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  1. Volare, sung by Dean Martin. But when I'm working out, the gears shift to metal. Definitely My Apocalypse by Arch Enemy. Great rhythm for any reps.
  2. That sounds really good. I've taken to baking falafel instead of frying. Even with canola oil, that grease can wreak havoc on your digestive system.
  3. Ni Hao! Having been in your position, I can say that easing back into exercise routines really helps to build momentum. If you remember any of your routines and forms, that's great. If not, maybe just some stretching and practicing basic moves and combos would get those muscle memories resurfaced. Are you going to enroll in a school? The important thing is to set your goals, take baby steps, be consistent, and don't stress if you miss a day. Good luck!
  4. Hi, Guys! I ran across this website by lucky accident, and I'm so glad I did. I'm not vegan, but I've recently come to the realization that I eat too much red meat, and with high cholesterol a potential health problem in the future, it's time to get my protein from other sources. I do enjoy fish and chicken, but with vegan cooking so abundant and tasty, especially in LA, it's time to re-evaluate my diet. I hope we can share some ideas and recipes, as I love to cook. What is it they say? Something-percent of bodybuilding takes place in the kitchen. These days I don't bodybuild, per say. In my younger days I was into heavy lifting, and at 127 lbs. and 5'5" (I'm about 130 today; not bad after 13 years), I was benching 205, squatting 225, and deadlifting 250. I was also starting to have some back and joint problems, and my doctor said I should ease up. Since that time in 1999, I've recuperated my back, and do more strength training, including weighted and unweighted dip and pullup routines, various weighted and unweighted pushup routines, handstand pushups, dumbbell work, ab routines, and some exercises I learned in kung fu training. Though I'm not the gorilla I once was, I'm pleased with the results of my work, all done at home for free, and feel strong and healthy. I've never liked running (I don't even own sneakers), but I walk everywhere and am sure to walk after lunch every day for 30 minutes. Yes, people do walk in LA. So, I hope we can learn from each other here and share our passion for fitness.
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