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  1. in my stomach. i eat nuts by the handful religiously
  2. dude i might be down. i want to be there by the winter time for snowboarding. 2 months in europe, huh? niiiice. I'm doing europe next summer. should be sweet.
  3. I'm missing PDX big time, and thinking about moving back there for a year before I venture out to Europe. The quality of life is way better in Portland for a vegan, than it is here in PA...and its a lot easier to live without a car, etc.... I could list a thousand and one reasons of why I want to be there. bascially its the best city in the USAm hands down. Does anyone need a roommate? All I need is a floor to sleep on. nothing fancy, nothing big, nothing expensive, just a place to crash every night in exchange for rent. Im not looking for any drama, or any akward living situations. just a place to sleep at night. I plan to find and work a fulltime job right away. and spend my spare time training at the gym and martial arts. PM me if youre interested. also let me know how much $$ a month, etc. feel free to ask me any questions, etc. oh yeah: Im 23, vegan, straight edge, and I dont own anything except two bookbags full of clothes, and a laptop. So I have no possessions basically, so I wont take up any room. and I keep to myself. so if anyone chill out there needs a roommate, and has the extra room to put me up, it be much appreciated. thanks wow i miss portland oregon
  4. wow gorgeous tattoo! did brian do that one?
  5. no idea, but i could go for a grea thai book as well!
  6. maybe do some magic tricks for them in exchange for a shirt? you know back in the day people used to barter.... and it can still be done today if you make them laugh and do something spectacular of equal value to cash. and magic is great for that
  7. I work out with full paint cans now and then.
  8. its less alcohol than a breathmint. Its not going to do anything to you.
  9. my friends in http://myspace.com/strengthtoendure moved to Seattle. and some of them are vegan and straight edge. Other than that, I dont know of many people there. But seattle is a cool place.
  10. both look amazing. all I want to do is take in massive amounts of calories. raw or not raw. i just want to eat
  11. Yep, one can defintely gain muscle on a vegan diet. In fact, on a cooked vegan diet, I found it to be very simple. I am gaining raw muscle. It is very very slow. But I am gaining. Being able to get enough calories is the problem and its very expensive. But I feel pretty healthy after majorly detoxing. It comes down to a lot of bananas for me, nuts, seeds, and avocados aside from all the fresh fruits I consume.
  12. so thats where herbivore is based out of...I bought some shirts from them online. good company
  13. deadlifts are hard, but are soooo much fun and give great size and bulk in little time.
  14. oh no he didnt nintendo 1 did he really oh no oh no battltetoads crazy feet inonononintnendidngintnonohononeknowhedoneoheoneon good job!
  15. ive never even heard of this kind of supplement
  16. yeh its something different
  17. I dont have a processor. I dont want to be one of those complciated raw foodists...I think that kind of defeats the purpose of raw foods. A blender is as far as I will go, cause i am able to drink more raw foods that I can eat them. and its a lot easier than chopping em all up by hand lol. but almond butter sounds amazing. I dont eat fruit salads. I just eat fruit mono. but i do eat green salads with tomatos and such. a raw sauce wouldnt be a bad idea. strain out the almond pulp and put it on top of a salad... I never thought of that. I usually just throw in raw onions in my salads and no dressings.. a few times Ive tried hummus and loved it, but hummus isnt raw. so ive been eating a lot of plain salads and letting my tastebuds get used to that. but i will try this raw almond sauce for my salad (minus the agave nectar) thanks yes smoothies rock!
  18. so I soaked almonds over night. and decided to throw them with some water into the blender. cause I am having a rough time just getting myself to eat nuts, but I will eat anything in drink form. if I was to strain out the pulp and drink just the almond milk, wouldnt it be void of nutrition, since I am technically only drinking part of the almond instead of the whole nut? and what am I supposed to do with the raw almond pulp? for now I didnt strain and I have very chuncky almond milk which let me to the great idea of making a smoothie. I threw in banana, grapes, and coconut. its good!
  19. that video article website is hard to navigate around. i want to watch more video articles, but everytime i click on video articles there is only one video to watch and it is about smoking. anybody be able to help me find more imformative video articles on that site?
  20. WOW I never knew what Canola oil was. I used to use it a lot in cooking stir-fried veggies and curries. I will most def make sure I stay away from it.
  21. wow best of luck. thats a lot! yeh get those calories in ya. doing it vegan shouldnt be a problem.
  22. murder is murder no matter how one words it or tries to justify. no to hunters. no to factory farming. I dont support murder.
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