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  1. Shai Hulud- Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion Song 6) Beyond Man "Human is a degrading word. As human, I renounce myself. I yield to no man. There will be no peace. Not on Earth. Not amongst men. Indulge. Be content. Soften yourselves. I look beyond weakness and fashion. Confide not in flesh. If i can't change the world. I'll disregard it. And look beyond. Pray to calm my heart. Pray for the fools. I will be at peace. I am not a man. And your actions will speak alone."
  2. yeh it could have been an episode 30. but thats how most tv movies are...Im not expecting them to be epic, lol
  3. I love running on beaches. Its soo dang hard to do. running barefoot on wet sand is awesome. It strips your feet raw, but builds up strong tough feet. very painful, but in the end give you tough footsies that can trek through anything. I love being barefoot as much as possible. I totally need to build my feet up again to be able to run full speed through the woods and climb trees again
  4. I havent done it. But one day I would love to be able to tour that long. I think that would be amazing!
  5. I second that so much! aww well thank you, you two. I wanted to meet all of yous as well. It will just have to wait a year and build up lots of anticipation! hehe. I'm scrambling to get myself back on my feet in life (financially, health-wise, and heart-wise) so thats why I couldnt attend this year. But I am aiming to come to the VV next year 100% percent. I am taking 1 year here to work a job and save up so I can attend the VV '08, and then head off to europe to explore around there. I'll be 100% raw and hopefully have some raw muscles too by then. so hide your produce VV '08, Im gonna eat it all lol so, I will see everyone next year?
  6. Yeah it was super.. especially with the wind and the sand getting everywhere's.... Flanders did a kick ass scorpian ! very awesome!!
  7. I dont know, it gets intense cravings at moments throughout the day, but Im started to decipher what they are. like today I realized I craved watermelon after I worked out. so im eating some right now and I feel much better. its just certain moments I crave something but I have no idea what it is. like I crave things like Rice, wheat, and other things that have complex carbs. also I think a majority of the time is it healthy fats, and protein that my body is calling for. so I decided to start incorporating a lot of nuts/seeds for calories/fat/protein and I feel much better as well. my diet right now is semi-varied and I buy what I can when I can and I eat what I crave if I can afford it. I try to buy organic and local as much as possible. I am sticking with eating 100% raw and feel best that way. here are some foods I have been eating lately all raw: bananas (a lot) cashews watermelon (and the seeds) cantaloupe cucumbers spinach leaves pumpkins seeds occassional peach or apple carrots peppers pineapple avocado onion sunflower seeds oranges strawberries wild blackberries/blueberries I pick in the woods home grown tomatoes kombucha I'm still detoxing cause I was completely broke and had to eat some cooked food in order to survive. but I just got a gym membership again and Im already building muscle after one day. my focus is going to be 1/3 nuts and seeds and avocado, 1/3 sweet fruits, 1/3 non-sweet. And I will shift the balance of what Im eating based on whatever my body calls for. should be starting my job soon and I Will have plenty of money to eat very well
  8. http://www.lifepositive.com/body/holistic-recipes/recipes/rawfood.asp " Urvashi Rawal is a case in point. A homeopath from Mumbai, India, she suddenly lost her voice in 1988. Doctors could not help her beyond diagnosing that she had developed some nodes on her vocal chords. During this time she met Rishi Prabhakar, who introduced her to his Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) and put her on a complete raw food diet. "I suffered from severe diarrhea for the first few days. In the process, natural food flushed out all the toxins from my body," Rawal (now Ma Urvashi) recalls. Within six months, she regained her voice. Today, she is a senior SSY instructor. " ----------------------------------- I found this article to be pretty cool. as I am trying to reverse my vocal damage too. I have pretty bad vocal nodes as well. Mine were caused from screaming incorrectly in hardcore/metal bands for about 7 years and overusing my voice. In the past year, I could not talk for more than 20 minutes without losing my voice painfully for almost an entire day. It was pretty bad. I lost my ability to sing clean and to be able to hit notes, lose of range, squeeking/hissing/cracking, and a different "talking" voice. I still lose my voice pretty often and it goes hoarse. But after adopting a raw foods diet, combined with proper vocal technique (no more screaming), I have slowly noticed that I am able to sing clean a little bit and its easier to hit notes and with less force. Ive been resting my voice and nothing has been able to help, until I started a raw foods diet...seriously I am going to continue eating raw and see if it can give me use of my vocal chords again. anyone else experience anything similar theyve noticed since eating more/entirely raw?
