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  1. Do some light discotraining and you feel more motivated and your back might get some time to recover.
  2. I did 6 weeks of dumbell presses without back support instead of military press, that took me over my plateau. But pushpress and other variations is probably equally good. The only thing with push press is that it is depressing to go down in weights again when you switch back.
  3. Nice already see some nice improvements on your benchpress.
  4. Dude you need to stop squating before the benchpress we all know that benchpress is more important than squats
  5. Workout C WU = Warmup Set WK = Work Set Bench Press (Smithmachine) WU 40kg x 10, 60kg x 8, 80kg x 6 WK 100kg x 5, 100kg x 5, 100kg x 5 Then I got upset on the smithmachine so I decided to do incline bench instead with a free barbell and no smithmachine crap. Incline Bench Press WU 50kg x 10, 80kg x 5 WK 5 x 5 @ 85kg Barbell Row WU 40kg x 10, 60kg x8 WK 5 x 5 @ 90kg Dips WK BW x 27 Abs Comments: Nice workout, the rows was a little bit hard since my legs and back was sore since workout B but it was ok. I will also only do incline bench now since I am so tired of the smithmachine.
  6. Workout B WU = Warmup Set WK = Work Set Squat WU 20kg x 10, 40kg x 10, 55kg x 8, 70kg x 6 WK 5 x 5 @ 90kg Deadlift WU 70kg x 8, 100kg x 4 WK 5 x 5 @ 120kg Abs Comments: Well I hate this day, I started pretty low at 90kg on the squats since It was awhile since I did squats and 5x5 is somehow different for what I usually do. However they felt good and I will bump the weight 5kg next week. Deadlifts are always hard after squats when you are not used to it. Hopefully it will be better in a couple of weeks and gonna bring camera next week to check out my technique aswell.
  7. Have a nice holiday and eat alot of junk food now .
  8. Workout A WU = Warmup Set WK = Work Set Seated Shoulder Press Front Without Backsupport WU 20kg x 10, 30kg x 8, 40kg, 6 WK 5 x 5 @ 55kg Pull Ups WU 40kg x 10, 60kg x 8, BW x 6, BW+5kg x 5 WK 5 x 5 @ BW + 10kg Abs Comments: Was a little bit afraid since I had problem with my hands this weekend. But this exercises went well and hopefully they are fully recovered until Thursday so I can do deadlifts. The weights I choose was pretty much spot on I had to struggle with the last repetitions on the last to sets in both exercises so I am looking forward to next weeks increase.
  9. He seems to have problems with wrestlers or he's takedown defense just sucks since it seems whenever someone shoots they get him down. To bad about the loss anyway.
  10. Grymt, hojta till när du är tillbaka i Sthlm så hookar vi. And an update, seems like all the crazy digging I did last week caused me an injury. My left hand is swollen and can't really bend my fingers. So if it's not better until tomorrows training I will have to figure out something else this week.
  11. Well probably because you are doing 2 bench workouts the same weeks that made me confused. But a couple of pages back the Monday bench workout you used the same weight as the Thursday workout and now you are using the same 65kg every Monday workout and I don't see a increase there. A couple of weeks ago you used 5kg difference 80-75-70 now you have moved to 82,5-80-70. But as I said, everything of this is probably crystal clear for you but for me it's confusing since you do so many different workouts with the same exercises. The greatest increases I see in numbers for you the last couple of weeks is probably the pull ups. First you could not handle 5x5 at BW now you are doing them with 7,5kg + thats a great increase.
  12. well I don't get it anyway the way you choose the weight seems random but probably because I don't see the whole picture.
  13. One of my reasons that I is really hard on my rep range is because it is easy to track progress and what does and does not work. I think that if you set up more exact goals on your rep range and doesn't go over the rep on the sets you can more easily tracks your gains. If I doesn't either increase in weight on repetitions in one week I always look back that week and see what I did wrong. Why wasn't I able to increase the weight? Lack of sleep, bad food or just bad recovery. I think you will get more from your training if you set up proper rep ranges and stick to them and then start evaluate each workout the gains you made and if you didn't gain what is the problem.
  14. Indeed that is an impressive transformation. How much weight did you lose during the 10 months and what was your calorie intake?
  15. Ok some questions, what is you rep range on the different exercises? Or are you just going to failure on each set? You are doing 5x5 on the pull ups but what are the rep ranges on the squats, dl and bench?
  16. I took a look at Bills program, both the intermideate and the advanced. The intermediate was just to much squat I am usually sore 1 week after doing squats so doing it 3 times a week will never work for "me". The advanced version looks more what I am after but there the Monday workout is more or less just squats and that sounds boring. Also there is squats all three days and that won't work for me, I think it sucks to do squats once a week and three times a week will probably make me wanna quit the gym. Well squats and deadlifts on the same day is not an issue once you got used to it, sure I can probably push the second exercise more if it would be on another day but then I probably will be sore after the deadlifts or squats that I did earlier the same week. But one of the biggest reasons to have squats and deadlifts on the same day is that I hate those exercises because they are so good damn heavy. If I am only having one boring day at the gym each week it is more likely that I will do that workout. I also want to take it easy on the deadlifts because if I focus on them to much I usually increase the weight to quick and my technique start to suck. This will probably just give me an injury for a week or for life and I will never compete or something like that so I will just not concentrate that much on the squats and the deadlifts. This was a shitload of words why I am lazy and think squats and deadlift are boring. I will never remove them in the long run because they are the most complete exercises that a person can do in the gym. It just that I don't enjoy them because they are so damn heavy.
  17. Biceps and Upper Back Weight x Reps (Wanted Reps If I fail) WU = Warm Up WK = Work Set Dumbell Seated Hammer Curl WU 10kg x 10, 15kg x 8 WK 25kg x 5, 25kg x 5 Dumbell Seated Biceps Curl WK 20kg x 10 Dumbell Seated Biceps Curl Reverse Grip WK 15kg x 15 Barbell Bent-Over Row WU 50kg x 10, 70kg x 8 WK 87,5kg x 5, 90kg x 5 Barbell Bent-Over Row Reverse Grip WK 82,5kg x 10 Barbell Bent-Over Row Wide Grip WK 72,5kg x 15 Chinup WU 40 x 10 (Machine), BW x 8 WK BW+17,5kg x 5, BW+20kg x 5 Pull up WK BW x 8 (5-10) Abs Comments: The road is not finished but hopefully I will be able to finish it tomorrow. As I said earlier no legs this weeks since the digging killed me enough. Next workout probably Tuesday. Also next week is a new program which I think I am gonna do myself. Basicly a 5x5 program 3 days a week. Thinking about doing A: Bench and Row + some more. B: Deadlift and Squat C: Pull ups and Seated Shoulder Press + Some more 5x5 on the 6 main exercises and something less demanding maybe 2x6 on the assistant exercises. If anyone wanna suggest another good 5x5 program feel free to do that. But I probably want my work sets to be lower or equal to 12 each workout.
  18. Yes, it was alot of stonelifting today so I won't do any deadlift and legs this week (good excuse). Going home tomorrow so I can train my back workout on thursday.
  19. Todays workout, I am digging a new road to my summerhouse and it is killing me. I think I am sore in every muscle that can be sore. http://lh6.ggpht.com/_Aq2QuNugqik/SlJel96gisI/AAAAAAAAAFw/qVvzrJ-35Zs/s640/IMG_2004.JPG
  20. Nice, your upper back looks good and you probably got a nice 6 pack on the otherside aswell. Start eat now so we will see some 9xkg on the bench press.
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