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  1. Is anyone going to the the Con? I would love to meet anyone going. I will be there at the AZ pop culture experience booth. We are a non-profit organization doing community outreach. Come over and say hi. I will be Power Girl. (Just like in my avatar)
  2. I wish I would have been on the boards sooner. I would have loved to help out. Anything comes up in Phoenix feel free to contact me. I am going to see this tomorrow I just looked it up.
  3. Ok Jimi your right. I have been meaning to update. I really messed this up. I worked like 4 days straight this weekend and it took 2 weeks to get through week 1. I also need to change my day off. It gave me a glimpse of what I am in for. This shit is hard and I have no flexibility. So I am off to do it now.
  4. I always wonder when they say "no animals were harmed in the making of this movie". What about the food they served. Those animals were harmed right?
  5. You are doing so great. Keep it up. Let us know when and where you decide to to a show.
  6. Thanks Jimi. I agree with you. It would be good to get together again. I play Power Girl for the Justice League of Arizona. We do charity events and support the Arizona Pop Culture museum.
  7. After my 2009 competition I had surgeries to deal with (aside from the obvious, for those that know me) and it took a while to get back to the gym. Its been up and down ever since. Then my gym was bought out by big corporate and it sucks. They are screwing everyone and all the decent staff left. So I decided I would do P90X to build up my strength and endurance and get a good foundation to build on. I do want to compete again I just don't know when or where. I will add to my diet. I eat clean but never enough. So I'm adding some shakes and bars to get the calories and protein I need to build muscle. I am trying not to over think things and just get it done. http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg125/mollymormon77/IMG_0599.jpg http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg125/mollymormon77/IMG_0600-1.jpg
  8. I found it in the bulk bin for $5.50 a pound.
  9. Maybe try putting soy yogurt in cheesecloth and draining it until it thickens up. Or just let it go altogether and blend some silken tofu.
  10. I have heard the term industrial vegetarian. It means someone that only eats ethically raised meat. My friend watched Food Inc. and decided to become vegetarian. Then decided not to waste all the meat she had in her house. Then decided it would be ok to get a free range organic turkey for Thanksgiving. Then decided that while we were out it was just cheaper to buy the meat things at Taco Bell than the non-meat. WTF?
  11. I think that everyone should read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. DaN's what if is just as what if as the what if you were starving to death and their was only meat question. Roosters will fight, animals need food and water (not Free). That book really shows the reality in local small farming. I think that some vegans don't know enough about animals to represent their welfare properly. I also have a problem with the "they live for themselves and not for us". I believe that the Earth is an ecosystem and must function as balanced as possible. Factory farming screws up that balance. If people only ate meat that they hunted (like other omnivores) they would have a shorter life expectancy and fewer children survive thus keeping the balance in the ecosystem. But we screwed that all up. If we farmed in small communities only to feed ourselves and trade here and there things would be different. A good farmer respects his animals. There are too few of them left to really make a difference. If you want to eat eggs there are a few of those farmers or chicken keepers left. But, do you know where they got their hens? What happened to the roosters? You suggested it could be ok to take 2-3 eggs from 30-40. Here is a little true story for you. Last spring 3 of my hens went broody. I had to decide what to do. I could break them of it (or try), let them sit their until they changed their minds (many times they don't and just sit until they die), or i could get some eggs for them to hatch. I decided to get some eggs. I have a friend that only breeds naturally (not purposely). They just do their thing. Now let me just say that when they breed naturally they breed slowly. So I got a dozen eggs and stuck them under my girls. 4 hatched. Then summer hit and 2 died. That's nature. So if you take 2-3 a day from 30-40 eggs that means that first off you would need at least 40 hens. How would you know that if the 2-3 eggs you take are going to be the survivors or not? You don't. And do you have any idea how much shit that is to clean or how much it costs to feed them? I have 8 birds. They cost me around $25 a month and have not laid an egg in over 3 months. They have their cycles. I do it because I love chickens. I only buy and trade with other local chicken keepers that do it because they enjoy the birds. So unless you want 40 girls sitting on your shoulder eating/stealing the grapes from your hand, your scenario will never happen.
  12. My resolution is to shut the fuck up and mind my own damn business. It always gets me in trouble and loads me up with more responsibilities. "Fix my diet, fix my car, find me a place to live, hide my money from my husband so he doesn't spend it all on redbull". People can take care of their own crap. I am going to focus on my kids and my house and getting my body in the best form of my life.
  13. If you learned from your set back, you are only that much better for it. I can't believe you never liked cheese. Sometimes I daydream about eating an extra large double cheese melt from Quiznos and dipping every bite in ranch dressing. It sounds rather repulsing but it tasted so good back in the day.
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