  9. forget whey. there are many vegan protein powders that are soy free. here are some examples: -pea protein -rice protein -hemp protein (nutiva is a good brand) -mega green -Vega -Raw superfoods and the list goes on and on. not mention you can get everything you need from vegan foods. there really is no reason for supplementation, let alone selling out on veganism. Whey is most definitely not healthy for you.
  10. oregon= most beautiful state ever
  11. seriously looks like the best time ever!
  12. Listen to your body and you will get what you need, when you need it! the thing is I havent eaten many fruits at all growing up....so my body calls for certain things and I dont know where to get them from... other than the non-raw source. I dont crave the actual non-raw food, just whatever nutrient or amino acid it provides. I am starting to figure out a pretty good variety of foods to eat that work.
  13. word. I just want to make sure I am getting all the amino acids i need.
  14. Which fruit contains all 9 or 9 essential amin acids? I know bananas are one of the fruits...
  15. http://www.thefruitpages.com/sugar.shtml The contents of fruit As the interest in nutrition increases and people are getting more and more conscious about what they eat, the interest in fruit and its contents also grows. But we still don't know that much about fruit and there is much to discover about the substances that fruit contains. We know it is healthy for us, and that people who are sick can be cured by a diet of raw fruits and vegetables. Even cancer can sometimes be cured by this diet but which substances fruit contains is a mystery. That a human being can live healthily on fruit alone has been proven by the fruitarians, they only consume fruit. On this page we treat the following subjects: * Water in fruit; * The burning process & sugar in fruit; * Proteins. Health: strawberry picture Why fruit? strawberry picture Sugar strawberry picture Health food strawberry picture Unhealthy food strawberry picture Guava strawberry picture Olive oil Water in fruit Planet earth is covered with water for 70%. The human body consists of 80% of water. So what should humans eat: food that contains 80% water. If you think about it, it is very logical to have food that contains much water. Al right, you say, then I just drink 8 to 12 glasses of water each day, so I can have as much food that doesn't contain much water as I want. Bad luck, this won't work. You cannot cleanse your body by flooding it with water. Instead of drowning your body, you only have to eat food that is rich in water: fruit, fruit juices and vegetables are the nutrition that fit this definition. Why is it better to consume food that has lots of water in it? All the fixed substances that you consume have to be digested. A steak for instance can take 8-10 hours to digest, while a fruit salad only takes about 30 minutes! If you squeeze the fruit salad and drink the juice, your body can integrate the nutritious elements even faster. In this way your body can use its energy for other purposes than digesting. For example thinking or detoxifying. Let's take a closer look at how our body extracts energy from food. The burning process & sugar in fruit Everything you eat or drink has to be digested to extract the energy from it. Your body can extract energy from food in two ways: # Burning with oxygen, for sugar and fat (fruit); # Burning without oxygen, for proteins (meat/dairy). - Burning with oxygen,for sugar and fat (fruit) The energy fruit contains is in the form of sugars (glucose). Your body can easily turn this glucose into energy by using oxygen. When the body burns the sugars with the help of oxygen there are waste products produced. The waste products of this chemical reaction are water and carbon-dioxide. Your body can use the water and disposes of the carbon-dioxide through the lungs by breathing. It is a very quick, clean and easy way to extract energy. Your body does an excellent job: it extracts 50% of the energy. A combustion engine about 10 to 20%, the rest is lost through heat. Fruit juice takes only about 15 minutes and raw fruit about 30 minutes to digest! - Burning without oxygen, for proteins (meat/dairy) Proteins are burnt in a different way. The energy that for instance meat, milk and dairy contain consists of proteins and animal fat. The largest part consists of proteins and the conversion of proteins into energy is more difficult and costs more energy than the conversion of sugar and fat into energy. When the body burns proteins other waste products are produced than with the burning of sugars. The waste product of the burning-process without oxygen is ammonia which is connected with carbon-dioxide and forms the less toxic ureum which is excreted by the kidneys. It's a more cumbersome way to extract energy. A steak can take up to 8 or 10 hours to digest, especially when eaten in combination with potatoes. In comparison to fruit (30 minutes) a lot of