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  1. also, I get really itchy, dizzy, my stomach hurts, and my heart beats really really fast. after peanutbutter. anyone with an allergy help me. cause I dont think this is a normal response to adding some processed/cooked foods back into my diet. i think its an allergy. and with wheat gluten my reaction is: acne, severe sweating, cramps, severe eczema, headaches, very lethargic, constipation, stomach pains,
  2. so Ive been eating 90-100% raw/fruitarian for a while now. I still eat some cooked/processed foods because I am broke and can only afford to eat whats in the house. but that will change soon when I have a job and I will be able to eat 100% raw. so here's my thing: the second I put peanutbutter in my mouth my glands swell up like balloons. I thought maybe it was coincedences, but it happens everytime. everytime i eat peanutbutter, wholewheat bread, or wholewheat spaghetti, my neck glands swell up huge and they hurt big time. Im talking within like 1 second of any of this. Could I, since Ive been eating raw, devloped an allergy to peanuts and wheat gluten? since my body doesnt recognize any of this as food anymore...? I am not allergic to anything. but is it possible that I have new allergies? oh yeah another thing is, my whole body feels like its on fire, and I sweat uncontrollably for hours and its kind of hard to breathe. this happens especially after eating spaghetti.
  3. sweden has sweet metal and deathmetal bands!
  4. rediculous. looks like everyone is having so much fun! wohoo
  5. the hair and sillyness. hehe
  6. thanks everyone for your kind words. I wish I could be at VV. this year I am focusing on getting my life back on track and hopefully can get back to weightlifting and eating foods. I'd like to come to next year's VV though and meet everyone, and Id be in shape by then too, so it would be fun
  7. thanks robert! This forum is great. Driving across the country to Oregon has been one of the best things Ive ever done. It has helped me to learn so much about myself, and was finally the first step on my neverending traveling adventure I call life. Ive experienced so much all thanks to finally leaving PA and getting out to my dream state of OR. And it wouldnt have been possible with you your kindness and generosity. I experienced so much in that short amount of time I was there. from October 2005-Christmas. and had really fun silly times with you. we've had long heartfelt talks, intense training sessions, and lots of library time and eating as much as we possibly can! lol. going to the co-ops, hanging with nettie, dave foster, megan, comedy club, working for your dad and verne, etc. life was so awesome and care-free as I was struggling to get on my feet (figuratively and literally), and I am still trying to get on my feet. heh. I wish our training had gone better, I didnt break my foot, and everything worked out smoothly as roommates together. but things happen the way they do for a reason. Im happy you finally moved to Portland and have been doing great things like getting the job with Vega, and hosting VV, and everything else you have been doing. and enjoying life and trying new things. One day, I'd like to train with you again and hangout. cause it was very fun. and I still look up to you in certain ways. thank you for helping to inspire me through rough times back when I was lifting weights and for keeping me motivated to move out west. one day Id like to return to Portland. I wish you the bestin bulking up. one day I will return to weights. and be mroe active on this forum too.
  8. you do realize that when you go to talk on the phone again there could be possible poo-age on it, right?
  9. seriously dead flesh is not tasty. even with all the spices people have to doctor an animal up with. I was forcefed meat when I was vegetarian and it was soo gross. now i couldnt even think about trying meat or even remember what it tastes like.
  10. I did locks for love 2 years ago! thats why I have long hair in any of my pictures. I grew my hair specifically for one year and then donated it. My hair is getting kinda long again right now, but Im going to shave it off soon. one day in future I will donate again
  11. yep. I plan to save up and go to Thailand for as long as I can, after I do a eurotrip. i want to move all over thailand and see the nature, animals, landscapes, and people. and of course the curry!
  12. I watched the muay thai episode and told Lizworld all about it. such a cool episode. the fight at the end was defintely dulled down to sparring for the tv show. But I Cant wait to go to Thailand one day! and im excited to start muay thai within next couple of months. thailand is so beautiful. I want to live there extended time if I ever can!
  13. I cant bring myself to eat kale. ive done it many times and it just tastes so gross to me.
  14. scapegoat is great place! I dont have any ink from there. but that place is rad. Brian is a great artist from what I can tell on the website. anyway best of luck getting inked liz, and anyone else getting tattoos!
  15. I was in flagstaff and lake havasu about a year ago. arizona is a beautiful state
  16. I moved from Denver a few months ago
  17. haha I wont. I dont even have a still camera, let alone a video camera.
  18. http://www.craigslist.org http://www.poconorecord.com htttp://www.mcall.com to look for jobs. dude you'll be fine and find a job. just make yourself a very well written resume, and youre set. Apply to as many places as you can, even if you dont want to work there... something is better than nothing in the mean time while youre waiting for the job you do want to contact you back. it could take a few weeks. sometimes you can find a job and start the next day...it all depends. but best of luck dude!
  19. LOL Tophu is one kool dude though psht nah. you and ed and alex are the cool ones
  20. she'll build callouses on her fingers in time
  21. youre youtube crazzzy dude. I have yet to get into this youtube video phenomenon. Im still trying to handle the myspace. i dont think i could handle both!
  22. oh okay. cool. yes, I never knew the forum would take off this well, I had only hoped by making a "new" and easier to use forum that people would frequent here more to converse. and now the forum has taken off really well. keep on adding away
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