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  1. I would like to start boxing. I used to box for a little while as a younger teenager and I wasnt very good at it because after getting a second degree black belt I could NOT keep BOTH my hands in front of my face for the life of me. Now it has been over 10 years and I have been thinking about it a lot. My husband is very supportive and I just emailed several of the boxing gyms/clubs in my area. I am nervous though, my anxiety wants to prevent me from going through with it. I REALLY want this. I have not told anyone because (I know this is stupid) I dont want to be made fun of. I need some support, advice anything, help me out!
  2. Its in Moscow. When is the one on wilkes-barre, maybe I will run that one.........
  3. So I have decided to run a half marathon in the beginning of September and then the biggie, the Houston marathon on January 30th 2011. I have a whole bunch of 5ks in between. I am excied, my best friend lives in texas, it will be great to see hima nd his wife. I have been running for a few years now and I finally feel like I am ready for longer races. I have a training plan from runnersworld and I am of course going to keep up with my weight training.
  4. Hi everyone. I want to reintroduce myself since the last time I was on here was December. I have had just a ton of personal stuff going on, we moved, I had 2 miscarriages which put a halt to my work outs, I went back to college for a degree in exercise physiology. Now its almost summer and I really want to get my butt back into a routine. I was still working out through out most of this (when health would allow) but it was not the same. I am a 25 year old married mom of 2. I live in Kingston PA. I have decided to run the Houston marathon in 2011. My best friend lives in Houston and it would be great to see him. My workout history includes being an obese teenager, becoming vegan, losing the weight, maintaing for 6 years getting married and preggers and gaining 80lbs after 2 pregnancies, losing 80lbs and taking an extreme instrest in healthy eating and working out. I love running, pilates, yoga, and strength training.... oh and of course hiking.
  5. Anyone in north east PA?? I moved here a few years ago from NY and I have not met anyone
  6. I added myself. I am in wilkes-barre PA!
  7. It was at the PP&L riverlands park in berwick. I love fraces slocum though.
  8. I hope this is ok to post here. I was wondering what everyone is doing for Thanksgiving? Are you being good or digging into the vegan mashed taters? I am running in the morning and I have a pretty healthy menu planned for my family but I make no promises
  9. So my computer crashed and burned a few weeks ago and I was unable to post my pics of Mike and I running the great pumpkin run 5k. My time was terrible but I wasn't really trying because I had had a miscarriage 5 days before the race so I have put the time thing out of my head (lol and yes my doc said I could run) but I still wanted to share my pics. Mike is my cave husband. He dressed up, I wasn't totally in the spirit. Sorry you can totally see his man boob. I am running the "perky turkey" 5k this sunday. I am looking forward to it.
  10. That is a funny looking back ! thanks everyone!
  11. thanks! 2 days out of the hospital and I went back to walking everyday and then after my 6 week PP check up in August 08 I started running and I was cleared work out again. So about 10 and a half months.
  12. have you changed up your training style and diet than to get all jacked? I am working on it. I am really good at losing weight but after that I am lost..........
  13. Thanks everyone! I worked so hard! Now I want to really build some muscle!
  14. my son is one year on the 23rd.(I also have a 2 year old!!!) I am now 117.4 lbs. My goal is to build muscle and really define my body. what do you all think? where i started around 180lbs
  15. Super troopers. It was filmed in my home town. M's cozy corner was a real place. Now its a medical supply store
  16. Here are my before and afters this morning jan 2009 3 months after baby #2 septemberish 2008 3 weeks after giving birth July 2008
  17. Hi I dont mind sharing pics at all... I cant figure out how too do it though. I read the FAQ and I am still not sure....
  18. I dont mind I ate some of that annies mac and cheese ocasionally they first pregnancy (ok like every night) but other then that I had no animal products. My second pregnancy I was vegan.
  19. Thank you! that picture was new years eve. I have to take some new picture. I took before pictures and even though I am midway I would still like to post now and thens. My only problem now is my "mommy tummy". stretching too accomodate a child is bad but then weight loss really makes it awful!
  20. HI everyone! My name is katheryne and I am 24 years old. I am married, live in PA (Im from NY though!!)and I have 2 kids. Autumn is 2 in feb and Logan is 7 months. I have been vegan since I was in highschool but I never liked fitness until about a year ago. I was the fat kid that got tortured in HS and then I went vegan (i did a paper....) and I lost all the weight in a month without even trying. I got pregnant after I got married and I packed on the pounds like nobodys business.(from 115-189) It was horrible. I left the hospital weighing MORE then when I went in!!! 189lbs too be exact. On 5'3" this is awful! I locked myself away and didnt do anything. 6 months after giving birth too autumn I decided too get my rear in gear and get up. I started walking everyday with the stroller (when you are a mom its hard too find other stuff too do). I got down too 145lbs and found out i was pregnant again. This time though I ate really well and I walked everyday and did prenatal pilates and yoga. I didnt do so bad. I ended at 173lbs. I had my son at 37 weeks in june 08 (i walked 3 miles the day I gave birth too him) and I promised myself this time would be different. Im only 24! I didnt want too be one of those moms who has a 3 year old and cries about pregnancy weight. So I started looking up everything I could about fitness and losing the weight. I do EVERYTHING. my husband and I ran our first 5k in october (I was 4 months postpartum!!) and I do a variety of dvds, cardio, I LOVE yoga, and pilates, I have also started training with weights and I see a difference already. My goal is too step onto the beach this summer in a white bikini. I am now down too 131 and I fit in my size 3's again but there is still alot of work ahead. I am a chef but I do not work currently, my husband is very supportive of my new goals. My diet is pretty much all organic (thank god for wegmans) and I make everything from scratch. Its mostly fruits and veggies, and whole grains, nuts all that. I have no problem eating a vegan diet I just need too figure out what makes my body work best for fitness. I look forward too meeting new friends. thanks for reading This is me this morning. This is me 3 weeks postpartum after my 2nd baby july 2008
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