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  1. thankyou all for your suggestions they are great i will be sure to try the tea, rice cakes, oatmeal, and some more grains these are all very helpful. thank you once again.
  2. i usually do eat a big salad for lunch and stirfry for dinner. i eat like 5 times a day and still am hungry
  3. hey everyone, i was just wondering what foods are really filling when trying to loose weight. I am still 5'4 and 140pounds. i realy just want to loose 20. in order to do that i have to eat like 400 calories less. from 1900 to 1500. I struggle alot because i am hungry. Especially in the afternoon and the evening. Im starting to think loosing weight is impossible. Any advice? Filling foods? words of wisdom?
  4. well so far i have tried vega, larabar, and cliff. For the cliff ones i checked the ingrediants throughly. i cant find one that has alot of protein and that doesnt have alot of trans fat. do you guys know any good recipes? or perhaps good protein bars?
  5. Hey Lizzie you have lost alot of weight it mustve been hard but you did it. You should go pat yourself on the back. its tough work. 120 that is a great weight.
  6. Marcina: i actually chose the other option first but then lateron got interested in the other one. Yup i do weight training but i bulk alot it seems like i am at a permanet plateau. DCNINJA: keeping track of what i eat is a good approach but i uslally am so busy that i forget what i eat. :/ I'm your man: well i think i will try the protein drink idea maybe at the end of this month. For now im just trying to include more protein in my diet. i didnt know it was 1g per body weight. If you do cardio, should the nprotein consumption stay? or change? CollegeB: cutting out carbs at that time is a great idea. thank-you! you mean like sprints? wouldnt long distance running burn more than sprint since it is low intensity meaning it burns more fat rather than energy?
  7. thanks for the opinons and recipes if i ever crave it. (which i havent yet) i will try one of those. But i think the reason i wanted to eat fish was becaus ei wasnt getting the right source of protein in my diet. but now i am thanks!!
  8. Thank-you for welcomming me here And giving my advice and tips. I looked at the things said it it has helped alot. The this looks like a great community for support and advice. thanks guys
  9. Hello my name is Cathalie. Im almost 17. i have never eatten any cow or exotic meats ever in my life. i have not eaten any bacon or turkey since the age of 11. i have voved to stay of fish aswell as off today. (look in posts if have any questions about this) i have not eaten any dairy for 2 years. which at first seemed impossible but now seems easy i am about 5'4 and like 135pounds. i wish to be about 120. i have an hourglass figuire, and bulk up easilly. i do pilates twice a week. and vowe to go to go the gym at least 3 days a week. i have a dog that loves eating what i eat. so im wondering if taking him off dog food and making him tofu is inhumane? does anyone know any dog food that is vegan? oh and aparently ellen degeneres is vegan(she said so in one of her episodes) i live near torotonto, ontario, canada so right now we have snow. and no sorry but i dont like in an igloo lol. i wish to act so maybe one day everyone will see me on tv lol. im also taking vocal lessons so wish me luck!! i tend to ask alot of questions so try not to get too annyoed im just curious and so im cathalie nice to meet you!!
  10. so many posts RobertSupreme: yeah i like the taste too, i try hard not to eat it often. but my parents pressure me. and they always seem to buy it or have it out. so that doesnt realy help... 'I eat a mostly/predominantly vegan diet' would work. And thanking for the fish if i do eat it sounds good too. and i think i will introduce myself after this post chrisjs: it makes my parents happy because they believe its a source of protein. they dont beleive that any vegan sources of protein are good for you. they grew up in polish meatlike households, so i guess they know no other way of living without it. oh wow. that is an eye opener i never knew they had such bad lively conditions. thats just wrong and terrible. I dont approve this at all. this also reminds me of somthing i watched on the documentary channel. About too many fish caught, so whales have less food to eat.. And yes only for the tastes i do find it stinks.. acesfull: thank-you for your insight! and thanks to everyone else. After reading all these posts i haver decided to just not eat fish. i mean to be honest it is my life, and my parents should accept my choices. the way fish are kept, what they are fed and how they are caught is just unjust to me. i just ate some delicous tofu and i realized that the taste of fish isnt so great. neither is the smell. the tofu actually was delicious!! i just wish that in the future there will be many more restaurants that have vegan choices. because somtime sit is just frustrating!!
  11. i would classiy myself as vegan but i still will eat fish. i mean it make smy parents happy to know that i do eat it. and i like the taste. but i was just wondering if this makes me a big liar calling myself vegan or vegetarin by still eating fish. i do not eat any other meats, animal or dairy products. so how do you guys feel about this? how do you feel about eating fish?
  12. hmm i know its not the best for you but i want to try the protein drink for 7 days. Along with excersise. how many times a day should you drink it how many scops? what tastes decent in it?i have the hemp powder.
  13. Hi my name is Cathalie im almost 17 and i have been having trouble acheiving the body i wanted for basically ever. right now i am 140pounds and 5'4. to me im not so preoccupied on the number i weigh but on how the clothes fit. i wish to loose like about 10 pounds. get rid of my fat. although it isnt a easy as it sounds. im an hourglass figuire and tend to add muscle prettty quickly, and bulk up. so right now i feel quite bulky. i eat around 6 meals a day. i find that starches make me expand. and i will do at least 2 pilates classes a week and try at least 2 times in the gym for a week. there i will go on the elliptical for like an hour. so my question is how do i loose fat and some mucscle? i realy want to get alot slimmer all over my body especailly on my butt and legs. what sjhould i be eating? how should i be working out? any suggestions? because i am sooo lost. help?
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