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  1. Beforewisdom, yes to your question. I had hardly no fat and lots of muscles. I do want to blame it on the hormones, that seems to be fixable. I see my Endocrinologist in a few days. I will mention it to him. thanks again VV
  2. Marcina, I have a tattoo of your avatar on my body. Your lucky that your metabolism is crankin, mine used to be like that until they ripped out my thyroid and fed me full of synthroid. I will try and add more weight but I can't eat more, due to my hyprothyroidism..or as I call it "hipo-thyroidism" Thanks all, will keep you posted..
  3. Hello all, my first post. I have been a vegan for nearly 5 years. I went through thyroid surgery 3 years ago I had hyperthyroidism which kept me very thin and active and muscular. Long story short I had to have my thyroid completly removed and I'm on thyroid replacement meds. Ever since my surgery I can't build any muscle. I went from hyper to hypo which I hate because it takes so much effort to work out. But I do and I just can build the muscle. Does anyone have any simular issues or can relate in anyway? Vegans Rock
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