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  1. "The following are some of the vitamins you need to consume during pregnancy: •Vitamin A is used in the development of skin and mucous membrane cells. You’ll need between 4,000 and 5,000 IU each day." "Supplementation of 8,000 IU vitamin A (as retinol/retinyl esters) per day should be considered the recommended maximum prior to or during pregnancy until further evaluations can be performed in the human population. It is important to determine the type of vitamin A consumed, since beta-carotene has not been associated with vitamin A toxicity in animals or man. Manufacturers of vitamin A (as retinol or retinyl esters) should lower the maximum amount of vitamin A per unit dosage to 5,000-8,000 IU (1,500-2,400 RE) and identify the source of the vitamin A. High dosages of vitamin A as retinol/retinyl esters (25,000 IU or more) are not recommended. Labeling of products containing vitamin A supplements (as retinol/retinyl esters) should indicate (a) that consumption of excessive amounts of vitamin A may be hazardous to the embryo/fetus when taken during pregnancy; and (b) that women of childbearing potential should consult with their physicians before consuming these products. Dr. Larry Gilstrap of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists was quoted as saying (USA Today), "We want to reassure women that the amount (of vitamin A) in their prenatal vitamin is safe, and so is the amount they're likely getting from their diet.'' Gilstrap went on to say that vitamins given to pregnant women usually contain 4,000-5,000 IU. Dr. Gilstrap considered this amount of vitamin A to be sufficient because it leaves room for dietary sources of vitamin A such as meat and dairy products. "
  2. Ok I misread something somewhere then. You are right. Im only eating one scoop a day. I think after calling a few different OBs now and the company and trying to find something that says not too. I will use it. Right now its either that or starve to death.
  3. wow I was just reading an about a woman (like myself) who could NOT take prenatals and her OB was THRILLED when she brought in the vega and she was told to use it in place of prenatals.....
  4. Ok so I contacted the company and they said it was safe......... the reason this is such a pickle is because it is currently the ONLY thing I dont throw up. I have lost 6lbs so far from morning sickness and this is the ONLY thing that sticks around. If you have never been pregnant you can not possibly understand how awful the sickness can be.
  5. So I was looking at the nutritional info and for the 2 scoop serving it says it gives 40% of RDA for vitamin A. I have only ever used one scoop in a smoothie for breakfast...... my OB is not familiar with the product. Clearly I will no longer use it until I know for sure.
  6. The point of the question was to find out if there even was a risk.
  7. WHOO HOO!!! thats what I thought but I wanted to be sure!!!! thanks!
  8. Hey everyone I have a question. I searched online and of course I am going to email the company but I wanted to see if anyone here knew the answer. Is vega safe for pregnant women? The website says it is great for everyone but doesnt specifically mention pregnant women. Asking my doctor sounds like a good idea but my doc has never heard of vega and freely admits that doctors have very litttle training in nutrition. Thanks!
  9. I LOVE prenatal yoga and pilates!!! I actually plan to keep running, my doc said it was ok Oh and def no laying on my back.
  10. It was over a month ago. Now I am preggers again so I am sticking to low weight and many reps I am actually seeing a great difference
  11. I could never smoke after finding about about Philip Morris. It really freaked me out.
  12. WOW!! congrats!!! This will be my 3rd!
  13. Yay! I think I am pregnant. I took a test yesterday and it was positive and i am going to take another one today and then call my doctor on tuesday! This would be wonderful. Baby #3 wow.
  14. Thanks I already am in therapy! It is so so. Right now I would like to gain some muscle, I have excellent endurance but since just having a miscarriage I have a little extra weight I need to shed. Im in limbo.
  15. Yeah, I need a break. I decided to do some online personal training because I have gone as far as I can myself, I need a fresh set of eyes.
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