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  1. can I eat seeds from melons? watermelon, canteloupe, etc?
  2. ouch. Ive taken many spills on pavement. it burns. best wishes in healing up duder. aloe vera helps with road rash ive found
  3. looks like a fun trip! I'd like to make my way to Australia one day to backpack around. Seems like a lot of fun.
  4. thanks Will. I already tried that website though. it barely even translates... I was hoping maybe someone here knew how to speak Czech or had a friend who did that could translate it
  5. anyone read czech? I stumbled across this SXE VEGAN metalcore band called xnidalx...http://www.myspace.com/xnidalx and I clicked on one of their banner links, and it brought me to this page: http://gnwp.czechcore.cz/2007/07/26/vegan-bodybuilding-fitness/ can anyone understand what it says? its about veganbodybuilding
  6. throw some bananas in those vega smoothies!
  7. ouch! i think you can find natural mosquito repellant at wholefoods, for next time.
  8. thanks Zack! ths is information we SHOULD be taught in school and health class in gradeschool growing up. its sad how I have been mis-informed my whole life about nutrition. even as a vegan I based my whole diet around things that yes I got big and strong on, but would eventually break down in my body over the years and cause problems.
  9. grow fruits inside in pots or containers somehow.
  10. I am not a fan of UFC at all. I enjoy MA because of the art of it and the spirituality. I dont enjoy watching two people fight each other just for the sake of competition.
  11. no he doesnt anymore. he has retired from the public eye.
  12. http://www.villagevoice.com/news/0026,desalvo,16015,1.html
  13. I'd like to believe so. It also got me to realize I have some really amazing people right in front of me, and I dont have to spend my life searching. I should value and appreciate the friendships in my life. right now, right here, right at the tip of my nose.
  14. no no its a freshwater turtle!
  15. okay food intolerance it is. lol. it sounds like i am discriminating against food with my intolerance lol. im a foodist.
  16. no, i have some raw peanuts but i cant get myself to eat more than a small handful without wanting to gag. they taste horrible. i think its just processed peanuts
  17. nah im not setting my mind on it at all. it defintely isnt a placebo affect. in fact i had wanted to go back to cooked foods since i was starving. i figured it get more calories for my dollars worth. and i will just eat raw when i can. but i have zero dollars, and i am eating whatever is vegan and available in the pantries here. and that is peanutbutter and spaghetti. im just going to stick with raw, and soon should have some income so i can afford to buy some food.
  18. nah Im not upset at all. boiled and steam food make me tired and feel like shit, but no reactions like this. this is strictly peanutbutter and wheat. I think its definately that toxin
  19. nice dude! i want to come flip tires with you
  20. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vegan vacation thailand is a must. we should seriously suggest it. theres so much exotic fruit, the biggest vegan animals on earth (elephants) and many other beautiful animals we arent exposed to, and varying landscape from coast to northern thailand hills and forests. and money will go a long way in Thailand. its a perfect place for a vegan vacation and eco-tourism.
  21. thanks. Im definitely staying away. I have so much mucuous and phlegm too now. I used to live off of peanutbutter and spaghetti. now i cant even touch the stuff.
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