energy is lost to the digestion of proteins and this means that you can't use that energy for other things. Thinking or the disposing of toxins for example. Proteins When it comes to fruit and vegetables people tend to say: "But what about my proteins? I need them." We all know that we need proteins, because proteins are an important building material for our cells. We also know that meat, dairy and eggs contain many proteins, so we say that we have to eat meat, dairy and eggs to stay healthy. We have three arguments that prove that the human body doesn't need that much proteins: # The fruitarians; # Babies; # Amino acids. - The fruitarians The vegetarians (no meat), vegans (no animal products) and fruitarians (only fruit) do not consume food that contain many proteins. They live a healthy life without big doses of proteins and look younger too! Proteins are important though and the best source of protein is from the same raw fruits and vegetables that provide all the other nutrients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes and carbohydrates. Although fruit and vegetables contain less proteins than other nutrition, about 15 to 20 times less than for instance meat, the best way to get all these nutrients, including protein, is to eat a well-balanced variety of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. For the exact amount of proteins in fruit see: contents of fruit. - Babies When a baby is lucky enough to receive the most natural food it can get babies will be breast fed for the first three to twelve months of their lives. Mother milk contains not only the necessary nutritional elements but also protects the child against allergies and infections. It consists only of about 1% of proteins though proteins are the most important material for building cells! Babies grow lots of cells so obviously it's not necessary to obtain much of proteins for the cell-building process. Fruit also only consists of 1% of proteins and that is obviously enough proteins for a human to obtain the amino acids required for building the cells. Fruit doesn't contain much proteins but has everything in it to make fully grown humans and babies grow. - Amino-acids Proteins consist of amino acids and our body uses 20 different amino-acids. There are 8 amino-acids that our body cannot produce itself. They are called the essential amino-acids and our bodies have to obtain them through nutrition. There are many fruits and vegetables that contain all of the eight essential amino acids in the single fruit or veg. This means that it's not necessary to consume animal products to obtain the proteins that contain the essential amino acids our body needs. The following fruits and vegetables contain all 8 essential amino acids: -Fruits: Bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers. -Vegetables: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots (also good for the memory), corn, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, okra, peas, summer squash and kale. Send this page to a friend Inform yourself about what you consume and read the labels in the supermarket to discover what it all contains. Related subjects Detoxification The detoxifying effect of fruit. Weight loss About fruit and reaching your ideal weight. The contents of fruit Nutrition charts and information about the contents of fruit in comparison to other foods. Fruit and the memory About the positive effect of fruit on our brain functions. Olives and olive-oil Read all about the health benefits of this very special and ancient fruit.
  16. I saw it last night with my cousin. I thought the movie was hilarious! spiderpig spirderpig
  17. wow looks like so much fun! thanks for the pictures nintendoguy!! I miss portland, oregon, and the coast like crazy! it feels like total home when Im there. best State in USA ever.
  18. the lentils are "spicy". and I can eat them if in a salad with tomatoes and such
  19. the fact you still have working nintendo cartridges amazes me. All of mine are destroyed, and somehow have a dum-dum lolipop stuck inside them with some lint. my mom accidentally sold all our games and system a bunch of years ago. I wanted to cry. lol.
  20. that one lady is like covered in brown spraypaint. crazy. anyway, congrats on competing!
  21. well i eat them too. but what about cantaloupe seeds?
  22. I dont know...just like why dont people eat the outside of a banana or an orange peel? I didnt know if we were supposed to discard the inside with the seeds, or if we can eat those too. I am new to fruits
  23. total nerdom! I want to play battletoads
  24. wow! so awesome everyone is having fun. make sure to take lots of pics and someone defintely should post pictures of any tattoos that get done. especially stick and poke tattoos. ive never seen that teachnique done before. beach house must be awesome. the oregon coast is beautiful. everyone have fun and eat lots of vegan food!
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