certain meals in advance so I won't fall behind because of procrastination. Trying to think of how to work in powder or liquid supplements as needed... maybe a smoothie or some kind of nut and dressing concoctions, I can just and stir in the supplements later into any moist stuff. I live somewhat near a farmers market, so I will just find someone to give me good bulk deals and I will probably not spend as much as my usual groceries, especially since a lot of the time it would be at restaurants because of my laziness. When I go to restauraunts with my family, I plan to ask for a giant whole tomato salad with onions and radish on the side and they may be able to acomodate.
  13. I posted on this forum in Jan 2009 saying I wanted to build muscle, but I had no self-discipline and never got into it. Now I'm getting back into it with an actual strategy, but I've been eating meat for almost every meal lately. I need to know exactly what to eat every day of the week, and more importantly how much at a sitting. I'm interested in the raw diet, but I get the feeling I can't eat enough food in a day. Help?
  14. I'm extremely skinny, so it's critical to build up my forearms and wrists. I don't want to sacrifice speed for size, though. What are the best ways to do this? Any links for me?
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